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Shokz is a top ranked random Grandmaster player.


Shokz's 2v2 Partner and a Terran Grandmaster player





Shokz Video Guide

About the Guide

Shokz Video Guide (SVG) is a complete videos series with replay analysis, pro game commentary and step-by-step build orders of grandmaster games at new casinos played by Shokz himself, a top 200 ranked grandmaster random player. There are currently 290 videos in the Shokz Video Guide.

You'll learn the specific timings, the meticulous build orders used by GSL professionals of every race played by Shokz himself. Gain insight into the mind of a grandmaster with first person perspectives and learn the thought process behind playing the game at the highest level.

Do you like to cheese? if so, we'll show you exactly how to take down some of the best players in the world in minutes. Macro player instead? No problem, we'll show you the standard openers to help you foster that monster economy and create that unstoppable force. View the SVG video library

Terran Videos

Learn how to masterfully control the mighty armies of the Terran with specific unit guides and replay analysis from grandmaster games. Slowly dismantle your opponent with superior macro and micromanagement.

Protoss Videos

Learn both powerful cheeses to get easy wins against greedy players and solid Protoss macro with first person VODs and step-by-step build order break downs of the most common Protoss builds.

Zerg Videos

Throw your opponents off their game with both hyper aggressive strategies and passive macro play. Become unpredictable and keep your enemies scared and confused.

Videos for any scenario

Video Count


Joining Shokz Video Guide gives its members an advantage over any other StarCraft 2 player merely trying to get better own their own. Access to hundreds of high quality video coaching guides that don't just show you how to play but teach every aspect of the game. Check back frequently as we release a new in-depth video guide every other day covering a new strategy in StarCraft 2.

Zerg Queen Guide

An in-depth look at the Zerg unit the Queen. In this video we cover all the advantages of of knowing how to use a queen properly.

Gain access to hundreds of StarCraft 2 instructional coaching videos.

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Shokz vs EG.IdrA Pro Game

Shokz plays Idra in a very exciting game on Antiga Shipyard showing off both late game Terran and Zerg tactics.

Gain access to hundreds of StarCraft 2 instructional coaching videos.

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StarCraft 2 Interactive Video Guide

An interactive video guide that allows the viewers to make critical decisions through out the match to test their SC2 knowledge.

Gain access to hundreds of StarCraft 2 instructional coaching videos.

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Macro like a pro

Learn the skills to macro like a Grandmaster player and out produce your opponent.

Follow along with Replays

Download the replays to each guide so you can follow along at your own pace.

Playing in Grandmasters

Watch as Shokz plays against the top rated Grandmaster players... and win.

Build Orders

Learn the top build orders as Shokz guides you through his builds in each game.

Controlling Units

Learn how to control your units in critical situations giving you the edge in each battle.

SVG Extras

More than just videos

Your SVG membership provides more just Starcraft 2 video guides. You can download replay files for each video so you can follow along with us as we teach you new builds and strategies.

Interact with members

With each video guide every member can discuss strategies and ask questions they may have about the guide. This provides a great outlet to expand on each video as you and the community can discuss further strategies.

Request Video Guides

Members can request and vote on which video guide we make next. Have a certain build you would like to learn? Want to know how to properly defend against a certain strategy? Our goal is to make guides for strategies that you want to learn.


  • Terran Guides

    Watch first person terran replays against some of the best players in the world and the thought process behind to winning these games.

  • Zerg Guides

    Learn to macro like a god and strike fear into your opponents as you create an unstoppable army that can be replaced in seconds.

  • Build Order Guides

    Watch from the comfort of your own home with first person videos of Shokz taking down some of the world's best players. Learn the strategies I use from step-by-step instructions in a convenient video form.

  • Guide Community

    One of the highlights to the Shokz Guide is the great community, with thousands of members you can engage in constructive conversations about each video asking questions and helping each other out.

  • Instructional Videos

    Learn from Shokz, one of the top ranked Starcraft 2 players. With personal 1 on 1 instructional video training teaching you everything you need to learn to get into Masters.

  • Protoss Guides

    Protoss is known for creating unstoppable death-balls and so you will you. You will learn to master the techniques of surviving aggressive early game attacks and crushing your opponents with overwhelming macro.

  • General Guides

    Our videos break down the thought process of the best players in the world teaching you the strategies and skills needed to become one of the top ranked players and gain the edge in every match.

  • Weekly Updates

    We release new video guides almost every day, with a growing library of instructional video guides you are guaranteed to increase your skill and learn new strategies every week.

  • Instructional Videos
  • Terran Guides
  • Protoss Guides
  • Zerg Guides
  • General Guides
  • Build Order Guides
  • Team Guides
  • Pro Game Guides
  • Replay Analysis
  • 720p HD Videos
  • Download Replays
  • Discuss each Video
  • 100+ Videos
  • 60 Day Guarantee
  • Daily Updates
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the 4 gate guide was really good and helped me get top 8 masters in 2v2. Overall I recommend this guide for newer players as it goes into detail about many aspects of the game

Tyler: Diamond League

I really liked all the cheese videos. I was using these cheeses before I got the guide but the videos helped me improve my builds and win more games. Can't wait to see more zerg guides.

Schmidt: #2 Platinum League

I knew a lot about the game already so I was hesitant to buy the guide at first, however I liked some of the sample videos that were put out. So far it's pretty good. I look forward to more videos in the future.

JP R: #10 Diamond League

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