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Starcraft 2 Beginners Guide & Strategies


Learning Starcraft 2 from the very beginning. A help/information thread for new and beginner players. Intro: You may be in the copper league, struggling to point and click to get a few units to build, wondering why your enemy is in your base with 3 zealots before you can even manage to get a gateway [...]

Starcraft 2 Beta Invite a Friend program


I was looking through my email the other day and I received an email from blizzard to invite a friend to join the Starcraft 2 beta with me. While I’ve been playing the beta non stop since it’s launch I’m very happy that I can have one of my close friends start playing some 2v2 [...]

Starcraft 2 Battle between 4 Platinum players


I wanted to post this 3 part video of a great 2v2 game which I found online. The games is between 4 platinum starcraft 2 beta players and you will see some great stratagies used during the match. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Starcraft 2 sound and audio


One of the first things I noticed when I launched Starcraft 2 Beta for the first time was the great number being played in the background. Even though this track was only played the first time I had launched the beta it shows the great sound quality you can expect from Starcraft 2. The opening [...]

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Starcraft 2 Beta Video 1v1


Here is one of my first games playing the Starcraft 2 Beta. As you can see I haven’t lost my touch since the original Starcraft, although I know there is going to be much to learn in SC2. There are some great new macro options and many new features which will help be more efficient [...]

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