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StarCraft 2 Situation Report : Patch 11


The other day blizzard Released their First Situation Report for the Patch 11 in the Starcraft 2 Beta. The Situation Report discuses the changes made in Patch 11 and Blizzards thinking behind each one. This is a great step forward with blizzard communicating with the community and letting them know their thinking behind each change [...]

Protoss Phoenix Micro - Post Patch 11


In Patch 11the the Phoenix received a nice upgrade allowing it to attack on the move. This was a much needed buff due to the Phoenix’s lack of power was unable to stand alone toe to toe with many other air units. Blizzard also released in their Situation Report the reasoning behind the new change. [...]

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch Notes #6


Blizzard has released the 6th patch to Starcraft 2 Beta. I was a little surprised to see that Dark Templars were nerfed considering that they are not used very often in high level games. Unfortunately Dark Templars are very easy to counter if you know that they are coming and since you need a DT [...]

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch Notes #2


While the Starcraft 2 Beta has been on fire with the Beta community playing thousands of games and posting videos of thousands of replays, Blizzard has been at work tweaking the balance among SC2 with the latest patch notes. Terran Banshee Cloak: This ability no longer requires Fusion Core to research. Barracks The build time [...]

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch Notes #1


The first patch has come to Starcraft 2 Beta. The patch consists of a few balancing tweaks along with a few minor bug fixes. I’ve been playing the Beta day and night and will be having some details on the new system in the upcoming days. Terran Viking The armor value for this unit [...]

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