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Zerg Scouting Guide

Greetings, fellow Zerglings. Over the past few days, there have a been a lot of topics asking why (insert Terran or Protoss strat here) keeps stomping Zerg.  And among the responses, one thing is agreed upon - if you don’t scout it out, you’re toast.  Always.  So, that led to posts asking how to scout, [...]

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How to Improve Efficiently in StarCraft 2

Introduction This document aims at giving all players the opportunity to greatly improve their game. By this I mean that anyone who reads this document should have the tools necessary to become a mid-range player. I’d define a mid-range player as a player who is currently within the top 2000 players of the NA server. [...]

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StarCraft 2 League and Ladder Guide


Greetings and welcome to this comprehensive Starcraft II ladder guide. This guide is designed to provide detailed information about the core functionality and design of the Starcraft II ladder, its leagues, and matchmaking. The information within this guide comes from empirical findings as well as Blizzard developers. Bonus Pool Overview Immediately noticeable upon searching for [...]

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DeMusliM’s Marine Hellion Timing

I take pride in playing a standard macro Terran style as I think it takes so much more understanding, skill, patience and dedication than learning one or two timing attacks that either win or they don’t. Unfortunately this has resulted in me picking up “standard” and “macro player” labels - when I enter a tournament, [...]

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StarCraft 2: Resource Collection Rate

StarCraft 2 Minerals

While it’s common knowledge that the saturation point of a blue mineral field is 24 workers, and that gold minerals are more valuable than blue minerals, it’s not quite that simple. There are some factors to take into account when deciding if you want that blue expansion or that gold expansion. Collection Rates & Saturation [...]

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Zerg Strategies and Concepts Guide

The Zerg possess the cheapest units in Starcraft 2, and are thus dangerous for their potential numbers. They can be a tricky race to learn for new players as they are vastly different from the Terran and Protoss races. Many newbies would do well to start as a Terran as they’ll have experience from playing [...]

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Protoss Strategies and Concepts Guide

Protoss Guides

The Protoss possess the highest technology in the Starcraft 2 universe. Ther units are more expensive, but they are given great power for the cost. In this guide, I’ll share some common Protoss tactics with you, which can help you to become a better SC2 player and improve your multiplayer experience. Throughout this guide, I’ll [...]

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Terran Strategies and Concepts Guide

The Terrans are a very friendly race for new players. It is perhaps for this reason, storytelling aside, that Blizzard made Wings of Liberty the first campaign offering in the Starcraft 2 Trilogy. In this guide, I hope to enlighten newer players to some of the strengths of the Terrans in multiplayer. Learn some of [...]

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