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Starcraft 2 Instructional Video Courses

Terran Course

Terran is a very micro intensive and aggressive race compared to the rest, and is great at controlling the pace of the game. However due to the wide variety of units Terran is also good at applying specialized forms of pressure and can play macro as well.

Protoss Course

Protoss has the ability to play extremely aggressive and extremely passive, their units are expensive but very formidable in the field of combat allowing them to create one of the strongest armies late game.

Zerg Course

The Zerg is the ultimate adaptive race, creating its units whenever necessary while slowly building up a gigantic economy. Although Zerg units may not be the strongest, they are cheap and mass produced, literally swarming your opponents in the field of combat.

General Course

General Starcraft 2 courses covering the every topic of the game. Starting you off with the basics while you work your way up to advance training videos.

WoL Campaign Course

Go through the Wings of Liberty campaign as Jim Ryanor as you fight to bring down the Dominion and seek vengeance on your foe, Arcturus Mengsk. The WoL campaign course will walk you through each mission under brutal difficulty teaching you the necessary skills to come out victorious.

HotS Campaign Course

Heart of the Swarm campaign continues to the epic story where you play as Sarah Kerrigan, Queen of Blades, as she gathers her Zerg forces and seeks revenge on Arcturus Mengsk for leaving her behind. The HotS campaign course will take you through each mission under brutal difficulty as Shokz shows you how to beat each one.

Team Course

StarCraft 2 is popular not only for its story and competitive 1 on 1 gameplay but battling online with your friends as you work to take down other enemy teams. The team videos will focus on teaching you and your partner how to work together and things needed to propel yourselves up the 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 ladder.

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