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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Units Revealed

With BlizzCon kicking off today, an onslaught of Blizzard news is on the way. The Opening Ceremony is still a short time away and already we have our first glimpse of something new in the form of several units for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

As you can see in the images here, a poster devoted to each race shows off images, names, and brief details on each new multiplayer unit. A list of all eight follows below:


  • Viper: Flying unit with support abilities. It can grant detection to units, create a cloud to hinder ranged attacks and abilities, and quickly pull units to safety (friendly) or their doom (enemy).
  • Swarm Host: This Zerg host can gradually spawn endless waves of attackers while burrowed to overwhelm your enemy.


  • Warhound: This versatile factory unit is great against mechanical ground targets and can dish out area-of-effect anti-air attacks.
  • Battle Hellion: New transformation mode to gain durability in exchange for slower movement. Great for fighting mixed forces using light troops combined with area-of-effect attacks.
  • Shredder: Mobile unit that can deploy and create a whirlwind of death around it. Safety protocols auto-disable the attack if other friendly units enter the danger zone.


  • Replicant: Microscopic robots can fuse themselves to copy a targeted non-massive unit. The replication also auto-enables any specific upgrades of the targeted unit (cloaking, etc.).
  • Oracle: This flying support unit can scout and disrupt the enemy economy. It can reveal what structures are making and also temporarily disrupt building production and resource harvesting.
  • Tempest: Powerful capital ship that can dominate the skies with massive area-of-effect attacks against light enemy flyers and a strong beam against ground targets.

Stay tuned for more coverage from BlizzCon — keep your eyes on our hub for all the latest including any details on a new World of Warcraft expansion, a Diablo III release date, or anything else Blizzard might decide to share.

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