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After a long hiatus Shokz is back! I first want to say sorry to all my fans and members for the long delay in new content. I’ve had some personal issues over the past few months that took my attention away from Starcraft 2 and the site and for that I’m sorry.

The past couple days some of you may have noticed small changes to the overall design of the website, this is just a start of the new things to come. I’m going to be tweaking the design of the site to make it easier for you guys to navigate and find good articles in the blog, along with alot of new content coming to the public blog.

As for the members area I’m already in the progress of writing new content and updating a lot of the old strategies. I’m going to start releasing new content within the next couple days along with adding some new features to the members area to allow for more community interaction. Again I want to apologize to all my members for the delay in new content and want to reassure you that I’m back and I’m not going anywhere this time and will start publishing some of the best Starcraft 2 Strategies in the game!


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  1. Hell, it’s about time!

  2. Welcome Back!

  3. i use it everyday, cant wait for new guides!!

  4. To Me it does not seem like he is back. I have not seen many updates to the site and allot of articles are out dated do to patches of just changes in game play. I am sure it takes awhile to make and update these site, but I also paid a decent amount to have that unto date Multiplayer experience. I normally would not waste time commenting on here but I have request a refund about a week ago and have heard nothing. This is my first time buying a online guide and I am not sure if others feel the same or if its just me.

  5. I agree with Matt here. These guides are severely outdated… Liquipedia has replaced this and it’s free…

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