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Shokz Guide Translation & New Updates

I”m happy to announce a new feature that has been requested for a while and is now here. Shokz Guide can now be translated in up to 58 different languages by a click of a button. This feature is very beneficial for players from other countries where English isn’t the national language and would prefer to read the guide in their native language. Along with the guides being translated the community discussion posts are also translated so all members can engage in helpful and informative discussions on each strategy and guide. This is just one of the new features I have planed for the site with more to be announced in the coming weeks.

Guide Updates

Along with the new features I’ve been hard at work writing new content for the guide and I will be releasing brand new strategies starting tomorrow, October 15th. Make sure to login to the members area tomorrow evening and each day after to check out the new content.



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  1. Welcome back!

  2. Shokz, ive emailed some pretty rude things but i just wanna take a minute and apologize because i thought you duped me thanks for returning i realy look forward to seeing the new stuff!

  3. To Me it does not seem like he is back. I have not seen many updates to the site and allot of articles are out dated do to patches of just changes in game play. I am sure it takes awhile to make and update these site, but I also paid a decent amount to have that unto date Multiplayer experience. I normally would not waste time commenting on here but I have request a refund about a week ago and have heard nothing. This is my first time buying a online guide and I am not sure if others feel the same or if its just me.

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