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How to skip Starcraft 2 Optimization

Blizzard likes to have the Starcraft 2 updated run an optimization every once in a while usually before a big patch to reorganize the files so that Starcraft 2 runs as smoothly as possible. Although with the optimization a lot of users have been running into issues with it either stoping or some times continually repeat itself. I’ve had many players ask me if there is a way to skip the optimization and the answer is no. All players must allow the streamer to run through the optimization before downloading any further patches when it appears although I’m going to go through some of the issues players have run across and how you may be able to fix them.

Starcraft 2 Optimization running slow

If your SC2 Optimization is running slow there are a few things you can try, the first is just wait and give it time. You can leave it on during the night and hopefully it will be finished by the morning. Blizzard has some recommendations that may help, quit all other applications and make sure to diable any firewall or antivirus software you have running on your computer.

Any security and anti-virus programs can be blocking the update. Please disable any security programs and firewall, and close your back ground programs. a. Close background applications. b. Configure your Firewall, Proxy, Router and Ports for the Blizzard Downloader See our Firewall, Proxy, Router and Ports Configuration guide for assistance. c. Disable your security program: (AVAST, AVG, AVIRA ANTIVIR, MCAFEE ANTIVIRUS, etc.)

Starcraft 2 Optimization Stuck

For players that have Starcraft 2 Optimization stuck at 0% or anywhere through out the optimization the best thing to do is make sure you have all your antivirus programs disabled or even better uninstalled. It is best to uninstall the security program run the optimization and than you can reinstall it after it is complete.

  1. Make sure that you run the launcher as an administrator to be sure that it has the permissions it needs to update the game.
  2. You may experience issues when Blizzard Update Agent files are missing or corrupt. Delete the Tools folder to have the Update Agent automatically recreate the necessary files.
  3. The way the Blizzard Update Agent installs and updates our games may cause security software to incorrectly profile the game launcher. Try disabling or temporarily uninstalling your security software.
  4. Be sure to disable read only settings on any game and launcher executable files (files that end in .exe) in your game folder.

Starcraft 2 Optimization Repeats

If the optimization continuously repeats there are a few things you can try to do to solve this problem. First like all the other issues above make sure your antivirus or firewalls are disabled. Second try running Starcraft 2 in  Administrator Mode first, and then try running on another User Account in Windows.

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