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HotS Beta Release Date

2: Heart of the Swarm is one of the most anticipated expansions of any game, although before they announce the actual release date of HotS, they will be first releasing the beta. Blizzard has already announced all the features of the new expansion with new units coming to all three races and the new Zerg Campaign which follows the story of Kerrigan as the Queen of Blades.

Heart of the Swarm Beta Release Date

There has been much speculation and rumors of when Blizzard will actually release the Heart of the Swarm Beta, but a few things we know. For the first time Blizzard will be giving a sneak peek of Heart of the Swarm and letting gamers play it at this weeks MLG’s Spring Championship, There will be public demos and stations where attendees can play the game against each other and test out all the new units. The MLG Spring Championship will be taking place in Anaheim, California from the 8th of June to the 10th of June. This leads many to believe that Blizzard will announce a release date for the HotS beta during this event or shortly after within the month of June.

How to get a Heart of the Swarm Beta Key

With the release of the Beta near many players will want to know how they can get a beta key so they can jump right into the auction. Well blizzard like always will randomly give keys to different players across but they are also having a contest where they will be giving out 250 Heart of the Swarm beta keys to players who rate and test out the new 1.5 Arcade patch which was released last week.

Although if HotS beta is anything like the StarCraft 2 Beta before the launch it will be pretty easy to get a beta key. The main reason for this is unlike Diablo or World of Warcraft Blizzard needs a very large amount of players playing / testing the game. Not so much for bugs but they must get as much data as possible to make sure the game is balanced. During the SC2 beta Blizzard would release the stats on matchup win percentage and their goal is to try to get every matchup in every league as close to possible to a 50% win / loss ratio. This only works if the can obtain data from a very large pool of SC2 gamers from all leagues. Beta keys for the expansion may be rare at first, they should quickly become available to more people as blizzard allows beta players to invite their friends and possibly even open it up as a public beta shortly before launch.

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  1. Playing sc2 since the opening reallay would like to try out the beta ^^
    if i manage to get a key i’ll stream ^^

  2. i WANT IT

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