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Heart of the Swarm Release Date

In a recent interview, Dustin Browder, lead designer of StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, provided some insight on the follow up expansion to Wings of Liberty.

When asked how many hours of gameplay the expansion’s single-player campaign will include, Browder replied:

We don’t know. We just make the missions as cool as they can be, then worry about the number of hours one mission would hit later. For most users, I would guess about 20 hours or maybe less.

Knowing there will be 20 missions in HotS, Browder likely arrived at this answer by averaging one hour per mission.

In response to queries about a release date, Browder offered a cryptic reply:

We don’t know; almost really not this year. If we come to a point where we release [Diablo III and Heart of the Swarm] almost around the same time period, that would be a tough one. I mean, that never almost happens with us, right? It’s not something we’re sweating about. The two missions we’ve showed off [in May]? They’re polished but they’re really not done. We’ve got lots of missions done to a pretty good level but not like the [aforementioned ones]. We’re pretty far along in development.

On one hand, he states that they’re far along in development, but on the other, he says the two missions showcased in May — which were the most developed ones — are “really not done.”

According to the fact sheet, swarms with unique, campaign-only units and abilities will be included in the expansion, and this “evolution will happen in an organic manner befitting of the expansion’s zerg theme.”

Kerrigan will also play a major role in each of the battles, and over the course of the campaign, she’ll grow in strength and earn new abilities. Players will choose which of her powers to enhance and use from mission to mission.

New multiplayer units and maps will be included, and the expansion will include new features and upgrades to Battlenet.

Some of the features listed by Blizzard below were detailed in more depth during BlizzCon, and you can look over highlights from the panels here.


  • Continues the epic story of StarCraft II from where Wings of Liberty left off.
  • Approximately 20 new campaign missions.
  • New campaign gameplay mechanics, allowing players to evolve new abilities and units for their zerg army.
  • Go into battle with Kerrigan as she tries to restore her strength and regain control of the Swarm.
  • New multiplayer units and maps, expanding strategic choice and gameplay depth for each race.
  • Expanded features and functionality for to improve custom-game search, and new tools for map authors to create even more epic custom games.
  • New pre-rendered and in-game cinematics bring the story of Heart of the Swarm to life.

A release date for the expansion is to be announced, but it’s expected sometime next year.

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