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TvZ One Base Battlecruiser Guide

About a week ago, I saw a hilarious vod of Naama vs IdrA on Metalopolis where Naama executed a 1 base battlecruiser build against IdrA, and easily won. This got me thinking and questioning how viable it could be on certain maps. It’s a straightforward, sloppy, fun build that can be used for close air TvZ. This is just a quick, simple guide for a quick and simple build. I’ve only tried it a few times, and haven’t lost yet(to low-mid masters), probably due to them not knowing how the hell to react. I’ve seen hydras, corruptors, and generally everything that marine tank turns to goo.

The Idea

The strength of this build comes in a few different forms.
The first is the repair ability. You can send your battlecruiser to harass, and simply pull it back to your base, repair it, and send it back. You never want to lose these battlecruisers, and you shouldn’t.

The second strong point of this build is that the zerg players simply do not know how to react when they see the battlecruiser. Sometimes they will try muta, sometimes hydra, sometimes corrupter. I think the best choice is queen + spores.

The third strong point is that you will be building up a marine/tank army on top of the battlecruisers. The zerg player will often prioritize the battlecruisers and just get rolled by your marine/tank push.

Try to capitalize on these.

The build order

This build order is not exactly precise, and can vary a little bit depending on what you do whether its a 1rax bunker pressure, etc

Constant scv production, constant supply depots. only cut when your first bc is out, scvs are just as valuable as marines because of repair.

10- Supply depot
12- Barracks
15 Orbital
15 Marine
16 Supply depot
17 Marine
~17-18 Factory at ramp
18-19 reactor on rax
18-19 second refinery

At factory completion, swap with barracks reactor and reactor out hellions.
Also, add starport. Produce marines out of naked rax.

After 4 hellions out of the factory, swap the barracks onto the reactor.
At starport completion, build fusion core immediately then tech lab on starport.
At fusion core completion, start your first Battlecruiser(Yes!)
~Add another barracks as minerals permit, you could use an extra rax for marine production.
Also, add a tech lab to your factory and begin tank production.

From here on out, you will have constant(ish) tank, marine, battlecruiser production, any more information on build order is not necessary. If you don’t have the gas for a tank due to your second bc, add in a hellion before building another tank.

You will make harass with your first bc, and make your push at around 11:30 with two battlecruisers, 2-3 tanks, a handful of marines, ~12-15 scvs and however many surviving hellions you have.(Preferably four)

You can refer to the replays for more specific timings. I didn’t list exact supplies because I don’t like that. Just make sure you don’t supply block yourself. You need those one-basing mules, and don’t want to delay production or supply drop. If you’re supply blocked pretty bad, calling down supplies is not terrible, but that’s a discussion for somewhere else.


Since it begins as a standard reactor hellion opening, you want to keep your initial 4 hellions alive. Do not suicide them to kill drones. Simply poke in and out, and maintain map control, deny scouting, while denying creep spread.

Use your marines to deny overlord scouts. The less prepared they are for your initial BC, the more damage it will do. The more damage it will do, the stronger your push will be.

I only recommend this map for close air positions. With your first battlecruiser, you want to be an abusive terran. Fly to their base, kill queens, kill drones, and fly back for repairs, then repeat. Believe it or not, queens can actually kite bc’s on creep, so be ready for this. NEVER lose a bc.

When your second bc pops, it’s time to all-in.
Pull scvs, marines, tanks, bcs and hit the natural. Hard. Aim to have your siege mode complete as you arrive. Keep your bcs in front with scvs repairing. A lot of the time, you will enjoy a swift victory and a rage-quit from your opponent.

Reactions and scouting

This is not a solid reactionary build. It is a one base all-in. I will only list what steps you need to take to stay alive from various things, but I will not cover everything, because it should be self explanatory(throw down a bunker, pull scvs to repair)
Your hellions run into roaches
If your hellions see roaches, immediately throw down 1-2 bunkers are your ramp and pull 6-8 scvs to repair. You should be fine, just don’t let them bust your ramp or lings will stream in.
1 base baneling bust
You should have scouted that he went 14/14 and has not expanded. Again, bunkers are good, hellions are good, and repair is good. It’s even better if your reactor is inside your base. If not, you’ll probably lose your reactor and a depot, and he will lose the game. If he 1 base baneling busts, do not carry on with this build. Instead, i would keep reactoring out hellions(probably 6), expand, and carry on standard. Just don’t mine out of that second refinery for a bit.


This is a fun build. It can be pretty abusive, and shows that battlecruisers are actually pretty good and pretty hilarious. It’s somewhat viable. I’m sure it can be easily countered, but I’m not going to talk about how, because then this build wouldn’t be fun. Winning is fun. Having said that, I have yet to lose with it due to the generally confused zerg response and marine/tank/hellion/bc/scv all in.

Source: By DoctorFunk via TeamLiquid

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