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StarCraft 2 Terms

Here are some of the terms which may cause some confusion. This is not a complete list of words that you may hear. There are many other common terms but we do not list every term.
Term Description
6 Pool A zerg build order creating a spawning pool when you have six supply, right at the beginning of the game before producing a drone.
Actions Per Minute (APM) Refers to the number of clicks or hotkey presses a player makes on average per minute of gameplay time.
Base Swap When you destroy a player’s base while, simultaneously, they destroy your base.
Buff A  persistent beneficial ability used on a unit.
Build Order (Build) The order in which you train units and construct buildings. Some build orders are more efficient than others.
CC command center
Crackling A zergling with the adrenal glands upgrade
Contain To restrict an opponent’s ability to move across a map.
Creep Highway A path of creep across the map created by overlords’ Generate Creep ability, or queens’ Creep Tumors. Lines of creep allow zerg units to move over them quickly (like a highway).
Dancing Pulling injured troops out of harm’s way, only to quickly put them back, or moving a targeted unit away to make the enemy chase it. Can also mean more commonly to using /dance as a victory ceremony.
De-Buff A persistent, negative ability used on a unit.
Detection (Detector) A passive ability possessed by some units and buildings (detectors) that reveals cloaked or burrowed units in its area of effect.
Drop Troops delivered by a medivac, warp prism, overlord, or other transport unit.
DT dark templar
Expand/Expansion To create an expansion, a new base built at a location other than your starting position.
Fast Expand A strategy that involves the creation of an early expansion (usually a ‘natural’ expansion) rather than the production of offensive units, usually for the purpose of gaining an economic advantage.
Fog of War (FOW) A dark fog that obscures everything outside of the sight range of units or buildings. When viewing the map, black areas have not yet been explored, while grey areas have been explored but are not currently within the sight range allied units or buildings. Although terrain can be seen through the grayed areas, enemy troop movements are hidden.
GG Good Game. If players say GG too early it is a sarcastic way of saying you have lost and the game is over. It can also mean that the player who said it is admiting that they have lost.
GL HF Good luck, have fun.
Harvester A worker unit that gathers resources.
Harass/Harassment A strategy that involves a series of typically short, quick attacks designed to damage an opponent’s economy or unit production capabilities.Harassment, unlike other types of attacks, is not generally intended to eliminate an opponent’s forces.
Headquarters Buildings (such as the terran command center, protoss nexus, and zerg hatchery/lair/hive) that produce workers and serve as drop-off points for resources. Slang: “town hall”.
HT high templar
Inc Short for ‘incoming’, which means ‘an attack is coming’. Common usage: “inc (then a minimap ‘ping’ on the expected location of the attack)” or “inc UP” (an attack is imminent from the north).
Macromanagement (Macro) Spending time creating new buildings, researching upgrades, expanding, and training units. To focus on Macro, players typically let battles fight themselves or ignore units in combat while building, training, and expanding.
Micromanagement (Micro) Spending time controlling units directly rather than building or gathering and sending masses of units without controlling them much. Micromanagement involves rigid control of units so that they are used as efficiently as possible.
Massing Gathering a large number of a particular unit.
Muta mutalisk
MMM marine/marauder/medivac
Passive Ability An ability that works without requiring activation (such as a click or a hotkey).
Proxy (Building) Constructing a building outside an enemy base so that you can get units to their base faster. Example usage: “Proxy Gatway.”
Push An offensive attack.
Rush A very early attack or an attack with a lot of units.
Scan Scanning an area with the scanner sweep ability.
Scouting The act of revealing remote areas of a map to gain information about an opponent. Scouting can be achieved by physically moving units across the map or by using unit and structure abilities to expose areas from long distances.
Siege Unit A unit that is capable of attacking towers, buildings, or units from a distance (such as a siege tank in siege mode or a zerg brood lord).
Sight The act of revealing the fog of war for other units so that they can attack.
Splash Damage (splash) Weapon damage that hits multiple enemy or friendly units in addition to a single targeted unit.
Speedling A zergling with the Metabolic Boost upgrade.
Spellcaster A unit that is usually weak to melee and relies on abilities rather than basic attacks (such as a protoss high templar).
Spotting Using a unit ahead of long-range units to remove the fog of war so that your siege units can fire from long distances.
Starve To wall-in or contain an opponent, preventing them from expanding until they run out of resources.
Supply Cap; (Pop Cap/Unit Cap) The limit on the amount of units you can create. For example, in StarCraft II, the limit is 200 supply.
Teching (Tech) Selecting buildings and upgrades in order to unlock more powerful and higher-end units. Often, a teching strategy sees a player play defensively, reserving few units and devoting most resources to constructing buildings so as to quickly reach more advanced units.
Towers/Defensive Structures Automated or stationary defensive structures, such as photon cannons, spine/spore crawlers, missile turrets, and bunkers.
Turtle A player who is afraid to leave their base and instead produces an excessive amount of defenses to defend it.
Turtling Turtling simply means the act of making yourself as impenetrable to attacks as possible to prepare a high-tech supply capped death ball. Turtling on 2 or 3 bases as Protoss is an extremely common strategy.
Worker Any unit capable of gathering resources, such as SCVs, probes, or drones.

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