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Starcraft 2 Micro and Macro Guide

I wrote this small guide to give new players a basic understanding of what they should be looking for and trying to do when starting to play Starcraft 2 in terms of their Micro and Macro.

I thought I would make a list of micro/macro techniques to help us all improve our understanding of how we can best use the abilities for the units coming in SC2. I’ll try to make it short as i can, so that you guys won’t have trouble reading the whole thing. Comment on whatever you like, feel free to give detailed ways of how you will (or will not) use these techniques and submit your own ideas.



Hellion’s linear splash damage (set up hellions to do maximum linear damage)

Hunter Seeker Missile(pulling only the units targeted by the missile away will keep your army safe and yes they are marked. Since hunter seeker missile has friendly splash, you can fly a raven into a large group of enemies to suicide and do tons of splash damage with less chance of them running)

Siege tanks (how to advance quickly and not risk too much time sieging: I was never a good terran in SC1 so i dont know about this…except for the unlimited unit selection it should be same as SC1)

Dropship+siege tank micro (as seen in battle report you can micro your tanks like in SC1 where projectiles wont hit the tank if you get him in a dropship before the projectile hits)

Marauder punisher grenade(quickly command single marauders to hit multiple units running away to catch as many as possible)

Marine stim without early medics(makes early stim pack much more dangerous for early infantry, have to do damage when stimmed…or else just lose that HP)

Supply depot “sim city” (perfectly tight fit now)

Mech build+SCVs (auto repair makes repairing much less APM dependent, with healthbars you can send as many damaged units as possible to the back of your army to get repaired by like 5 SCVs on auto-repair)

New Battle Cruisers (kind of obvious but defense matrix guys stay in front, with missile barrage and yamato as needed)

Reapers (D8 charges can be thrown to kill a lot of unsuspecting workers, a tight group of supply depots, bunkers, or large groups of units that wont run. If a low mobility army is trying to attack you [protoss or terran mech] you can throw out a few D8 charges just to scare off their army for a few seconds while you finish an upgrade or get your troops in position. At 30+30armored damage 25 D8 charges will kill a planetary fortress instantly)

Planetary Fortress (If your planetary fortress is under attack just send all SCVs to repair. If you are attacking a PF you should aim for the SCVs if they try to repair. Many gameplay videos show PF killing armies up to 2000 min 2000 gas worth just because SCVs were not targeted first)


All unit producing buildings as 1 hotkey (you can tab through each building type to make whatever you need ex, 0 tab=command center, 1 tab=barracks, 2 tab=factories, 3 tab=starport. Use this if you find yourself with too few numbered hotkeys available.)

Salvage (save money later by selling off old turrets, bunkers, reactor, tech lab for 100% refund)

Mule calldown technique(set all orbital commands as 1 hotkey, press Mule Calldown hotkey for each orbital command since its got a few second “casting time” for drop pod. Do something for a few seconds, then check back at each of your bases and tell your mules to mine)



Stalker blink micro (with health bars on just blink back each damaged stalker as needed)

Sentry+high templar (block escape with narrow terrain/flanks/sim city+force field and psi storm their entire army)

Zealots+sentry (to keep units from kiting your zealots force field possible escape routes)

Zealot charge (try using focus fire to tell a couple zealots to charge at a unit at the back of an enemy army and use those zealots to flank or block an escape route)

Colossus shoot and move(Siege range helps, this is similar to SC1 siege tanks doing it while running. This is even better for colossus with their higher range and mobility over cliffs)

Phoenix graviton beam (Decide if you outnumber ground forces by a lot or have ample energy enough to grav beam a lot of ground units or grav beam a few at a time and focus fire those)

Void ray micro (choosing to focus fire 1 target or set 3 void rays to 3 different targets which depends on the situation)

Carrier (It now starts out with 4 interceptors and has an autocast ability to build interceptors. It goes up to a max of 8 interceptors without the need of an upgrade. There is an upgrade to increase launch speed of interceptors. It is also assumed that carriers in SC2 can micro just like carriers in SC1 could. There is no gameplay proof yet.

Dark Templar (Since Dark templar have a very long attack cooldown they can attack, run closer to target, then attack to get in better position. Commonly used against SCVs because they take two hits to kill) [Example of DT micro]


Time warp (cant say much since we don’t know how it works other than that it speeds up production time, research time)

Mass warp gates (put them at your main base and build proxy pylons as needed to keep constant pressure on the enemy)



Zergling surround (as evolved since SC1, zerglings surround better now so a zerg player can worry mostly about the lings who run around back of the enemy army to block their escape and ignore the lings flowing in the front that will surround effectively now)

Roach regen micro (only when burrowed, using healthbars pull roaches to the back just barely out of enemy firing range and burrow them. If the battle continues and you have burrowed roaches at full hp unburrow them and continue. This will be harder than stalker micro since they have to run to the back in addition to burrow/unburrow hotkey)

Banelings (Choosing when to engage with your banelings. Careful because the enemy can split his forces to reduce your splash damage. Don’t give him time to react and split up his army)

Mutalisks (many more can be controlled at once which could be awesome harass but very vulnerable to splash damage)

Nydus Worm (just like overlord drops of SC1, you fly a few overlords over to your enemy base and excrete creep everywhere, call in a nydus worm, 10 sec cast time (roughly) and then you units in their base and lots of extra move speed)

Queen (overlord drop, nydus worm, or creep highway these guys to the fight to use transfusion on ultralisks to keep them alive, should be very cost effective and will require a little micro. Since you will have lots of ultralisks and queens you will have a larva surplus so mass lings or hydras with it)

Lurker (Lurker eggs can block ramps temporarily because they have tons of bonus armor. Lurkers now have siege range upgrade which allows them to focus fire high templar or other casters before they can get in range to cast. Remember psi storm cast range is about half what it was in SC1)


Saturate expansions fast (Bring some queens to your new base [suggested transport/creep highway/nydus worm] and spawn larva at the hatchery to quickly get new drones mining there)

Creep Highway (place overlords around the map expelling creep to delay expansions and increase zerg movement speed)

Overseers (place some overseers at strategic positions and leave them there as long as possible so they get increased sight range)

Remember keep it civil please. The mod’s are keeping a close eye on everything so be friendly. We can share ideas to help us play SC2 competitively when it comes out.


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  1. nice terran macro tips tnx :)

  2. When calling down a MULE, just click the mineral field itself and it will consider that an auto-mining rally point much like a freshly built SCV, dropping in as close as possible and mining right away. So, set it and forget it.

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