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Mission 1: Liberation Day

Video Commentary - Brutal Difficulty

In your first mission you start off as the Rebel Commander Jim Raynor and a group of 5 rag-tag Marines. Your objective in this mission is to locate and destroy the Logistics Headquarters and free the citizens on Mar Sara from the control of the Dominion.

Starting out you will get a pop up window asking if you would like to watch video tutorials on how to move / attack and the basics of the game. When you are ready to head out highlight your group of Marines and continue along the road until you come to 2 Dominion Marines, you will be shown a brief tutorial on how to attack enemy opponents.

Once they are finished head north up the road and you will be taken to a cut scene of a Dominion Holoboard, you now have a new Bonus Objective to destroy 6 of 6 Dominion Holoboards. Right click the Holoboard while having your army selected to attack it, once you’ve destroyed the first Holoboard continue north up the road. You will come to an open area with a group of Dominion Marines behind a couple sandbags which out number you. This is when reinforcements will fly down to the ground in the middle of the Dominion Marines group and start attacking, quickly take your units and provide them support.

Once you finish taking out the Dominion’s forces you can join up with the rest of the reinforcements. To the left of you in the center of the town will be the 2nd Dominion Holoboard for you to destroy. Once you take that out go directly south  and destroy the 3rd Dominion Holoboard which will be guarded by 1 Marine.

Than lastly before you head north towards the Logistics Headquarters follow the path to the left where you will find the 4th Dominion Holoboard to destroy.

Once you’ve destroyed the 4th Holoboard follow the path to the west north to the Logistics Headquarters, there will be a cut scene showing the civilians being held captive by the Dominion. After the scene engage the Dominion forces, their transport vehicle has a turret on it which you will need to destroy. Once you take out the Dominion forces the civilians will than join you in your rebellion, to left of where the Transport was is the 5th Dominion Holoboard to be destroyed.

Head under the gate into the Logistics Headquarters camp where to the right will be the final Dominion Holoboard. The civilians which you’ve rescued will join you in the attack against the final Dominion forces.

Once you’ve eliminated all the forces take your army and destroy the Logistics Headquarters. Once you’ve take it down you’ve completed your first mission in Starcraft 2 and are ready to take on one of the best campaigns made by blizzard to date!


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  1. Wouldn’t it make more sense to post the tactics for beating the missions on brutal difficulty? If it works on brutal, it’ll work on any other difficulty. Just my thoughts on this because this definitely isn’t written based off the brutal difficulty as there will be three marines at the first encounter right off the bat instead of two.

  2. how do you sell things from your base on starcraft2?

  3. Josh,
    The Guide is written for normal difficulty to help players their first time through the campaign. I’m producing video guides for each mission under Brutal so players know how they can also beat each mission on the Brutal Difficulty.

  4. actually looks really good

  5. Nice guide Loved it, But Can you post a Free guide for online Noob Beginners?
    please Email me your answer as-well as publish it.

  6. i’m going to purchase this guide as soon as my paypall acount is charged up (takes a few days), i hope the rest of the guides are good too, and i hope to get all the achievements. without the guides i have about 45% of the achievements allready and i fiinished this mission on brutal as well, but i might need some help on the other missions.

  7. Awesome stuff guys. Looking good, and keep up the good work ;)

  8. Whenever I try to continue the campaign, It sais that “You don’t have the right version of Starcraft 2 to continue with the campaign.

    I bought starcraft 2 so It might be a glitch. Help anyone?

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