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2v2 Bunker, Reaper, Pylon, Cannon (BRPC) Rush Guide

A close friend of mine and a great Starcraft 2 player ALEEEEEEEESA has been helping me out and has written a couple great 2v2 Strategies for the site. ALEEEEEEEESA is a top ranked 2v2 player and is currently ranked 46 in North/South American region in 2v2 Diamond 42 - 16 and Rank 6 plat in the World of 3v3 with a current record of 21 - 1.

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Guide Details

 Cheesy reaper rush that takes advantage of a Protoss’s nexus which cannot fly away. Tested against diamond players.

Races Used:
- Terran and Protoss

Map Preference:
- Map with shared chokepoint

Strong against:
- Protoss, Protoss
- Protoss, Terran

Weak against:
- Any zerg opponent


The idea of this strategy is to use the strength of the reaper and accompany it with the durability of the bunker. Reapers are very costly in gas early on so keeping them alive and in numbers is extremely important when attempting this build.


We will be building a bunker next to the command center/nexus (preferably nexus) and will be putting a reaper inside so it can attack both the harvesters and the nexus/cc itself. A problem with this is that workers can easily be pulled off and destroy the SCV from finishing.

A solution to this problem is that we can simply abuse the probability aspect of where the SCV is while its building. For example, if we build a bunker next to a nexus and the SCV moves to a position between the bunker and nexus, then the SCV is unkillable until it moves to a more vulnerable position. We can increase the chances to make the SCV invulnerable while its building by preemptively building pylons for a 3 by 3 square before the SCV even gets there.

This way, it makes it more difficult for your opponent to discover your true intentions before its too late for them.

To make matters even worse for your opponent, your ally, the protoss player, will be cannon rushing as well since pylons will be up in your enemy’s base anyway. The cannons will help in both distracting while the bunker is being built as well as base defense if the enemy’s ally decides to push out.

Build Orders

Recommended Protoss Build Order:
- Probe (7)
- Probe (8)
- Probe (9)
- Pylon
- 2 Probes (chronoboost)
- Forge

Recommended Terran Build Order:
- SCV (7)
- Barracks
- Gas (3 on gas right when it finishes)
- SCV (8)
- SCV (9)

Get a tech lab right when barracks finishes and a reaper when the tech lab finishes. The reaper should be your 10th supply. At this point make save up for a supply depot before making anymore SCV’s.

Build 1-2 more reapers because at this point the strategy either works it doesn’t work. After this, you should transition into marauders and also put down 2-3 more barracks. You and your teammate shouldn’t have a hard time winning a 2v1 at this point. Just make some one of you is getting anti-air in case the other guy attempts to air rush as a straight up ground army will most likely not work.

Generally, I usually transition into pure marauders with stim packs while my partner gets a balanced protoss gateway army (stalkers, sentries, zealots)


Usually, the terran player should try to hide the barracks as much as possible while still keeping it as close to a cliff so that reapers have a short rush distance. If the position of the enemy is not known, the protoss player needs to send a probe out immediately when the game starts to find out positions of the enemy.

A scouting worker will generally move straight towards the command center and will not see the barracks. This may buy you a few extra seconds before this strategy is discovered.

If the enemy scouts out the terran player, it would be safe to assume that they know reapers are coming. This strategy is easily counter by tier 1.5 units (stalkers, marauders, roaches) but most players will likely panic and put down another gateway or barracks instead of opting for higher tech if they do scout out this strategy early.

Video Guide Commentaries

Example of this rush:

Another example:

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  1. With last patch, will not be as powerful. I tried it a couple times with a friend and it worked not so bad before. But now, its just too slow.

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