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1000 StarCraft 2 Tips

Arn over at Team Liquid has been putting together a great post where he is compiling a list of #1000 StarCraft 2 Tips. The list is updated weekly until it grows to 1000 tips. This is a great little piece to skim through and hopefully learn a few new things you may not of known already.

1. If you wanna attack a building SCV, hold shift and spamclick the SCV. Then your attackers will follow the SCV when it switches build-position. [More]
2. Patrolling units also attack if something is within attack range. Therefore, you can f.ex. patrol-move marines away from banelings for more effective micro. [More]
3. [Has been patched out?] Point Defense Drone protects from many types of missiles - including Broodlords, causing no Broodlings to spawn. [More]
4. (Z) Fungal Growth prevents “Activated abilities” (charge, blink, burrow, etc.) but not spells. [More]
5. The drop-trick: Press “d” (drop) and select a medivac/overlord/warp prism in movement, and it will begin dropping units without halting movement. Combine with shift-clicks and several dropships, and with some practise you’ll have gosu dropmicro.
6. EMP & Fungal Growth reveals cloaked(/burrowed - only Fungal Growth) units. To uncloak a banshee or observer, aim below the flying unit (“Flyer Help” helps).
7. Fungal Growth & Psionic Storm kills larvae. This can be extremely powerful harass i ZvZ/PvZ. [Source]
8. (Z) To cast multiple Infested Terrans “instantly”, shiftclick the command before the infestor is in range (it may of course be burrowed). Thesame goes for Ghost Snipe - although there it’s adviced that you shiftclick while not having a move/attack command.
9. (Z) Broodlords get +attack from +air attack, Broodlings from +melee attack & Infested Terrans from +ranged attack.

10. (Z) Broodlords deal damage both directly upon impact and indirectly from Broodlings’ attacks [Arn]
11. /Dance makes marines, lings and zealots dance.
12. Dance works on more units (type /dance in the chat to trigger it).
13. (PvT) When using psi-storm & zeaelots against bio units, storm “beyond” the enemy units instead of on top of them - they will have to move back anyway to avoid the zealots, so you deal more damage this way. [Arn - opinion]
14. (P) Storm does not instantly kill hallucinations ["source"]
15. (PvT) Graviton Beam from a Phoenix can lift an Immortal affected by 250 mm Strike Cannon - thus saving it.
16. (Z) When you have Lair, you can generate creep with your Overlords so that your Creep Tumors can clone at max-range as soon as the cooldown is finished - thus doubling the speed of your creepspread.
17. Earlygame, you can permanently block an enemy’s mineral patch with your scout by mining the mineral and clicking “stop” just before finishing - repeatedly.
18. P) A forcefield blocks building/landing of buildings - so you can block an expansion with forcefields!
19. (ZvP) Stalkers auto-focus ground units by default, like Thors do against air. So: To kill stalkers with Mutas is easier if you have some lings to tank the damage.

20. Placing buildings at the mineral line can block works from going around the mineral patches - preventing them from taking a longer route, and making your mining slightly more effective.
21. When placing buildings defensively, one of the main things to think about are to block harassing units’ (hellions, zerglings, banelings etc.) pathing without hampering your own movement. [Arn]
22. (Z) If you have problems spending your money, inject more, build more & expand more (or make macro hatcheries). [Arn]
23. (T) Very-late-game, as a Terran you can make Orbitals (-> Mules) instead of SCV’s, making your max army stronger than it else could have been, without harming your economy.
24. To kill or injure a scouting worker, select the nearest workers as the enemy scout passes by and a-move with perfect timing, to get a surround. Use buildings/mineral patches to your advantage. To escape this clutch, mineralwalk. [Arn]
25. (Z) Move-command your zerglings past your enemy’s forces, then a-move: This way you get a faster surround.
26. You can shift-click rallypoints aswell, which might be useful to improve pathing or assign overlord spread. [Arn]
27. When you want to rally your new units to your old units the old unit has a habit of dying, leaving your new units at the production-facility. You can shift-click the rallypoint to make them have a backup-rallypoint. [original + image]
28. Use hold position when you want to harass a mineral line with melee units without running in range of static defense. Zerglings staying away from spines is the typical example.
29. (ZvP) A Protoss going Stargate->Expand in PvZ should likely usse max 1 CB on his Cybernetics Core. If the Core has stopped spinning before 5.55 he has probably not planted a Stargate yet. [author]

30. (ZvP) You can “see” a slightly delayed Stargate build by looking at the number of Gateway units. If he goes for stargate, he should have 5-7 units by 7:30, if he goes for ground units he should have atleast eight. In general, see #274.
31. The worse player you face, the rougher details you need to look at to “read them”, because they seldom play optimal build orders.
32. (Z) It takes two fungal growths to kill an observer, zergling, worker or marine (to name a few). (Oberver HP: 60, Fungal dmg: 36)
33. (Z) You can use both Infested Terrans and Fungal Growth up/down cliffs, making for some excellent harass potential (combined with #32, especially).
34. (Z) If you start your first infestors when your Pathogen Glands is at or above 30/80, they will spawn with 75 energy (which is faster than if you built them before 30/80).
35. Optimal mineral/worker saturation is at 16 miners per base - Maximum mineral saturation is at 24 miners per base. [Source (Swe)]
36. (TvZ) When pushing towards a zerg base with terran tanks, you can select a tank, right click the position you want it to end up at and shift+E, the tank will drive to its final destination and siege up, saving you time while you position the rest of your army, I use this one a lot.
37. (PvZ) Most overseers will be at full energy, so during a battle, feedback the overseer then send in the dts to have fun! (Feedbacking an overseer at full energy will kill it - [Source])
38. Always say glhf, gg, and try to talk to your opponent during the game. A little bit of idle chatter does wonders for improving how you feel about the game.
39. (ZvT) Burrowed infestors can fire infested terrans on to seige tanks causing the tanks to splash themselves. Dropping cheap units (lings) onto tanks has the same effect.

40. (P) Psi-storm is able to hit cloaked units.
41. Macro is more important than micro. Always focus on improving your macro first, then your micro! [improved]
42. (Z) Single burrowed Zerglings around the map at points of high traffic are great scouting tools.
43. (PvT) Focus firing Colossi at the centre of a bioball rather than attack moving them into it is the difference between shooting 3 units and shooting six.
44. (P) [] For blink-stalkers, queue them to move->blink (up a cliff for example)->move to make a larger group transition smoothly. [vid]
45. (T) Tank spread and tank hopping is very important. Don’t ever unsiege all your tanks at the same time. Overlap their fire radius for maximum effect.
46. (ZvT) With perfect positioning, a single queen can block hellions trying to runby on most ramps. [img & thread & rep]
47. (Z) “Baneling rape”: When using ling/bling, wrap your lings around/behind your opponent, and insert the banelings from the front. [Arn & more elaborate description by Destiny]
48. (Z) Be cautious about attackmoving banelings - stray units may “waste” banelings and they might gain more efficient area of effect by “hugging” the opponent. To detonate, either start attackmoving or press e(X)plode. [Arn]
49. Be aware of surface area. If defending and behind (numerically) as melee: Seek to reduce surface area to buy time and even up DPS - hug walls and use mineral lines to reduce area. If ahead (numerically), fight in the open and aim for surrounds to maximize surface area. [original - clarified]

50. (T) If you want to spread your tanks into siege mode all at once: 1) Controlgroup all tanks, 2) move all tanks, 3) shiftclick-away one, 4) repeat 2-3 x times, 5) Select your tank control group, 6) Shift-command “Siege Mode”.
51. You can have workers pass through units you have on hold blocking your choke if you click on minerals outside your base (or vice versa).
52. (ZvZ) Contaminate stops hatcheries generating larva and halts the queen spawn larva ability (potential good combo with tip #7)
53. (T) You can activate a Xel Naga Tower with a reaper on Xel Naga Caverns(or a map with a similar platform next to the tower) and than hop up the cliff without deactivating the tower,so it gives you control over the tower without having a unit on the low-ground holding it.
54. (ZvZ) You can hide a Nydus Worm under your enemy’s overlord. (If done correctly - he won’t see it on the minimap).[Source (Swe)], [image]
55. (Z) A burrowed zergling in Enemies’ expansion will not only scout when he expands but also block his building and force a scan.
55b. (Z) [] Overlord creep on the expansion and a burrowed ling, will often result in the opponent killing the overlord, wait for the creep to dissapear, and then have to use detection to kill the ling. Delaying the expansion even more. It is also possible to burrow banelings in the mineralline before the opponent expands, and when the workers get transfered, you can kill a lot of workers.
56. (P) Archons with +2 attack will one-shot multiple workers at a time if the base is optimally saturated.
57. (P) [] If you “Mass recall” ground units in dead space, they will get recalled to the nearest ground surface.
58. (P) Interceptors benefit from +air attack and +air armour. [discussion]
59. Despite what Day[9] has said in a previous Daily, never let a bunker finish.

60. (ZvP) Infest colossi with neural parasite, then use the colossus to destroy force fields.
61. (P) Vision can allow warp-ins to the high ground.
62. Denying vision does not stop already-started warpins (or nuclear launches). [Arn]
63. You can click geysers and see how many workers are in it, there is a counter there. So if you are doubting whether you have a 3 or perhaps 4 or on it, click the extractor/refinery/assimilator.
64. (TvP) EMPing your own cattlebruisers against Protoss eliminates potential damage from feedback.
65. Z “Hatch-first” is around ~2:00-2:15 [discussion +reply]
66. (Z) Zerg can add morphing eggs to a hotkey for easier reenforcement (… read more)
67. (Z) Individually rally every overlord you make ever (even via minimap) or they will end up in the front of your base as fodder.
68. By default, F1 selects an idle worker while Ctrl+F1 selects all idle workers. Holding “Ctrl+F1″ at the start of a match will let you have your six starting workers selected instantly. [extended]
69. /cheer works for the same units as /dance. This is language dependent. For the german version its /jubeln and /tanzen.

70. (Z) [] Spine crawlers and spore colony’s cannot make a solid wall.
71. (Z) [] You can spawn a changeling from an overseer on a Xel’naga tower to give version for the duration of the changeling.
72. (ZvP) [] It takes 4 Fungal Growths to kill a Stalker, 8 to kill a collosus, and 6 to kill a voidray, mass roach with 8+ infestors, so in theory it will kill a Death Ball in about 36 seconds!!!
73. (ZvT) [] A fungal growth basically eliminates the healing buf from the Medivac.
74. (Z) [] You can burrow a baneling (with burrow & explode on building as autocast) near the edge an expansion which will instantly kill any expansion getting built there. [claim: It takes 3 banelings]
75. If your opponent is being unusually chatty while laddering, they might be attempting to distract you while cheesing. Scout everywhere! ["evidence"]
76. [] Hitting C returns the minerals/gas your worker currently holds. Always hit C when you are transferring workers or putting guys in gas so you don’t lose the minerals your worker currently holds.
77. (Z) Corruption increases the damage dealt by Fungal Growth to all corrupted units inside the AOE by 10, for both light and armoured units.
78. Consider your army position even when you are not actively attacking or defending - you might wanna be in a good position to defend drops, harassments or simply keep map control. The better your map control, the better you should be able to position your army. [Arn]
79. Positioning your army and poking at your opponent’s expo (probably his 3rd-6th base) can force your opponent in the late game to attack through a narrow choke giving you a positional advantage.

80. (Z) When chasing down enemy units with Mutalisks, move command PAST the enemy units, and tap hold position when you’re in range. The Mutalisks will fire BEFORE they slow down. Immediately after they fire, quickly move past the enemy units again. Using this trick, your Mutalisks can fire on the move almost as efficiently as Phoenixes!
81. (Z) A burrowed roach with Tunneling Claws only takes 1.7 dps from Fungal Growth. [... more]
82. (TvT) If you destroy an enemy production building (e.g. rax/fact/starport) that has an add-on, you can build/float your building on to his add-on and take it over - it will work for you.
83. If you are getting chased by a seeker missile you can take the targetted unit and run it into their army effectively killing his units with his own seeker missile.
84. (Z) Burrow can be autocast - if it is turned off, the units will unburrow when within attacking range of approaching enemies. This can be used for “semi-smart” baneling mines. [vid] [image]
85. (ZvP) If you Fungal Growth Zealots you can outrange them with an Ultralisk.
86. When casting [any repeatable ability - forcefield, snipe, infested terran, etc.] for example forcefields, don’t f click f click f click. Instead, hold down f and place as many as you like. [read more: Keyboard delay & "or not"]
87. (Z) Zergs can proxy buildings in extreme situations by morphing a hatchery, then quickly cancel it and hatch any other building on the 3×3 creep that is left.
88. Holding shift and boxing units while pressing the control group adds the boxed units to the control group.
89. (Z) A single +2 attack baneling 1 shots drones at any armor level, and probes without both +2armor/+2shields. A single +3 attack baneling 1 shots all workers except for +3 armor SCVs. [Source conflict: See [78].

90. (P) If a protoss building is being warped in and loses pylon power, it will still finish warping in.
91. Splash damage hits cloaked units even if you have no detection.[... more + including Creep tumors]
92. (ZvP) Banelings with Explode can be used to kill a DT if you have no detection. (see [91])
93. (Z) When using Neural Parasite, always shift-queue a move back command immediately after so that the infestor cant be targeted. Don’t move back more than 14 range though.
94. Not only zergs can delay expos - build a pylon or supply depot/engineering bay there if you consider the scouting info and delay worth the initial loss of minerals. [Arn]
95. (Z) Changelings aren’t automatically attacked. Leaving 2 on opponents ramp with hold position will block it unless the changelings are manually targeted. If you’re doing a drop, moving overlords on top of the changelings will make them hard to target and can buy you valuable seconds.
96. (Z) 1 fungal growth + 1 shot from an infested terran will kill a worker. They are great for worker harass.
97. When your worker line is being harassed by hellions, it’s often better to attack and trap the hellions than to try to run away, as running away clumps them up.
98. (ZvZ) The right, left and bottom edge of a hatcherys creep is just out of vision range. One can use that to build spine crawlers in a zvz. The hatchery will be just out of range though.
99. (Z) If you bring one queen along with a drop/nydrus, she can lay down creep tumors on OL/Nydus creep, forcing detection to get rid of it.

100. (T) Terran is the only race with the ability to pause building construction (hotkey hal”T”). This can for example be used to micro a building worker away from attackers, or start several buildings with one worker in walloff situations.
101. An easy way to check if you have enough workers at a base is to select all workers on minerals. If you see 2 rows (16) that is optimal saturation, 3 rows (24) is maximum saturation. (Source, see #35)
102. On the lowest “Shadows” setting, you can distinguish between similarly-sized Protoss buildings as they are warping in without clicking on them. [... more, img1img2]
103. 4 Phoenix kill a queen in 1 lift.
104. If your graphic settings are too low, the warp-in animation is just a boxy square shape regardless of unit - for higher settings you can see which unit is being warped in. [... more]
105. (Z) A single Fungal Growth does not kill zerglings - since zerglings regenerate just enough health to survive. ["source"]
106. Contrary to popular belief, units that are warping in do NOT take extra damage. [source]
106b. However, warping units with low health may still be a smart choice for target-fire. [author]
107. Destroying a building that was building/researching something will refund its full building/research cost back to its owner.[discussion/source]
108. (Z) Zerg is the only race that can exceed the 200 supply limit. When maxed, build buildings (f.ex.) Evo Chambers, remax, then cancel the buildings to get your drones back. [original]
109. (T bug) You can only have 16 sensor towers visible on the minimap, adding more towers cause the original to be removed. [source]

110. (Z) All Nydus worm entrances and exits lead to each other. No matter into which entrance or exit you load your units you can get them out from any other Nydus building.
111. (Z) If you want to reinforce a fight using Nydus worms you should rally your hatcheries to a nearby Nydus, rally the nearest exit to where you want your reinforcements, hotkey your Nydus and occasionally spam press “d” to unload. [original]
112. (Z) A Nydus exit cannot be canceled once it starts building and only one can be built at a time but they can be queued so that the next exit begins building as soon as the old one finishes. If you want to build two exits at once you need two entrances.
113. To spread workers saving them from f.ex. hellions, press (S)top, hold (F1) idle worker and spammove them -> They will now individually move in different directions. [video]
114. (T) A SCV on auto-repair inside a building/medivac can repair damaged units in the same structure - but can not repair the structure itself or units outside. [Later source & explanation]
115. (Z) Fungal growth one-shots banelings
116. (PvT) Hallucinated units can deplete a Point Defense Drone. A hallucinated phoenix does so the quickest but two hallucinated stalkers are not much slower and absorb more damage.
117. (P) A hallucinated archon (or an Immortal, in cases where Hardened Shields matters) can generally absorb the most damage per hallucination as it has the biggest total of HP and shield (350 + 10 = 360) and doesn’t take bonus damage from any unit. [...more]
118. (P) A chronoboost increases production rate by 50% for 20 seconds. As a result 1 chronoboost takes 10 seconds off thebuildtime if the original buildtime was >30 seconds. [...more]
119. (ZvZ) On maps like Metalopolis and Shattered Temple, you can scout close-air-position with your overlord and if you see your opponent, be safe(r) to fast expand. [... more & discussion]

120. Pressing (ctrl+alt+f) shows your ingame FPS.
121. (ZvZ) When you make an early pool (9-10-11) and dronescout, if your opponent’s pool is behind his minerals, look for a chance to position a spine crawler in a perfect “pocket”, allowing only 1-2 drones to hit it. [... more]
122. (ZvP) A standard Cybernetics Core goes down at exactly 3:00. Use this to your advantage by blocking it with your scouting drone, thus delaying or misplacing your opponent’s Core. [more]
123. You can tell workers to mine an unfinished Extractor/Assimilator/Refinery - and they will start as soon as it finishes. [... more]
124. (Z) Since Zerglings move faster on creep, they can there kill a worker much more easely than offcreep. Keep this in mind when scouting a zerg. [Arn]
125. (ZvZ) You can root spine crawlers on your opponent’s creep. [... more]
126. (Z) When a Nydus Network empties, it operates on a “first-in->first-out” principle. Place larger/more important units in your network first (Ultras, for example), or empty then manually. [... more]
127. (ZvP) In air battles with Mutalisks vs Phoenix, it helps having a few corruptors to absorb some damage. Move your mutas back until the Phoenix’ target the Corruptors, then engage with all your mutas. [... more]
128. If you have slower units that you want to bring along (such as in the case of 127), you can tell your faster units to go a longer way or stutter around to prevent them from getting too far ahead. [... more]
129. Holding the alt key (or enabling “Show Health Bars: Always”) shows the health and energy bars of all the units on screen. Use this to micro damaged units and manage transfuses better. [... more]

130. (Z) If you have several drones selected, you can build different buildings, and a single drone will automatically go and build each single building. [original]
131. You can stop any dropship (/bunker/nydus) from unloading its’ cargo by issuing a (S)top command to it.
132. A Planetary Fortress will by default attack the closest enemy unit. Use this to your advantage. [combined]
133. (ZvT) It takes 19 banelings to kill a Planetary Fortress (and one less per +melee upgrade). [source ++]
134. If you kill the Pylon powering Protoss gateway units that are warping in, they stop warping - refunding both cooldown and cost to the Protoss player.
135. You can see the type of Stargate unit being produced by looking at the graphics of the Stargate building.
135b. The only other building you can see building units of, is the Nexus - it will have a blue beam on top of it if it builds a mothership. [author]
136. (P) You can charge your Void Rays on your own units - or own hallucinations. A hallucinated unit survives long enough to fully power a Void Ray (without upgrades). [author]
137. (P) You can use Zealot “Charge” on your own units, for example to help your zealots catch up to the rest of your (fleeing?) army. [original]
138. (P) If a Carrier target-fires a unit/building, the interceptors will continue attacking the target even if the Carrier moves away. [original]
139. (P) Phoenix Graviton beam can lift eggs - preventing them from spawning until the beam ends. [original]

140. To send a unit(s) to a position and remove them from their control group, the easiest way is to do this: Select the whole control group->Move->Shiftclick away one unit->Move back->Rebind controlgroup. [original]
141. (Z) You can see the progress bar for spawn larvae on a selected hatchery at the bottom of the screen. Use this to keybind (a) hatcher(y|ies) to check your inject timing. [original]
142. (Z) Hotkey all your buildings that contain upgrades to the same hotkey as your queen(s). This allows you to easily tab through to start/watch upgrades without altering your queen behaviour.
143. (Z) Creep tumours can spawn additional creep tumours.
144. (Z) Creep can spread up and down cliffs - providing that a “seed” of creep is nearby and you have vision of the area.[original & clarification]
145. (P) Carrier interceptors can be set to auto-build much like SCVs can be set to auto repair. Simply right click the interceptor icon.
146. Units with splash damage can hit cloaked or burrowed units (see 91) if you target a sacrificial unit standing right next to them.
147. A Colossus ordered to attack a friendly unit and then ordered to stop attacking before the beams cross each other, can do splash damage to enemy units without harming the friendly unit. Use this to hit nearby cloaked or burrowed units (91, 146), or to line up more enemies in the line-shaped fire.
148. Banshee’s with cloak, blue flame hellion drop & 3 rax all hit at the 7 minute mark, give or take a couple of seconds.[author claim]
149. Spore Crawlers, Photon Cannons, and Missile turrets detect beyond their attack range; they detect at a range of 11. If cloak banshees find a spot where the missile turret can’t attack them, they can still be detected and picked off by other units.

150. Once carriers launch the interceptors, they can retreat back to the point where they “outrange” siege tanks.
151. It takes 7 neural parasites to have an SCV build a command center until it’s finished.
152. Infantry units can “smoothly” move “through” a bunker if you issue them to move to the bunker, set a rally point and spam “unload”. [more & video]
153. Changelings transform within 8 range of an enemy unit - which means Siege Tanks, Colossi (& Broodlords?) can negate them from scouting. [original]
154. (Team) SCV’s can repair mechanical protoss units, but not their shields. SCV’s CANNOT repair protoss buildings. Additionally, Medivacs & Queens can heal HP of allied biological units. [original]
155. You can cast Neural Parasite on a Mothership, which will cloak your own army and give you the ability to cast the Vortex on your opponent’s army.
156. (P) A Warp Prism can be used as a “ladder”, since it can load units from the lowground (while in Phase mode) even if it is on the edge of a highground. [replay][... more]
157. A fun way to find out if a changeling is in your army: Type /dance. The zealot/zergling/marine that doesn’t dance is a changeling! [author]
158. Although creep “Only” gives movement speed, this means faster surrounds, banelings catching up to marines, better micro, better engagements/faster concaves, faster retreats, et cetera. Do not underestimate creep! [Arn]
159. Creep tumors are what provide vision, not the creep itself.

160. Marines without combat shield but with stim (and stim used once) die to 1 fungal or 1 baneling. Which makes it one of the most crucial upgrades in TvZ.
161. Banelings that are lifted by phoenixes and killed deal damage to nearby ground units. [correction/claim]
162. (Z) You can have max 19 larvae at a hatch
163. A SCV can (edit: NOT) repair a bunker from inside. [false?]
164. In team games when you share control you can mine gas from your ally’s refinery/assimilator/extractor.
165. You can use a move command (right click or M+left click) and target one of your own or ally units to have the selected unit follow (escort) the target. [more]
166. (Timing) In a 6pool, zerglings pop at ~2.15. Add 8 seconds for 7pool, 16 seconds for 8pool. [claim]
167. Force Fields are crushed by massive units (Ultralisk, Colussus, Thor, Archon). In ZvP, neural parasiting a Colossus can shatter forcefields. [Arn]
168. Phoenix can lift siege tanks, even in siege mode. A few phoenix with some gateway units can really take the bite out of marine/tank compositions.
169. (T) You can EMP protoss buildings and buildings with energy to suck up shields/energy.

170. (T) Ghosts can one-shots (with snipe) drones/scvs/marines(without shield)/zerglings/banelings.
171. (P) DTs that are warping are cloaked.
172. (P) Hallucinated colossi can not crush forcefields.
173. (PvZ) Dark Templar’s can one-shot not only workers, but also Larva. [original]
174. It is possible to NP hallucinations. (Which makes hallucinations good against Infestors?).
175. (P) The Protoss units that can not be hallucinated: Carriers, DTs, Mothership, Sentries & Observers. [source]
176. (P) It is more efficient to research protoss ground armor instead of shields, because it is cheaper, most units got more HP than shields, and almost every protoss unit got +1 armor without any upgrades. [opinion]
177. (T) EMP has got range advantage over feedback, however the range of EMP AoE center is the same, in practice that means you need to EMP slightly in front of the HT.
178. (T) While playing MMM it is more efficient to micro infantry as a seperated control group, so the medivacs can heal more and if protoss is not paying attention his army will split. [more]
179. After a projectile is launched at a unit, you can pick it up with a dropship before the projectile lands, dodging the hit. Projectiles can also be dodged with blink. You can’t dodge all projectiles, though. [claim]

180. At the start of the game you can gain a few minerals by having your workers mine from the close mineral patches. To stick two workers onto a close path, use timing or repeatedly click a near patch until the worker sticks. [original]
181. If you’re terran or protoss*: Start building your first worker, then split - If you’re zerg, send your workers to mine first. [*Early-gate builds may benefit from splitting first - discussion/thread]
182. (T) Nukes can be canceled, however the missile is lost.
183. (P) Hallucination can be used psychologically. For example, Colossi and Void Rays may frustrate or scare players. [... more]
184. (T) You can drop cloaked ghosts in a terran mineral line and EMP the Orbital Command - thus preventing it from scanning.
185. (T) Landed Vikings can load into a Medivac.
186. (Z) When you have Lair tech, you can proxy buildings anywhere using overlords to generate creep.
187. (Z) It is possible to visually hide a tech structure under overlords.
188. (ZvP) Unmicroed, a roach loses to a zealot. [vid]
189. (Timing) The fastest DT rushes hit between ~6:10-7:00~. [claim + screenshot (6:12)]

190. EMP & Feedback interrupts Yamato Cannon casting. [original]
191. To kill a small amount of zerglings with workers, just lead the lings into your mineral line, mineral walk through the lings, and attack move to surround the lings. Will easily defend a 6 pool.
192. Magic boxing: To avoid AoE by making sure units to not clump up. If you move-command your units within the “magic box” (an area slightly larger than the area that your units take up) they clump up - if you move-command outside of the box they maintain position. Especially useful in Mutalisk-vs-Thor/High Templar situations. [Arn, more & thread]
193. (TvP) Thor’s 250mm Strike Cannons kill Immortals in one cast.
194. (P) Hardened Shields: Guardian Shield & Hardened Shield stacks (meaning 8 damage taken), and hallucinated Immortals have Hardened Shield.
195. (P) Warp Prisms can power buildings, which means that you can start building cannons and pylons at the same time.[original]
196. (T) It is possible to outmicro a Zealot with two Marines.
197. While playing a very FE always pay attention to see if T is making any bunkers (or P cannons). [original]
198. (Z) It is recommended to position your second overlord (/first being built) so that you can see your expansion, see #197. [Arn]
199. (P) Forcefields can be placed on buildings and mineral patches - they also prevent units from unburrowing. (Also, see #18)

200. (200!) Versus Dark Templars, you can physically block ramps/buildings with units, preventing them from moving through.
201. Workers are not prioritized above offensive units unless they are attack-moving. This means that you can rather safely “protect” marines, stalkers, queens (etc.) with workers. [original: Probes & Stalkers]
202. +1 armor (& Guardian shield) is best against fast-firing units or for units with innate armour, while +1 attack is best foroffensive or fast-firing units. [claim: Arn, original]
203. (Z) Contaminate is best used to prevent strategic/powerful units or upgrades (observers/colossi/siege tanks/combat shields/etc.) and is most annoying if used later in the production cycle, because the cancelling the unit is not as viable. [Arn]
204. (Z) Contaminate can be used on buildings that are under construction - but it does not prevent them from finishing construction. [original]
205. Contaminated buildings can still build addons, turn into Planetaries/Orbitals or Warpgates.
206. (Z) Larvae can be individually rallied. To reinforce your main army with (f.ex.) 10 Roaches, build 10 Roaches, hold shift and click a non-morphing larvae to deselect all non-roaches, then add the building roaches to a controlgroup. [Arn]
207. (Z) You can set rally points for morphing units (in cocoons - Banelings & Broodlords) too.
208. (Z) Overlords do not have a separate rally point. Keep this in mind when you set your hatcheries to rally to the front of an enemy base.
209. If an enemy’s push fails, pursue his fleeing army - you may catch either some retreating units or units mistakenly on their way to your base.

210. Killing all Nydus Networks (& Worms) will kill all units inside them! To counteract this as a zerg, you can start building a Worm before your Network goes down - it will continue building even when the Network dies. [original]
211. (P) You can physically “push” Archons while they are merging.
212. With every race, consider your building placement - preventing movement behind your mineral may be a good idea to make hellion harass easier to deal with.
213. (Z) Burrowed Banelings at choke points are useful versus all races. (Aim for Sentries, Marines, Hydralisks for example.
214. Mid & lategame, upgrades are ridicously worthwhile for all races due to large army sizes. [Arn]
215. (P) If your Chrono Boosts are stacking up, upgrades are a good Chrono sink.
216. (TvP) A Banshee deals more DPS to a Colossus than a Viking - but Vikings can do it from a safer distance
217. Against a Protoss, detection at every base will save you grief in the late game (Dark Templars) as well as shoo away any observers.
218. Nydus worms are most often spawned behind line-of-sight blockers and mineral lines. Check there first if you hear the Nydus roar.
219. You can see Cloaked units by ripples in the terrain - however you need detection to target them. (Also see #91).

220. To have your scouting worker constantly “scout around”, use a patrol path. [original]
221. (Z) While you scout, you can gas steal and prolong the lifetime of your Extractor by cancelling/restarting a few times before it finishes. It takes >1 zealot or >2 marines to damage a building extractor enough to kill it. [original + claim by Arn]
222. Backspace is the default hotkey for “Cycle through bases” - it will cycle your view between all your bases. Hotkeys can be rebound.
223. (T) Thors do significantly more DPS to ground units than air units - except if the air units are clumped up.
224. (T) Siege tanks do more single-target DPS when unsieged.
225. Siege Tanks by default attack their closest available target. Abuse this to anticipate and spread your units accordingly - or hug your enemy so they also take damage from the splash.
226. (Z) Queens have the same DPS as roaches, can hit Colossi with air attack (7 range), outrun slow overlords - also, you can use abundant energy to place Creep tumors. [condensed from this post]
227. (Z) If you have burrowed roach movement, you can use burrowed Roaches as “invisible” scouts.
228. (T) Marines & Marauders can use Stimpack even while inside a bunker.
229. (T) Siege tanks can do higher damage by manual focus fire instead of AI, and can kill up to 8 clumped Banelings in one shot [also see #225, replay]

230. (Z) If you need an extra base macrowise, but are afraid to take one due to fearing losing the hatchery and drones - consider using it for gas-harvesting only until you can comfortably defend it. [Tip, Arn]
231. Especially for Zerg: If you were too economically greedy and your opponent attacks you - pull some workers for the fight. If possible take advantage of mineral-walk to get an advantageous position, and/or abuse the fact that they are not automatically attacked except if they themselves are attackmoving. (See #201)
232. (T) When Banshee harassing: Time your cloak with your attack, harass the mineral line - but do not waste time chasing fleeing workers. Against P, kill pylons to shut down buildings. Against T, make sure he can’t get Missile Turrets up. Remember to micro against ranged defenders. [original]
233. (ZvP) The most popular followup after Forge->Fast expand is Stargate play - keep this in mind. [claim]
234. Infested Terrans, Nuke, Storm & more can of course be used up-to the high ground if you have vision [Arn, stating the obvious since 2011]
235. (P) Low ground pylons can be used as a power source for structures placed on high ground (& vice versa). This can be powerful combined with Photon Cannons. [author]
236. An Ultralisk wins a 1on1 fight with an Immortal.
237. (P) Voidrays can shoot while moving, similar as phoenixes - however, they can only shoot while moving towards their target.
238. (P) Forciefields can prevent SCVs/MULEs form reparing bunkers.
239. (ZvP/PvZ) From my own protoss expierience 3RR is the most powerful zerg rush. To fight it off as protoss, carefully balance the defense of your ramp with the amount of damage you take from roaches - or wall off your ramp with an extra pylon. [claim/author + Arn]

240. Tier 1/1.5 units are unable to outdps medivac healing rate, which is at ~9 hp/s (in-game time). [source + "false"]
241. (T) Proxy Barracks can be built in some spot difficult to scout, and then lifted off to another location.
242. If a Banshee fights a Queen, the banshee wins. [claim of 50/50, but alot of counterclaims]
243. (PvP) A Korean Fourgate is signified by pulling probes off gas (at 50 gas) and to some extent 10 pylon->10 gate. [claim +correction]
244. (Z) Contaminating crucial upgrades at specific times can be really useful (for example delaying Pathogen Glands - will likely cause your opponent’s first round of infestors to spawn with only 50 energy. - See #34)
245. (Z) 6 Zerglings are able to kill zealot in a wall (i don’t remember if it is possible with 5 though, it can be ramp dependent)
246. Scouting is still possible against a walled-off protoss, just mineralwalk into his base.
247. Attacking your rocks with an idle army earlier is usually better than realising “Hey, I need to expand”, and attack the rocks only then, losing some valuable mining time. [Arn, giving novice advice since 2011]
248. Instead of boxing your workers to see saturation, ctrl+click (or doubleclick) to select all, then subtract 2 workers for each geyser (See #35 & #101). [original]
249. Fungal growth prevents tanks from sieging up - this is worth clarifying. (See #12) [more]

250. (Z) If you have spare APM, hotkey & position all your overlords before your Lair finishes, then hit “Generate Creep” when you can. [Arn]
251. (Z) High-ground positions can be used to conceal creep tumors and in some cases overlords, which is especially useful against terrans and to refresh creep if lowground tumors get destroyed. [Arn]
252. (Z) If you use an overlord to spew creep to deny an expansion, have it on (H)old position for a few extra seconds of creep. [Arn]
253. (Z) You can cancel a building creep tumor and regain the ability to build a new one later. This is especially useful in the early game, if the opponent is about to kill a tumor that isn’t cloaked yet.
254. If you need to pause fast, either press F10->P or hit the “Pause” key (top-right of your keyboard). [Arn]
255. When you can tell you have lost, press: Enter, G, G, Enter, F10, N. Try to do this as seldom as possible.
256. (Team) When donating resources to an ally, you can hover the resource and use the scrollwheel to increase resources faster. [Arn - source: Day9 #296 - 2v2 money dumping]
257. (P) You can warp in dark templars even when your Dark Shrine is unpowered. (Combine with tip #195 - proxy your Dark Shrine remotely using a Warp Prism)
258. (Z) When attacking into an enemy siege line, having your units in a line might prevent them from clumping up.[original/more]
259. (P) You can morph an Archon from 1 HT and 1 DT

260. (P) It takes 21 Banelings to kill an 3/3/3 Archon
261. (Z) A 5/3 ultra kill 415 lings
262. (P) You can feedback burrowed infestors or cloaked ghosts if you have detection.
263. You can EMP or Fungal Growth invisible/burrowed units even with no detection.
264. Bookmark this topic and come back often! [opinion: Liquid`HuK]
265. (Z) You can use inject larva on minimap. Just select a queen and click on a big green squere.
266. Position a scout (on Hold) behind the minerals of a potential hostile expansion - this way you might find out that he has expanded without him finding out that you have found out. [original]
267. (P) Colossus attack animation does not do damage instantly. Keep in mind when microing colossi.
268. Two ranged units that fire projectiles can kill eachothers at the same time. However this is impossible for melee units or instant-attacking ranged units such as marines, tanks or immortals. [+]
269. (P) Archons do extra damage towards biological, making them strong against zergs - since every zerg unit & building is biological. [claim]

270. (P) When doing drops with warp prism, shift-command your prism to transform first, then drop units. You can warp in units while the prism drops, but you have to transform before starting to drop. This lets you unleash more units faster.
271. (Z) If you have infestors grouped with your main army and you a-move behind the enemy forces, issue the stop command when you engage to prevent the infestors from walking forward.
272. Putting special units or units of different type (melee, ranged, spellcaster etc) on different control groups can help give you the edge you need in a battle. [original]
273. Practise your micro well, use practise maps or unit testers if you need to. [Arn]
274. Use logical deduction to bring value to every little trivial piece of information from your opponent - f.ex. if you see 4 sentries at earlygame, you can deduce that he is not teching at the moment. [original]
275. Point Defense Drones (PDD) can be feedback’d or EMP’d.
276. (ZvT) Positioning one well placed changeling in your opponent’s base may prevent larger units such as Tanks/Thors from exiting the base. (Also see #95)
277. (P) A sentry’s attack damage comes a split second before its’ attack animation (also see #267).
278. When using a worker as a scout (whether stationary or moving), using patrolpathing lets it constantly move around which also prevents it from accidentaliy being selected using “Select idle worker”.
279. If you “A-move” near a terran building under construction, the worker constructing the building will be targetted - however a defending (a-moving) worker will have higher attack prio. Also see #1.

280. Use “Patrol” when going for drops, so that you pilot will return instead of getting killed from antiair. Also see the “Droptrick” tip. [more]
281. You can enable/disable autocast-abilities using alt+the hotkey of the ability. For example alt+r for autorepair, or alt+r for autounburrow.
282. (P) Put Zealots with the charge upgrade on (H)old if you want to prevent them from wasting their charge ability (on a scout, for example).
283. Shift-queue-move away ghosts/templars/infestors from the battlefield after using their abilities - to prevent them from wandering into the enemy army by accident.
284. Study your keyboard and rebind your hotkeys to places you feel comfortable & fast about. Never skip using hotkeys for abilities (or stretch your hand), rebind them instead. [original]
285. Delaying injects by 5-6 seconds may give you better larvae per minute by reducing larvae waste (if your macro is perfect)and results in extra queen energy over time as a bonus. [reasoning & thread]
286. (Z) Ultralisks are great at absorbing tank damage, due to their large size and health pool. [claim]
287. You can camera save hotkeys such as F3, F4, F5 which will instantly move your camera to where you have made a save on specific hotkey. Since everything is much faster with hotkeys, learn to use this and become a better player.
288. Shift-clicking (queing commands) can be used with any ability, including psi storm and fungal growth on workers and Nukes on key points. Master your shift-queuing.
289. (TvZ) When going mech in the late game, get Ghosts to kill Broodlords. It takes 5 snipes to kill a Broodlord, or roughly 2 just-spawned ghosts with Moebius reactor upgrade. [opinion]

290. (TvZ) When going mech in the late game and facing Broodlords, it’s possible to buy time by spamming (S)top on your seige tanks or spamming attack on other enemy units on the ground. Otherwise your seige tanks splash each other when trying to hit the Broodlings.
291. To combat seige tanks as any race, lead your army with a few units spread out well to draw tank fire. This way it is often possible to reach the seige tanks with marauders, roaches, etc. before tanks have damaged the majority of them. ***This is SUPER effective, always do this.***
292. (Z) You can make banelings auto-target buildings by setting “attack building” to autocast (Rightclick or alt+x - see #281).
293. You CANNOT Fungal Growth moving spine crawlers. ["source"]
294. (P) If you have vision, you can use Graviton Beam on burrowed units. Once the beam wears off, the unit will be dropped unburrowed.
295. If an overlord is dropping creep on a desired expo and it has reached its’ maximum spread with optimal positioning, it takes ~1min 10sec for it to disappear before you can drop your expo in that area.
296. When moving dropships (medivacs/warp prisms/overlords) are dropping units, they are dropped with a spread. This can be useful to avoid splash damage. Remember that tanks will prioritize the closest available unit when firing.
297. It takes four workers to outdamage the building rate of an enemy pylon/nydus worm/spine crawler in your base - more workers will of course bring the building down faster, which might be necessary if the building had already started before your workers started attacking it. [claim]
298. (Team) You can repair & heal hallucinations. [more]
299. (T) Medivacs can not heal while dropping units to the ground while hovering - however they can heal if you use “drop” and target the medivac (while moving or standing still). [claim]

300. (P) For a single forcefield on any ramp/in any position, it is possible to warp in units above the forcefield by using a proxy pylon near the ramp and vision from units below the forcefield. [original/more]
301. When reinforcing units, it might be beneficial to wait for enough resources to queue all your units at the same time. This way they will rush to the battle in clumps instead of a stream, making it harder to pick off the reinforcements. [more]
302. When transferring workers to gas, select 3, right click the refinery/extractor/assimilator and then hit the Return (C)argo button. The workers with minerals will return them to base and proceed to the geyser, while those without minerals will head directly to the geyser. [original]
303. (PvT) When scouting the Terran player, a bunker at his main ramp usually indicates heavy tech builds (stargate, banshees). [claim & explanation]
304. (PvT) When using DTs against a terran wall, send one at a time to slowly break down his wall, forcing multiple scans.
305. (P) If the opponent’s ramp is open and you are trying to get DTs in their base, move command to the mineral line, and shift-a click. Your unit will walk into the mineral line before attacking.
306. If you expect your opponent is going for harrass units (DTs, Banshees), hotkey your workers. Once you hear “Your (worker) is under attack”, quickly press the number you hotkeyed your workers to and click away, saving you precious seconds.
307. A nice technique to spread workers fast to avoid hellions/banelings/etc.: Stop your workers, hold the “Idle worker” hotkey (F1) and spam-move using the screen or minimap. [Arn]
308. A nice technique to get your workers massacred by hellions is to select all workers and run away with them. AVOID THIS! [Arn]
309. (Z) When putting down news creep tumors, it might be an idea sending a scout ahead so your tumors/energy is not wasted. (Also see #253)

310. To “mineralwalk” (which lets you pass “through” enemy units), rightclick a mineralpatch. If your worker already carries a mineral, you can mineralwalk much faster by using Return (C)argo.
311. (P) When upgrading off two forges, get Weapons 3 & Shields 1 in the third cycle, so that you can “finish” more upgrades by upgrading Armor 3 & Shields 2 afterwards. [opinion... counterargument]
312. (TvP) Thors have longer antiair range than a Colossus with Thermal Lance, but can’t use antiair on a Colossus. [claim +"thor can't use AA on Colossi"]
313. Adjusting your keyboard’s repeat delay and repeat speed will help your macro more quickly when building large amounts of units simultaneously. [a thread with more info][author]
314. (T) You can select your medievacs and click (M)ove + a chosen unit and then they will follow your units and heal them from time to time when they are moving, and more importantly - while you are kiting/stuttershooting your opponent. [more]
315. (PvZ) Although hydralisks are capable antiair, phoenix can take them out with ease when hydras are in low numbers.
316. (P) It takes 6 sentries to infinetely (considering energy regenaration) block a ramp.
317. (T) Hunter Seeker Missles hits even when target unit cloakes/burrows and you have no detection to spot it.
318. (Z) In some matchups, you can proxy-hide a hatchery in your opponent’s base for cheesey inbase roaches/zerglings/banelings. [original]
319. (Z) Issuing a move-command with your changeling on an enemy army unit will make the changeling follow that army once it starts to move, making the changeling much harder to spot (and giving you exact scouting on the enemy army movement).

(Note! For tips 320 - ~400, the authors’ numbers are not the same as the listed numbers below. If you need the author of a tip, check around page 18-24).

320. (Z) Burrowed Units with movement (Roaches & Infestors) can move under forcefields.
321. (P) Zealots with upgrade advantage (Protoss Ground Weapons vs Zerg Carapace) can kill zerglings with 2 attacks instead of 3.

322. (P) When making a wall at your ramp, place your pylon slightly back behind your gate and core to keep it safe from melee units (Banelings, Zealots).
323. (Z) If your queens are lifted up by phoenix you can transfuse them with other queens on the ground to keep them alive.
324. (P) If you want to kill queens with phoenix - lifting up the queens with high enough energy to transfuse will prevent #323 and might win you the battle. [Arn]
325. (P) A zealot with +1 armour upgrade whilst under the effect of a Guardian Shield will take 110 shots from an un-upgraded marine. Sensmorale: Guardian Shield & +armour is insanely good against unupgraded marines.
326. You can dodge ranged attacks which aren’t instant hit by picking up a unit in a dropship / overlord just before the attack hits.
327. Cloaking a unit right before a projectile attack hits it will completely nullify the damage so long as there is no detection in range to spot the unit. [vid]
328. If you get rushed early on in the game, don’t be afraid to use your workers to defend. Two workers can kill a zergling or a marine without micro, and a few more for Zealots. Workers are also powerful to micro.
329. If you get attacked later in the game, when upgrades have come in effect, consider that your workers are relatively much weaker than early-game before you a-move them into the enemy army (making them easy targets). [Arn]

330. When scouting an expo you can see how long it has been up by clicking on the mineral patches and checking how many minerals are left.
331. You can click a gas geyser early game to see if there may be hidden tech, or see if a zerg is only going for zergling speed for the moment being.
332. Don’t get frustrated when you lose, watch your replay and find out why! Look at losing as a learning tool that you can benefit from!!
333. “Consider ladder points a currency - You earn them by beating worse players, teaching them a lesson. You then use them to pay better players to beat you, so that you may increase your skill.” [Arn - credit to someone from Team prOperty]
334. (TvZ) When using Siege Tanks to attack If you’re utilizing marines and siege tanks to attack a zerg building zerglings/banelings/mutalisks, spread the tanks in a dashed line pointing in the direction of attack to minimize baneling splash damage and give your marines plenty of room to kite back under protection of siege tank fire, and letting your siege tanks have an easy time unsieging last one and hopping it forward.
335. If you have a mouse that permits it, you can change your scroll wheel forward and scroll wheel back to two keys that you would never use, then assign those two keys to two control groups. Scrolling one notch will select the controlgroup, while moving more than one notch will double-tap.
336. The idle worker functionality cycles through idle workers, similar to the ‘backspace’ functionality. If (and only if) the next idle worker in the cycle is off screen, the camera centers on that worker automatically.
337. A Supply depot may not be raised if there is anything of the following on it: A unit, an infested terran (egg or not), a force field. [original]
338. (TvZ) Terran can kill larvae with Seeker missile or hellions - It takes two blueflame hellions to oneshot larvae.
339. You can not mineral walk when clicking on a vespene gas geyser. [What about a refinery?]

340. (PvZ) A Zealot can beat 4-5 Zerglings if it is unable to be surrounded, but it only kills 2-3 when 6 zerglings get a surround.[inexact fact/claim]
341. (PvP) Unmicroed, an immortal beats a Colossus in a 1v1. [more]
342. If you connect the ends of a patrol path, the patrolling unit will make an infinite loop without changing direction at the end. This can prevent scouts from being killed by zealots and other workers if the loop is large enough.
343. Spam clicking on a mineral patch with a worker will force the worker to mine from that mineral patch even if another worker is already mining from it. Useful for making sure you have two workers on the closest mineral patches and to negate mining harassment(?).
344. It generally takes 4 units (perfectly positioned) to surround another unit. This is great for quickly killing enemy scouts early game that cross through your mineral line.
345. (P) Use hallucinated phoenixes for very effective scouting of your opponent.
346. If you are scouted by a (potentially) hallucinated phoenix: See if the Phoenix causes damage or not, to see if the phoenix is real or hallucinated.
347. (ZvP) Cannons build faster than spine crawlers, keep this in mind when you’re getting cannon rushed
348. In Starcraft II, Smart casting makes the closest available unit with energy use the spell by default.
349. Command Centers & Nexuses use Smart casting for Chronoboost/MULEs/Scans/Supply calls. [more]

350. (TvT) If a Thor uses 250mm strike cannon, it can be interrupted by another (later cast) 250mm strike cannon.
351. (Z) If opponents worker has harrassed your drone, and your drone is almost dead, you might consider using it to build your next building.
352. In general, shift-queuing can be used with all movement-types (Move, Hold, Attack, Patrol, etc.) aswell as abilities that are currently available to cast. Shift-queuing is done by holding shift while issuing a command. [Arn]
353. You can shift activate stim after a move or attack-move command. This allows you to focus your attention towards areas with immediate defenses when attempting multi-pronged attacks (assuming you’ve scanned ahead).
354. (Z) More nearby creeptumors will spread creep twice/triply/etc. as fast as just a single one.
355. “Space” is the default hotkey for “jump to last event”, you can hit it to tab through last events.
356. Focusfire is more effective when your units dont have to move to attack, else attackmoving is usually more effective.
357. When engaging a protoss army which includes sentries, move your army as close as possible to the protoss army before attacking to prevent effective spliting by forcefields - optionally, “bait” forcefields by moving just in range, then retracting. [+]
358. Shift-focusfire Colossi with your air->antiair units. It’s vital that Colossi die as fast as possible, instead of surviving and regenerating shield.
359. (Z) A burrowed baneling that unburrows instead of e(X)ploding will take a while to unburrow, although it might then be able to move closer to its’ potential targets.

360. (Z) An Overlord has a slightly bigger sightradius then buildings. You can turn your first scouting Overlord around as you see the enemy buildings/creep edge, and he wont see you.
361. Against Zerg on maps that have close-air positions: Send a worker at 10 food toward closeair position to see your enemys overlord if he is on closeair position. The overlord shadow may also be seen.
362. — Removed, duplicate of #327 —
363. You can use a single hotkey for different, non-conflicting actions, to free up extra hotkeys. [Read more]
364. When attacking an idle overlord, it will run away the opposite direction that you are attacking it from.
365. The button at the top right (“Alliance menu”)tells you what races your opponents selected, so quit asking!
366. When focus-firing in large battles, select only a small group of your units to focus-fire, preferably within range of the units that you are focusfiring. This is to prevent overkill damage, and leads to more efficient DPS. [Clarified]
367. Playing a specific song when you start the game can help you improve your timings - as you will then associate different parts of the music to different timings in the game.
368. AoE abilities hit both ground and air units. Psi Storm/Fungal Growth/HSM. Banelings are an exception.
369. (ZvZ) In addition to other units being able to kill larvae - Banelings can. One baneling oneshots larvae, up to 19. 

370. Morphing units (Broodlords, Banelings) are healed to full health at the end of the morph. Merging Archons are healed at the beginning of the merge. [Edited]
371. Ground-targeting AoEs (Nuke, Fungal, Storm, EMP) will indicate which units will be affected by flashing red, as well as having a small white “lock-on” indicator on them. This indicator is only applied while within casting range.
372. Fungal’d workers (including drones) cannot begin production of any structure, even if the structure is located on/next to the worker.
373. Patrolling workers will not attack nearby units - use this to scout an enemies base without having to check on it and re-shiftqueue movements.
374. (Z) Burrowing a unit on top of a supply depot will prevent it from raising.
375. (P) Protoss buildings only require pylon/prism power to start building, unlike protoss units. (Also see #195)
376. Sieged tanks affected by a Vortex won’t be resieged upon exiting, but they will be resieged after being dropped by a Graviton Beam.
377. You can shift-queue the start of morphing for some units - banelings are the only exception.
378. (Z) It takes 27 zerlings to completely surround a Nexus/CC/PF/Hatchery.
379. As a rule-of-thumb: You get ~800 minerals ~220 gas for a fully saturated base. [Guide on Efficient Mining Breakdown]

380. (Team) Terrans can throw down supply drops on their teammates’ supply depots, giving their teammate 8 more supply.
381. (T) Loading SCVs into CCs or PFs is seldom used, but can save SCVs from lethal harassment.
382. (PvZ) Merging DTs are still invisible - so, low health DTs can be good to merge to Archons [Reworded - original]
383. (T) — Removed, false — [false?]
384. (TvT) Nukes can be used to force enemy siege tanks to move, and if the opponent does not have good reaction time can obliterate a sieged army.
385. Shift-queued units hesitate slightly in the nodes, while patrolling units do not. This, combined with avoiding sharp turns, will make your scouting worker live longer. [original]
386. (PvZ) Use pylons at a zerg natural to (at times greatly) delay him in his build if he’s going for a Fast expansion. Place it where the hatchery should be.
387. (PvZ) A colossus with >2 attack upgrades can oneshot zerglings.
388. Build order testers such as YABOT are great for repeated (early) game build practice. [Yabot]
389. (P) — Removed, outdated info — [source & correction]

390. (PvT) Sensor Towers sense hallucinations in the fog of war, allowing protoss players to fake out terrans. [source]
391. — Duplicate/false (see #316 for truth) —
392. (P) You can use forcefields to “squish” units into eachothers. This can be used to squeeze your zealots into your opponent’s army if they have too little surface area, or to compress the enemy army for improved AoE.
393. A higher APM will come naturally if you improve your macro and thus your ability to remember to do alot of simultaneous actions. Spamming doesn’t help.
394. You can use map effects to hide scouts, for example smoke on Scrap Station or trees on other maps.
395. Be careful when crossing smoke/bushes/high grass or you might lose some units…
396. (PvT) It is risky to run up the ramp with stalker(s) and/or zealot(s) because of Marauders’ Concussive Shells, so you might want to try scouting with a probe instead.
397. — Removed, not valuable —
398. (P) Mixing up some DTs into your regular army can be very effective.
399. In the choice of killing an SCV or a Mule: Killing the Mule is better shortterm or to negate “powersaturation” while killing the SCV may hamper the economy more in the longer run. Keep in mind shortterm effects affect longterm.

400. (T) “Stalife Drop”: You can use a Medivac to drop a Marauder on a-moving Banelings to soak damage. Pick him up to save him.
401. (Z) To nullify “Stalife Drops” and similar sacrificial techniques, refrain from A-moving your Banelings whenever possible.
402. (T) If you shiftrally barracks units to a line of bunkers, you can move them extremely quickly to the last one.
403. (TvZ) Nukes aswell, can be used to kill larvae, potentially shutting a zerg down for quite some time.
404. (ZvP) If a protoss goes for a forge fast expand, he can get that cannon wall up in less than 4 minutes on Shakuras Plateu, so theres no use doing a speedling runby. A Baneling bust instead, can only bust poor walls &/or players. [Different opinion]
405. In general, attack damage occurs when the missile hits for missile attacks, and when the attack animation starts for non-missile attacks. Colossus is one of the exceptions.
406. You can not only inject from the minimap, but also Chronoboost or Call-down-supply on buildings.
407. You can actually use most spells from the minimap - EMP, Fungal Growth, Infested Terrans, Forcefield, Feedback etc. etc.
408. (P) If you cast Feedback using the minimap, it might be easier to achieve target units with energy.
409. Uprooted Spore Crawlers do not grant detection.

410. — Duplicate of #216 —
411. Ctrl+clicking/doubleclicking a unit(/structure) selects all your units of that type currently on-screen. To select, you can either ctrl+click a unit on the map or on the wireframe. This is really useful to select controlgroups, and ctrl can be combined with shift to add/remove units from your selection. [Edit - thanks NihiloZero]
412. You can shift-queue almost all commands in the game (that are currently available to the unit in question). Rally paths can also be shift-queued.
413. (T) A Thor’s 250mm Strike Cannon also stuns buildings - and prevents them from being cancelled (source?). [claim]
414. (T) If you rally two nearby bunkers to eachothers, units in a bunker getting destroyed will automatically go to the other bunker (if there’s room).
415. (TvT) A Reaper beats a Hellion in 1v1, even if it has blueflame. (Unless the Hellion is micro’d…)[Edit]
416. Zerglings (then Dark Templars) have the highest DPS/supply ratio in the game - unless you count casters & AoE attackers. [debunking calculations etc.]
417. A Baneling only costs 1/2 supply, like a zergling. When it comes to DPS/supply ratio, they also score very high.
418. Spamming mechanic actions before and during the start of a game can warm up your hands & fingers - improving your muscular performance later ingame. This is the best reason for “APM spam”.
419. (PvZ) Vortex unburrows zergs (aswell as unsieging Siege Tanks).

420. (PvX) Especially Protoss can abuse the 1-control-group-syndrome. Perform a drop in your opponent’s main, then attack their natural (&/or third, etc.) and forcefield their ramp to wreak havoc.
421. (P) Sentries (forcefields) can be used in conjunction with High Templars (storms) to:
a) Block the “large” mineral exits at the sides, potentially killing alot of workers with your storms.
b) Prevent enemies from escaping the AoE from storms.
c) Squeeze units into eachothers for over-the-top AoE damage (se #392)
422. (T) Tanks can shoot longer than their vision radius - this is why air dominance is so important in TvT. [more]
423. When it comes to macros & customizable hardware - The rule is one click = one action, you may never simulate additional actions.
424. Using a macro or programmable keyboard, you can bind a key to send a mouseclick, which might make actions such as wireframe deselection more comfortable. [Autohotkey]
425. (Z) If your Lair is destroyed, your overlords will lose the ability to start spreading creep, but they will still continue spreading creep if they were already doing so.
426. (Z) Burrowed units suffer a severe sight penalty - Except for banelings, making them not only good baneling mines, but also good “scouts”.
427. There are alot of myths that people often try to insert into tips - so be cautious when reading this. Also, watchSC2Mythbusters on youtube.
428. (ZvT) A Spine Crawler can outrange a bunker easier if placed diagonally [claim]
429. (T) If you’re supply blocked, consider using the time to make extra buildings - especially addons, which would otherwise have hampered the unit production.

430. (XvT) A Planetary Fortress needs to turn its’ cannons around towards its’ target before being able to fire.
431. (PvP) On the theme of “Things you can Vortex”: You can Vortex an enemy Mothership.
432. (ZvT) Crucial upgrade: Siege tanks one hits zerglings, but zerglings with >1 armor survive.
433. (PvZ) You can forcefield around zerg eggs to prevent them from hatching.
434. (ZvP) Use of Corruption makes Corruptors cost-effective against Void Rays and allows them to melt Colossi even faster.
435. (Team) You can inject your allies hatcheries.
436. (P) “Clandestine Scouting”: Combining a patrolling observer with a follow-moving Dark Templar gives you an harassing scout with little APM investment. [more & thread]
437. (Z) Infestors can Neural Parasite hallucinations (& changelings), and will then reveal that the target is hallucinated.
438. (Z) Mythbusting: Contaminate can target but does not affect spine/spore crawlers, missile turrets, bunkers, supply depots, creep tumors or nydus networks.
439. (ZvP) A Spore Crawler beats a fully charged Void Ray in 1v1.

440. (ZvP) A Stalker and a Hydralisk are even opponents - their last shots will finish eachothers off in an 1v1.

441. Improved drop micro: [read more]
a) A drop ship can drop only part of its load by clicking the wireframe of the units to be dropped.
b) A drop ship can drop units “on the move” by clicking ‘D’ and clicking the drop ship as the target.
c) A drop ship can have its drop queued up by shift-queueing the ‘D’ and clicking the location of the drop (or see b), even followed by subsequent move commands queued for after the drop.
442. (ZvT) To avoid bunkers in your early expansion, not only send an overlord there, but let it move around (patrol?) to check for eventual off-position bunkers.
443. (TvP) EMP your own units to avoid dying to High Templars (Feedback).
444. Modifiers can be used to multiply your amount of available hotkeys. [more]
445. When rallying units, be careful to not rally to a unit that will die - it’s better to rally a position on the ground, or use tip #26: rally to several units.
446. (P) Micro: After a probe has been sent to build an assimilator, if it is shift-queued to the minerals it will be trapped inside the assimilator for a few seconds. Instead, manually command it to save some second(s) earlygame. [More info needed...]
447. (TvZ) Cheese: On Xel’naga caverns, you can proxy a 2-raxx between your opponent’s rocks & gold minerals. Even if it is scouted, it is difficult for drones to kill the SCVs in that place.


Page 29 and forth

448. (TvZ) If a marine with combat shields stims once, it takes 2 banelings to kill the marine. However, if two stims are used, it only takes 1 baneling to kill a marine. Conclusion: Don’t overstim.
449. (P) To warp in faster, hotkey or camera hotkey your forward pylon.
450. (T/P) When doing multiple scans or chrono boosts, keep in mind that the closest available Command Center/Nexus will spend its’ energy, which might cause another CC/Nexus to hit its’ max energy. Instead, you may select a single CC/Nexus for the scan/chrono boost(s).

451. Static defense can target-fire. You can therefore use Photon Cannons & Spine Crawlers to break down destructible rocks faster, by targeting the rocks.
452. If you shift-queue one or several actions it will only finish after the current action. To spam forcefields/etc. while in combat, instead hold the hotkey for forcefield (F) and spam-click.
453. (Timing) An “early” Terran expansion should land ~7.55.
454. (Z) Creep only recesses from the edges. This means that if a tumor is killed, but is surrounded by a larger area of creep, the creep will persist! [image]
455. (ZvZ) An infested terran can kill a “slow” overlord, even if it is moving above non-creep ground. Spawn it directly under the overlord. Some infested terran micro may be required.
456. (PvT) When a ghost is nuking, you can push him away from nuking point by force fields. If you push him far enough, the nuke would behave as canceled. That way you can prevent nuking without having detection for cloaked ghosts. [Claim &backup]
457. (TvP) To prevent your medivac(s) from getting sniped by feedback during a drop, use stim to keep medivac energy low. This is extra important if you plan to drop.
458. (T) An SCV can repair itself if inside of a Command Center, Planetary Fortress, Bunker or Medivac.
459. (T) A loadable building can unload units on the other side of itself, allowing for some nice SCV micro. [Arn]

460. (T) There is no way to load a single (1) SCV into a Command Center/Planetary Fortress. All nearby SCVs are loaded. [Arn]
461. You can mineralwalk into an enemy base to scout, even if the entrance is blocked by a zealot.
462. Mineralwalking used to be called “ghostwalking” back in the Brood War days.
463. Tab cycles through unit types in your current selection. Shift+tab cycles backwards. (thanks to Persicienter for tips 463 to 481)
464. Shift+F1 expands the current selection with one idle worker (if F1 is the hotkey for idle workers).
465. (PvT) You can blink away from a Seeker Missile, but it will still explode on the position you blinked away from.
466. (T) When building SCVs, they are not evenly distributed among Command Centers/Planetary Fortresses/Orbital Commands - these count as separate building grops. (Tab between them to divide the SCVs)
467. (T) Marines lose 18.18% (or 22.22%) HP to stimming, while Marauders lose 16% (20 out of 125 hp).
468. (Z) All zerg ground combat units have a creep speed multiplier of 1.3, except for hydralisks which have a speed multiplier of 1.5.
469. (T) An idle reaper will jump down from a cliff to attack nearby units that are just out of range. To prevent this, use hold.

470. (ZvP) Queens use their anti-air attack against Colossi, causing them to have great anti-colossus range.
471. (Z) Due to lower absolute damage, zergs with only Zerglings and Queens have a hard time destroying destructible rocks. Use f.ex. Roaches or Spine Crawlers (see #451) to break them faster.
472. (Z) Overlord on 9 supply!
473. (Team) To activate shared control, use the “Alliance menu” in the top-right corner of your screen.
474. For ergonomics (important!), position your mouse in a comfortable position, and try to use only your hand to move it, for precision and comfort.
475. Units can be intentionally hidden under other units, to make them more difficult to spot and snipe.
476. Do not engage stimmed marines with workers, however tempting it may be. Marines eat workers, and with proper micro they are untouchable.
477. Activating the red/green color scheme can make it easier (it’s a matter of preference).
478. (P) [Opinion] Be careful to not get your first observer sniped. Don’t move too close to areas that may be scanned/scouted.
479. (P) Void Rays only have two damage-stages. The three visible stages are only graphical.
480. (P) Void Rays remain charged longer if they were more charged. They remain charged for up to approximately 5 seconds, and their status can be visually seen. [Arn]

481. (XvZ) In a pure fight against Mutalisks, +armor is better than +attack since it removes three damage - one from the main attack, one from the first bounce, and one from the second bounce.
482. You might find it useful to hotkey your static defenses for easier micro.
483. (ZvP) Six Spine Crawlers one-shot one Stalker. This way, six spine crawlers can defend against up to ~12 stalkers.
484. (TvZ) A Terran can wall off any regular ramp with 1 Barrack and 1 Supply Depot (even if it does not look visually possible). [Source]
485. (P) Transforming a Warp Gate into a Gateway does not reset the warpin timer. The only gain from reverting a Warp Gate is that you can queue up units.
486. Remember to practise the important lategame. You get early-game practise every game.
487. (P) Immortals deal bonus damage to armored units, and have hardened shields - making them very potent at taking out static defenses.
488. Banelings are not light units. They are only “biological”.
489. A unit that is attacking another unit will not change targets unless told to.

490. (Z) Your Queen is good (early game) at absorbing damage. Use #489 to make sure marines attack your queen before your zerglings - by waiting with moving the zerglings/drones into range until the marine(s) attack your queen.
491. (Z) A Nydus worm can be used while an enemy is attacking, like this: Position the Nydus between your opponent’s base and his army, where it can not be seen. Defend using your army, then cut him off when he retreats.
492. (P) When storming a mineral line, a few well placed forcefields can cause great effect.
493. (Z) Hatcheries and Lairs are considered to be in the same control group when it comes to using larvae, but when researching upgrades - they are different. (Also see #466).
494. (ZvP) Getting +attack upgrades as Zerg vs Protoss is super effective! Not only are ranged zerg upgrades giving +2 damage to Roaches, but Protoss armor upgrades also do not affect shields. [more data]
495. (P) For Gateway units, Zealots benefit the most from both +attack and +armor, since they attack twice, and have better health:energy ratio than Sentries and Stalkers. Stalkers benefit the least.
496. Practise mouse accuracy! Playing games like OSU or MissionRed will help in speeding up mouse movements as well as accuracy.
497. (XvT) You can kill a Point Defense Drone faster by attacking it from a close distance/having your units shoot it simultaneously. [Source + videos + discussion - is it proved?]
498. (Team) To set up a vortex+nuke, the terran needs to delay his nuke by 1 second for it to time the exact time that the vortex is finished.
499. (ZvT) When up against Siege Tanks, keep an eye out for opportunities to attack the terran while partially or totally unsieged.
500. (TvZ) When up against Banelings with a bio army, focus on running your marines away from the banelings, while letting your marauders absorb damage and block the path of the Banelings.

501. (P) Dark Templars are not only good for harass, but also as psychological defense - Even if your enemy has detector(s) in his base, he might not want to move out until he has a mobile detector.
502. (ZvT) When going for Broodlords against tanks, it may not be necessary to upgrade the attack damage of Broodlords or Broodlings (see #9), since their main use is forcing the enemy to unsiege. Damage is also caused by tank friendly splash.
503. (P) A moving Observer is easier to spot, because of how the human eye notices moving objects better than still objects - especially when camoflaged.
504. (Z) An unburrowed Spine/Spore Crawler does not lose health from not being rooted in creep. Use this to save your crawlers when you for example lose a Hatchery.
505. One way to warm up your left hand is to type “Starcraft” several times as fast as you can. Notice how you only use your left hand to type this.
506. (T) When using a Sensor Tower, you can spot the difference between unit types by speed and number. Broodlords are seen as three slow, joint units - the Broodlings also display.
507. (XvP) If a Protoss is trying to cannon rush you from low-ground, do everything you can to limit his vision to the high ground.
508. (Team) In a Zerg+Protoss team, you can grant vision with an Overlord to enable the Protoss to cannonrush or warp in units in enemy bases or on high ground.
509. (XvT) You can click an enemy Siege Tank to see its’ radius.

510. A worker will have returned its’ mineral investment (50 minerals) ~92(± 2) seconds after it is placed in queue (given optimal saturation).
511. (Z) Burrowed Roaches with Tunneling Claws heal ~10hp/s - faster than the dps of most basic units.
512. (XvZ) It may be worth to focus fire low health Roaches even if they burrow, if you have detection. [Arn]
513. Issue a move command (or attack rocks) over long distances makes your army slightly more vurnerable to ambushes, since they won’t fight back unless told to. Therefore, you might consider attack-moving instead.
514. (Z) When scouting your opponent’s base with fast Overlords, you might want to bring a few extra - to trick your opponent that you are going to drop banelings in his mineral line.
515. (Z) Burrowed banelings can be used defensively against drops if you know where your opponent will drop.
516. Having a base at high yield minerals only gives you only a slight mineral per minute advantage. The advantage of a high yield base is that you use less workers to mine a bit more minerals than a normal base.
517. (Z) If you send a changeling near a Xel’naga tower which provides vision to enemy opponent, it will be deactivated while your changeling is alive.
518. (XvZ) A burrowed unit (Roach, Infestor) that is moving can be seen without detection. It’s hard to notice but you will see a slight dark streak where the units are.
519. (Z) Zerg can go way over 200 supply. When at 200/200 build a bunch of buildings to free drone supply, start producing units, then cancel the buildings.

520. (P) Manually move your Sentries towards your Zealots when engaging, so that your Zealots will be covered by the Guardian Shield.
521. (Z) Ultralisks negate Forcefields immediately on cast, even while burrowed.
522. (Z) Infested Terrans’ eggs blocks pathing, and can be used to trap units.
523. (P) Blink can also be issued via the minimap… all selected Stalkers will blink in the direction of the click as far as the maximum blinking range.
524. (R) If you play Random, change the hotkey for probe from E to S. Doing this means that you start off every game by pressing S. (S+D in the case of Zerg). [comment]
525. (ZvT) Don’t burrow Banelings on creep, as your opponent will be likely scan creep to take out creep tumors… and your banelings…
526. (ZvZ) 1 Baneling can tank 2 attack-moving Banelings (and damage surrounding units).
527. (ZvT) During a bunker rush, make sure you stutter-step your slowlings in order to maximize their potential vs. marines.
528. (T) To unleash a volley of Ghost Snipes, you can attack normally with your ghosts, shiftclick to place snipes on any enemy units, and when you’re done press the “hold fire” button. The ghost(s) will empty all the snipe rounds they were told to, and they will be instantly cast, all at once.
529. (P) You can use Hallucinations as if they were a real unit: To claim Xel’Naga towers, to scout, or even to hug the enemy army from behind!

530. You get the best “total income rate” for having roughly 3 workers in a mineral patch/vespene collector (24 per expansion), but the best “income per gatherer ratio” is 3 for gas, 2 for minerals (16 per expansion).
531. (TvZ) If you can’t land your expansion because of a burrowed unit, it may be more economical to build a turret to detect the burrowed unit than to spend a scan (unless you really need to land it right away). Assuming you planned to build a turret anyways, the only cost is 25 second delay in landing.
532. (ZvZ) A well timed Contaminate on an Infestation Pit researching Pathogen Glands can rob a round of Infestors of the energy they expected.
533. If a building researching an upgrade is destroyed, you’ll get a full refund for it.
534. When pulling workers to defend, put them on move command until they reach the units you are attacking. This way they do not take unnecessary damage, since their attack priority is lower while not attacking.
535. Enable health bars in the options menu, so you don’t have to hold alt like a madman during battles!
536. To be able to toggle healthbars fast while ingame, bind “Show all hotkey bars” to a hotkey with a modifier (such as shift+z). [more info]
537. (Z) If you want to morph all available larvae, you can hold the hotkey for producing a unit. All available resources will then be used to hatch that type of unit. [more]
538. (Z) The overlords’ Generate Creep ability is toggled, and does not cancel out movement etc. You can therefore use Generate Creep whenever to enable it. [more]
539. (ZvZ) Nydus exits counts as buildings, which can be valuable info if you’re in a base trade situation.

540. (ZvZ) Early game, you can drop an Evolution Chamber near your opponent’s mineral line (eventually blocking a gas geyser under construction). The advantages are that you get vision, may slow gas income, and may kill some drone with the spawned Broodlings. [more]
541. Use audio cues to your advantage! For example, Larvae spawning makes a sound. [How to configure sound]
542. It is slightly better to kill a worker who has just mined some minerals and is about to return them, rather than killing a worker who has not yet mined. Slightly. [original]
543. (PvZ) Archons are cost efficient against Broodlings, since they can soak up broodling damage, deal AoE damage etc.[original]
544. (T) If you get supply stuck, you can use the downtime to add a Techlab/Reactor to your production facilities. This will help offset the negative effect of not producing units. [original]
545. Spamming actions in the early game (such as box select and pressing numbered hotkeys) can warm up your fingers and prepare you for mid/lategame. [more advantages & info]
546. (XvZ) When your Zerg opponent is maxed and has a great economy, larvae become priority targets as they would otherwise help your opponent reinforce way more than you. [more]
547. The less workers a player has saturating a particular base, the more effective worker kills on that base will be, due to diminishing returns of worker saturation. [more]
548. (TvZ) You can ‘dead block’ a Zerg Drone that is doing the Extractor trick to block your gas - by building a Supply Depot on the side of the Geyser that the Drone entered from. [pictures & explanation ... needs verification?]
549. (Z) When going for a 14-hatch, you can rally your 14th Drone to your natural - you will have exactly 300 minerals when your Drone arrives. [claim]

550. (P) A Probe can “jam” through buildings if you build something that leaves no room left for the Probe to stay in. [original]
551. If you know someone who is new to Starcraft, recommend them to read 1000 tips! [original]
552. (Team) Since you can mine from an allied geyser (if you have “Shared Control”), you can use this to power up an ally early game. [more]
553. A fully saturated vespene geyser will mine ~100 gas in the same amount of time a Barracks/Spawning Pool/Gateway/Queen is built. (50-65 ingame seconds) [post]
554. (T) When moving bio units and medivacs, if you use the attack move command your medivacs will heal/move while your bio will attack/move. [original]
555. (Z) A neat tactic to use with Nydus Networks is to summon a Nydus Worm on one flank of the enemy base, unload and start another one on the opposite flank of your opponent’s base. Attack, fall back into your first Nydus Worm, unload from your second. [descriptive image, original post]
556. (P) Consider placing pylons on the edges of maps where they can be used to scout for drops. [original]
557. (T) When your opponent runs away from you, stim a single Marauder to slow down specific key units such as Immortals, Sentries, High Templars or Siege Tanks. [original]
558. You can not only shift-click units’ portraits to remove them from your selection, but you can also ctrl+shift-click to remove an entire unit group. This can be used to deselect morphing banelings, unspent larvae, etc. [original]
559. (T) Spend time considering Supply Depot placement while watching replays - not ingame. [original]

560. You can disable the ability to click the menu items in game so that it does not happen accidentally.
561. When your opponent is applying pressure and rallying towards your base, park a small group of units (ie 3-4 zerglings) in a narrow place along the route between your opponent’s army and his main. Until your opponent notices and does something about them, you’ll get free kills from rallied units!
562. (T) Hotkey the supply depot which is walling off your ramp, so when you are busy microing your army in the opponents base and you see a counterattack on your minimap, you can close the door with “R” very fast.
563. (Z) Banelings with +2 melee attack 1-shot Probes and Drones but not SCVs. [original]
564. (ZvT) When using neural parasite on tanks and vikings, unsiege the tanks and land the vikings just before the neural parasite runs out. That way they are easier to kill with your lings/roaches.
565. (T) Point Defense Drones with the Durable Materials upgrade can be replaced faster than they run out. This can be great for defensive purposes, against for example Mutalisk harassment. [original/more]
566. (T) Attack-move your Medivacs into one or several (using shift-queue) units of your bioball to make them heal while moving. [original]
567. As for the APM/warm-up debate: Musicians warm up. [original / more]
568. (T) To start your first Supply Depot at 100 minerals, your SCV should leave the CC/mineral area at around ~50 minerals (depending on map). [original]
569. (Z) If you use the “backspace method” for injecting your hatcheries, hit the “hold” command at the end of your injecting sequence to stop your queens from moving across the map to inject hatcheries that don’t have queens nearby.

570. (T) A single vespene geyser gives 121 gas per minute - while constant medivac production requires 82 gas. The timing you add a reactor to your Starport is a good queue to have or get 4 fully saturaded refineries. [original]
571. (PvT) When trying to kill or harass a SCV building a structure with Phoenix, you can target the building in production to lift the constructing SCV up. [original]
572. (PvT) When being dropped repeatedly, watch the Medivac health. If low, leaving a few Stalkers to focus down the Medivac can deny further drop attempts. [original]
573. (TvZ) When you harass with Hellions and your opponent burrows his drones, you can drive behind the minerals and attack the hatchery. The splash damage will kill the drones. [original]
574. Spawning Pool (like other buildings) has an animation while researching an upgrade. This lets you know if your zerg opponent is researching speed or not.
575. (P) Your can maintain a (concave) formation while blinking with your Stalkers - if you blink outside the max Blink range. You can use the minimap to achieve this. [topic] [video]
576. Using Patrol to attack instead of A-attack makes it impossible to accidentally make your entire army attack a single unit/shoot your own unit. [topic]
577. (TvP) A Marauder in a bunker has the same range as a cannon. A Marine has one shorter range. Therefore, marauders can stop a cannon rush from progressing further, while marines can not. [more]
578. (P) A Colossus can be loaded into a warp prism. This could be used to harass, or other interesting strategies. [tactics]
579. (T) If you are using a nuke to drive away an opposing army, and they indeed flee - consider cancelling the nuke. This may cause your opponent to stay withdrawn for a longer time than if they had heard a boom (and therefore could’ve safely returned).

580. (T) Mules called down on close mineral patches mine 30 extra minerals but don’t return them before death! Mules called down on far mineral patches do not overmine.
581. (T) When pulling workers off your mineral line (to defend or attack), instead of boxing all works, use controlclick - to prevent MULEs from being selected.
582. (T) Medivacs on hold-position can be used as an “elevator” to funnel units up or down a cliff. [original][video]
583. (ZvP) Graphic settings can be adjusted to disable creep animation while still having maximal graphical settings - this allows you to see Protoss Observers faster. [more] [topic]
584. You can hide scouts behind structures (aswell as map features, #394). [screenshots & more]
585. In battles with more than 12 roaches or stalkers (for example), don’t use focus fire with your full army - or shots will likely be wasted. Instead, select the number required to one-shot a unit. [more info]
586. While focus firing, aim for “just and just” killing the opposing unit with your units. If you can not one-shot a full health unit, target weakened units instead. [more info]
587. (PvZ) Lift an Infestor up with a Phoenix Graviton beam to cancel any Neural Parasite being channeled. [example]
588. To improve macro and speed while building, camera-hotkey your mineral patch aswell as the area where you are placing buildings. [explanation]
589. The delay before a key starts “spamming” can be lowered in your Windows keyboard settings. [original]

590. (T) If you lift up a building whose Tech Lab is researching an upgrade, the research will be cancelled.
591. (PvZ) If you use a (hallucinated) Phoenix scout over a Zerg’s main base, it may distract or move the Queen, causing the next inject to be slightly delayed.
592. (ZvP) To prevent your Queen from moving away from the Hatchery in response to a scouting (hallucinated) Phoenix, use hold position.
593. (Z) To stop an enemy worker from following your scouting Drone, you can use the Extractor trick. [original]
594. Units can be rallied directly to Medivacs, Warp Prisms, Bunkers or Overlords. [original]
595. (P) Warping units can only be given move commands to execute after they have been warping in.
596. (TvT) In Viking vs Viking battles, you can land the damaged Vikings instead of pulling them back. [original]
597. Learn how many units of X sort it takes to beat Y units of Z sort to know if it’s better to fight or flee. F.ex., 4 Zerglings beat a Queen. [examples] [video]
598. Adding your upgrade building to the control group of your main building is an easy way to let you see the timers of your upgrades, and easely start new upgrades. [credit]
599. (Z) When using Zerglings to attack Destructible Rocks on a ramp, attack it from both sides to bring it down faster.[original]

600. A “worker shield” can be created by surrounding ranged unit(s) with workers that are not attack-moving. Enemy melee attack AI will cause the enemy units to try (and fail) to attack the only combat threat - the surrounded unit(s). [original]
601. A “worker shield” (see #600) can be mobile if the workers move-command (follow) a ranged unit. For example, SCVs surrounding a Thor can defend the Thor from melee, even when the Thor moves.
602. To counter a “worker shield” (#600), either position your melee units close to the workers and use the hold-command (causing them to attack whatever is in range), manually shift-attack workers - or use a combination of both methods. [Arn]
603. (P) Using a Warp Prism, you can simultaneously start building any building (f.ex. a Photon Cannon) and a Pylon. This will speed building time up, while making sure the Warp Prism does not need to stay around.
604. (Z) If you hold down your “hold position” key while focus-firing with magic-boxed Mutalisks, they will retain the magic box. If you did not, they would stack up. [topic]
605. You can prevent a gas steal by perfectly positioning a worker in a specific spot near the gas geyser. [topic]



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