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Starcraft 2 expansions set to keep the game fresh

Kotaku’s Mike Fahey had the opportunity to interview Blizzard’s Sam Didier, art director for Starcraft II and lead singer for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft themed metal band, who spoke about their plans to keep Starcraft II interesting and “fresh” among its three iterations.  Not surprisingly, Blizzard is approaching the two followingStarcraft campaigns as separate expansions and will be including new units and environments with the release of each (kind of like Brood War).

“There’s a lot of really cool unit ideas that we have that we probably could have squeezed onto one of these, but instead we wanna let them shine more in the next one – let them be a little more unique,” Didier told Kotaku.  “This is an expansion, but it’s the Zerg campaign or the Protoss campaign. It’s not like a one-off sort of thing. It’s gonna have all its unique sets.

“We’re going to go back to the same planets. My hope is that we can affect those planets somehow, so if you’re on Korhol in Wings of Liberty, when you return in the Zerg campaign or the Protoss, I want something radical to have happened to it or changed, whether a change in leadership or some ‘Cataclysmic’ event.”

The last was obviously a reference to the newest expansion to Blizzard’s mass hitWorld of Warcraft.  Didier also made jokes about the obligatory “snow tileset.”

Altogether, I’m happy to see they’re giving legitimately unique resources to the upcoming SCII expansions aside from just more campaigns.  This should make the expansions a little more tasty and worth your while, as long as Blizzard stays true to their comments that they won’t price gouge.

However, if you were thinking about saving money and only buying the first game for the multiplayer and skipping the other two campaigns, tough luck.  In order to get the complete unit set for all the races, you’ll need all three expansions.


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