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WoL Campaign: Whispers of Doom

Whispers of Doom - Brutal Video Guide

In this mission you get to control the mighty Protoss Dark Templar, Zeratul. There are a few things about Zeratul in Starcraft 2 that will be noticed as you progress through the mission. First, he’s permanently cloaked, second his abilities do not require energy but have a cooldown. His abilities will all be used in this mission, to great effect. Blink, ala WoW mage, allows him to teleport a good distance, Void Prison will disable a unit and its abilities for about ten seconds. The three Protoss research are unavoidable as they are obtained with each Xel’Naga shrine, but the Zerg research can be missed. Whispers of Doom, like the other Protoss missions in the WIngs of Liberty campaign, delivers a great deal of research points for your upgrades. However, you won’t be earning any cash. After all, how could you bring credits back through Zeratul’s memories? You can however learn a lot about the Zerg and Protoss. Makes sense, enough said.

This mission is not particularly hard save in a few select spots, which I’ll discuss. After reaching the first shrine, and continuing along the path, you’ll receive four Stalkers, ranged Protoss that can Blink like Zeratul. It’s imperative you do not let the brood lords just past this spot kill Zeratul. You’ll get more Stalkers after all. Take out everything you can from the cliff, then blink the Stalkers down below and focus fire on the first brood lord. Zeratul can use Void Prison on the second to the west. After this battle, or moving south, you’ll get replacement Stalkers. Don’t use them unnecessarily from here. Hit anything you can with Zeratul while using the Stalkers only when you must. When you have the opportunity to hit an Overlord with no other attackers, do so by using Void Prison on it so that it can’t flee, while your Stalkers pound it from the ground.

Shortly you will come across the First Zerg Hatchery. This one’s unavoidable and will get you the first Zerg research point. Zeratul can do most of the work of splattering the Zerg here. After the next shrine, you’ll get more Stalkers. You should be careful not to let Zeratul get to hurt physically, shields can be replenished but his health can not. Just after getting the stalkers use void prison on the overlord flying around, and hit the spine creepers with Zeratul. The stalkers should take out the Mutalisks in the air.

When you see the banelings, take note. South of them is the passage to the Second Zerg Hatchery. Hit the banelings from the ledge with your Stalkers to prevent anyone from taking damage, then come around and blink across the chasm to reach the Hatchery. Be sure to focus fire on the emerging Ultralisk quickly so that your forces don’t take too much damage. It may be worth pausing for a moment to let your shields recharge at this point.

After making your way a little further, Protoss reinforcements with Templar Karass will arrive to aid you in breaking through the Zerg defense. It’s crucial you help them with this as your Stalkers and Zeratul can do a lot of damage while the melee engage the Zerg. The first order of business to ensuring their survival is using attack move with your Stalkers, then hitting the Ultralisk with a Void Prison. In the second wave, a Brood Lord provides a good target for the Void Prison as well. When the Nydus worms emerge, send the stalkers up on the ledge to hit them from afar and use Zeratul’s blink to get his damage up front where it belongs. If you did well here, there will be plenty of Protoss units left.

The Third Zerg Hatchery in Whispers of Doom is hidden and many people wonder where it is on the map. This part needs to be done before you go to the third shrine. Have Zeratul and a single Stalker blink to the ledge south of the shrine. Zeratul will need to do a second blink to reach another ledge south of that. The Stalker I recommended bringing should stay on this first ledge. I had difficulty getting Zeratul to blink back without him there. Keep your other Stalkers on the ground. Destroy the rubble with Zeratul and the Hatchery will be revealed. Keep Zeratul out of detection range and the Stalkers can now hit it from the ground, preventing you from taking any damage. Have Zeratul escape the area and you’re done getting research. Now you’re free to visit the third shrine.

If you have most of your stalkers, the part of this mission that follows should not be too difficult. Run like crazy toward the Void Seeker with all your units. The Stalkers will help to absorb damage. Blink here and there to help them move faster. Toward the end, a rubble path will block you as an Ultralisk attacks from behind. Focus all your forces on hitting that rubble, then take Zeratul alone to the Void Seeker. If you want the Stalker delight reward you might hit the Ultralisk with a Void Prison while the Stalkers hit the rubble so that the minimum of three of them can survive. If you have trouble here, you’ll surely be thanking Blizzard for throwing in an auto-save right after the third Xel’Naga shrine.


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