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WoL Campaign: Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle - Brutal Video Guide

In this mission you need to protect SCVs as they harvest the Protoss’ sacred Terrazine. You’ll need to protect the SCVs as they return to base with their payload, until you’ve collected seven canisters. In the meantime, the Protoss must not seal off seven of the sites. Since this is the first mission you get control of the extremely useful Goliath unit, it’s predictable it will come in handy here. The protoss will attack hard from the air but you’ll need to also protect your forces from light ground attacks. The Goliath is perfect for this role. Do not bother with Infantry upgrades. You may want to get a reactor for the Barracks you start with however.

This mission features plenty of resources. The first goal should be to get up at lot more SCVs. Make at least six to eight, while constructing an extra refinery and a bunker with four marines to protect against attacks from the north. You’ll want two SCVs on each of your refineries and at the very minimum eight on collecting minerals as the mission progresses. You should try to focus on your economy and making an army at first, but will need a couple extra supply depots before too long. Make only SCVs, Goliaths and Marines at first.

The first Terrazine is undefended, just to the west of your starting location. You’ll get this one and the one just to the north as a freebie, but should send escorts with the SCV you send to the north. At least six or so marines and a couple goliaths should go at first to escort. The Protoss will be focused on sending defenses to the Terrazine rather than attacking your base, so the bunker should do just fine.

The goal here is to send out a group to the first two resource spots, remembering to keep an eye out for opportunities to escort two at once hereafter. You’ll want plenty of units to be made at your base for the next phase of the plan, but should only need a regular escort group to take care of the Protoss should they start shutting down a node.

Remember that when you want to stop the Tal’Darim from sealing a spot, you need only hit the probe. If you can build diamondbacks at the factory, they can do a good job piercing through ground shields. You don’t need many to make an impact. Additionally, taking out the Protoss base toward the center of the map will not only make things a little easier, but also provide a slightly faster route back from some of the Terrazine gathering spots.

Keep in mind that as the game tip says, it’s not necessary to stop the Protoss from sealing off a Terrazine node to win the mission. Still, where you can do so, move for it fast and get an SCV on returning it to the base. Use attack move with your units always so they’ll stop to hit any stray Protoss Scouts and even harder types of ships that will attack from the air. You must bring down the sky at all costs in this mission or they will sneak up and snipe an SCV when you aren’t looking. During all this, keep a sharp up for Protoss relics you can gather to get up to +3 Protoss research from this mission.

One trick to speed up the last drops is to move your command center and all the SCVs gathering minerals, but only if you feel confident you’ve got it in the bag. Keep in mind that the Protoss will step up the air assaults as you near the end. Six to eight ships could attack at once. Marines help every bit as much as Goliaths in these situations, as the Protoss warp ray takes time to build up damage but can smash tougher units like the Goliath more efficiently better than multiple marines.


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