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WoL Campaign: Upgrade Guide

WoL Upgrades - Brutal Video Guide

In this Wings of Liberty Guide, I’ll list the upgrades for all Terran units available at Hyperion’s Armory. Listed for each unit are the credit cost of the upgrade, what it does, and whether I think the technology is worth buying. Credits in Starcraft 2 WoL’s campaign mode are limited after all. One thing to keep in mind before buying any upgrade is how often you’ll use that unit. It’s not worth upgrading the Helion’s flamethrower if you’ll never use the unit. Some upgrades are safe to buy because you’re pretty much guaranteed to lean on them no matter your playstyle. The ability to buy upgrades for a unit is unlocked along with that unit in the campaign, although some come along based on how many total missions you’ve completed. The last of this special variety of upgrade to be unlocked are the Terran building specials, by mission 12.

This list will also tell you what mission you need to do to unlock each unit, period. The only units not listed are those that are researched at the Hyperion lab. When those become available is highly variable based on what path you’ve taken through the campaign. None of the units unlocked that way have upgrades at the Armory. The Mercenaires you hire will benefit from all related unit upgrades.

SC2 Achievement hunters should know that buying all the upgrades in any of these categories will unlock the Base, Infantry, Vehicle, Starship, and Dominion Tech Master achievements. Obviously multiple play throughs will be required to unlock all of these due to the credit limit.

This guide focuses on SC2′s Wings of Liberty campaign, not multiplayer. Multiplayer guides for Terran, Protoss, and Zerg deserve their own section and those will be created in the near future.

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