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WoL Campaign: The Moebius Factor

The Moebius Factor - Brutal Video Guide

This is the only mission where you’ll really praise yourself for picking the Hercules Dropship research in the Zerg tech tree. If you did, it will be very easy. Otherwise, you’ll need more resources to build more medivacs to complete it. Obviously, the theme here is dropships. There’s no way to complete it otherwise, unless you manage to go with masses of air units. Medivacs can hold 8 slots worth of units, but the Hercules holds four times that. Unit size is a fairly simple matter, for example a marine is one, firebat two, goliaths two, and tanks like the siege tank and diamondback are four.

Two things to watch out for in this mission are the Kerrigan countdown and Nydus Worms. You’ll have a countdown until Kerrigan gets access to a data core and must beat it or you’ll lose the mission. Nydus worms will emerge down the southwestern ramp from your base, and well out of range of your troops. So, you’ll want to keep a few units on hand to deal with them when they emerge. It’s good to take care of all the Zerg structures and units in the area before your attention is diverted to make eliminating these living tunnels easier.

Get your economy up and running quickly. If you have the call down M.U.L.E. ability from the Command Center, use it liberally. You’ll probably want about ten more SCVs in the mission, so make them your top priority. It’s no waste to go near or over 100 supply in this mission so don’t skimp on the depots. If you have access to the Hercules, create a Fusion Core to unlock it.

Mercenaries will really come in handy in this mission, especially the Siege Breakers and Spartan Company. You will want a pair of bunkers at your base loaded with marines. Don’t bother with other types of infantry on this mission. Medivacs can be used for healing, so a Reactor on your Barracks is a good idea. Machines will come in handy far more though, so a second factory (both with Tech Labs) would be prudent.

The data cores are marked on your map, and getting to them isn’t a very big issue. You’ll repeat this process multiple times: hotkey attack group, load army into transports, send transports to destination and drop off. A pair of SCVs can be a big help here as they can start repairing your units the moment they leave the transports, and repair the transports themselves. Use Wraiths to scout out your next destination. Anti-air will hit you in some areas, but every place you need to go has a dedicated spot for unloading units. One concept that works as expected is safety in numbers. Send a few vikings and wraiths along with your transports and you’ll be able to take down Mutalisks that attack, and these extra air presences can take some hits for your transports.

Sometime after taking out the first Data Core, you’ll want to try to bring down the Brutalisk. He has anti-air capabilities that are unmatched, so don’t expect to take him easily. There’s a good landing spot and your Transports shouldn’t have taken too much damage before dropping their payloads. Marines can be a big help for this battle as they can soak up a hit each. Heavy hitters like Siege tanks will do most of the work, though. If you do go the marine route be sure to use Stimpaks since the marines will die in a single hit anyway.

The second data core is located near a Zerg base, and you’ll have to do some fighting to reach it. There’s a helipad to the southwest where you can offload your army. It’s better if you beat Kerrigan there to minimize your losses. Once it’s down she’s likely to hit a few of your units.

The final data core is to the far western side of the map. Before you assault it you may want to try rescuing any remaining groups of soldiers. The last data core is actually not that hard to reach. With the Brutalisk eliminated a direct line is not all that unsafe. The more units you can pack into your hercules or medivacs, the better. You don’t need to bother destroying the Zerg base here, just the data core itself so focused fire can enable you to do this with fewer units.

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