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WoL Campaign: The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery - Brutal Video Guide

In this mission, you’ll acquire the great Diamondback hover tank. They can fire while moving, which is an incredibly helpful ability for the mission at hand. In fact, it’s not at all difficult to complete the entire mission using only the Diamondback. When you first take command, train as many SCVs as you can afford, and set one of the others to build a second refinery. Start gathering minerals. Your goal is to have three SCVs at each of the two refineries and as many (or a couple more) SCVs as there are mineral deposits. Start building Diamondbacks as soon as you have those requirements taken care of. Thereafter, while taking care of having enough supply depots to make more and more Diamondbacks, and dedicating three to repairs, you will want to focus all your efforts on building the new rail gun clad tank and upgrading it at the Armory. The three Defiler Bone samples will very much come naturally as you approach this mission. They’re pretty much near the tracks, and you simply must watch out for them. One last consideration before we start focusing on the various trains: build a bunker and load it with as many marines as you can. If you have them available, a pair of marauders inside would be even more handy.

An important thing to remember about Diamondbacks is that when you have a lot of them, you can keep a line of them moving so that they can smash Dominion bunkers and escorts without taking too many losses as the damage can be spread out. Send the Diamondbacks in for repairs between trips, and approach trains from the front to give them the more time to attack. When a train gets ahead of the Diamondbacks (better, before it gets a chance) move them along the tracks so they can unleash hell along the Train.

Take your starting marines to the three Diamondbacks that are laid out to you. You can start getting them yourself by heading to the west. Once all three are gathered, head to the North to the location of the green Terran units on the above map to grab number four. The first train will follow the route indicated. All white dots are points of interest, as they are either resources or the final two diamondbacks. Either are worth going toward as long as you avoid the Dominion bases at first. Do not miss the first train. After you manage this, the rest of the mission will be fairly simple. You’ll strike at trains and return to base to get your Diamondbacks repaired.

When the Marauder Kill team appears, they’ll be marked on your Mini Map. Avoid them at first while you continue to build up more and more Diamondbacks. The trains’ escort will get harder and harder, then they’ll move to faster trains. You will eventually have enough resources for sixteen or even more Diamondbacks. When you have them, that would be a safe time to attack the Marauder Kill Team with minimal casualties.

This is a pretty fun mission, and should not be too hard with the above tips.


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