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WoL Campaign: The Evacuation

The Evacuation - Brutal Video Guide

Taking Command
Make your way west with your starting units, taking care to gather any resources on the ground. You shouldn’t lose any of the four units before making it to the base, where you will assume command. Create several more SCVs. Build a refinery, and start training Marines to join your first units. You’ll need to man the bunkers along the road to the north later, but for now your goal is to just escort the first transport safely along the road to the north. As long as you’ve got a few Marines to join the Medics and Firebats you start with, you’ll be fine.

Guarding the Armored Personnel Carriers
After a short while, the first APC will make its way north and you must escort it or the colonists will be lost. Follow with your units, using attack move to ensure a quick response to any Zerglings that attack. You’ll come across bunkers, which I would ignore. When the transport reaches the end, you’ll find a Zerg Chrysalis which should be gathered to gain +1 to your Zerg research. There are two more in this mission, and they can be gathered in between transports convoys.

I don’t recommend using the Bunkers to defend in this mission on normal (on hard, an achievement relies on not losing structures). While it may seem like a good idea when looking at the first wave your units encounter on escort duty, more than a single bunker would be needed to defend, with an SCV to help protect it. Since your units are fine mobile, it’s better to just go with the convoy, staying nearby, to ensure it doesn’t get attacked. The transports don’t really have a lot of health and can die pretty quickly when ten Zerglings and a Hydralisk or two come knocking. It gets easier if you have Stimpaks. They can be used to speed up your Marines, so they can intercept attackers before they reach the transport truck. Medics can quickly take care of the damage caused from using a Stimpak. Salvage the Bunkers if you like, to get 100 credits to speed up your early military development.

The second Chrysalis can be found easily, down the ramp and just west of the first bunker. Number three can be found in between bunkers 1 and 2, down the only path running east. Head directly south of there to nab it, giving you a full three research into the Zerg.

Optimally, this mission can be over in a mere five trips. If you lose colonists, you’ll need to do six. On normal difficulty, there shouldn’t be a reason you’d lose a full convoy unless you just weren’t paying attention. There are from nine to eleven colonists in the truck, plus one which must be the driver. The marines guarding the convoy do not count, although they do board the ships to evacuate with the civillians Things will pick up a bit as you near the finish line. Zerg will start dropping out of the sky to attack the APCs. Managing your escort forces becomes even more important during this phase.

Continue either escorting colonists and pumping out more units. If you want to go nuts making Marines, it’s easy enough to do so as there are plenty of spare resources to be found by taking small excursions off the road in between tripss. Build a second Barracks with a reactor once everything’s under control to make the mission a cakewalk. An Engineering Bay might not be a bad idea either, as a simple upgrade to your Infantry weapons will help make the Zerg go splat even faster.

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