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WoL Campaign: The Dig

The Dig - Brutal Video Guide

This mission will unlock the Terran Siege Tank, one of the most useful units in the campaign. You’ll probably use them in almost every mission you take on afterward. After assuming control of your base, you first need to start developing your economy. You’ll want a couple extra SCVs on duty harvesting minerals, five more for gathering Vespene gas, two for repairing units and barracks at the northern and southern ramps of your base, and an extra to build supply depots and any other buildings you might need.

Setting up a good defense is crucial in this mission. While you can complete it without attacking the Protoss once, you’ll want to do so in order to get the +3 Protoss research you can gain here. That task gets easier when you’re given control of the drill. It will automatically be hotkeyed to F2. The best way you can use it when you need to attack Protoss is to press the hotkey, then shift and right-click units to give it multiple targets. This is necessary because the drill is so slow at hitting another target.

Once you have set up a defense with a couple siege tanks, and marines in a bunker at each ramp, beef up your air defense a tad by building a missile turret near the ramps. This will prevent you from having to swing the laser to hit the air attacks, speeding up the mission. You’ll probably want to add a third siege tank to each ramp just in case a Protoss Colossus hits your base. They’ll also make short work of Archons which will inevitably attack later. Having the SCV nearby should ensure that you don’t lose any units to these attacks.

The only thing you should see as a requirement in ‘The Dig’ mission, is to make it to the three Xel’Naga Shrines. Build an armory and start upgrading your vehicles’ damage to not only help your siege tanks but also your troops which will be hitting the Xel’Naga Shrines. If you want the Drill Hard achievement, be sure you hit at least 20 units with the Drakken Laser Drill.

The earlier you can begin assailing the Xel’Naga Shrines, the better. The Shrine west of your base is the easiest. Use the laser drill to hit any units in your way, then send the troops and park them after they’ve given the drill a target. Only the drill can break through the Shrines.

When you feel your defenses are good, start building units like crazy. Even consider making some infantry and upgrading them through the provided Engineering Bay. You may also want a second factory. Resoures aren’t in short supply here. All this offensive power will enable you to lay into the Protoss base to the north, just for some fun. Be sure to bring Goliaths along for anti-air if you want to take your offensive seriously. At this stage, there’s no real danger in trying to cause some chaos as with adequate defenses you can always use the Drakken Laser Drill as your backup.

At the end of this mission, Zeratul will speak to Jim Raynor, giving him an Aeon Crystal. This unlocks four optional Protoss Missions through the crystal in the lab.


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