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WoL Campaign: The Devil’s Playground

The Devil’s Playground - Brutal Video Guide

In The Devil’s Playground, you’ll have to save your units from rising deadly lava as they attempt to meet Tosh’s 8,000 mineral quota to complete the mission. This is not too challenging, but there are ways to do so more efficiently. One thing to note is that although you can complete it faster by saving minerals, you don’t need to be too conservative. Spending a few hundred extra minerals than stated won’t really set you back — they aren’t in short supply per se. You just might cause your forces to face one more round of lava. After the first rise, you’ll get a timer to show you how soon it’ll be coming, so as long as you hotkey your SCVs and pay attention, you shouldn’t lose any of them.

When you first take control of your base, build a tech lab on the barracks, construct an engineering bay and a bunker near the southern exit of your base. You’ll want to man it with four marines as soon as you can. A single medic will come in handy as well, to heal units. Tosh will send in Reapers, which are very fast terran infantry that can jump up and down sheer walls and cliffs to gain tactical advantages. There are a number of reapers scattered around the map, and they’ll be happy to join your army. You will not need a refinery as the reapers will be able to collect far more vespene than you’ll need to complete the mission.

When you take control of your first reapers, first send them a little south of the base to a raised platform, where +200 minerals and vespene will be found. This will allow you to afford both infantry upgrades at the engineering bay. Afterward, use attack move and send them north of your base to rescue Tosh’s men. There are four more reapers here, along with five SCVs and a Command Center. Get all the minerals on raised platforms in this area, but keep your reapers around until a barracks with a few marines can be built near the eastern ramp to protect your SCVs who should harvest the rich minerals to deliver them to the command center. It’s generally a better idea to just leave the Command Center on top of the ramp so that SCVs can flee to it to seek protection for now. Be sure you hotkey these new additions as well.

Reapers are excellent scouts, and do quite well at destroying buildings as well. You may want to make more of them at your barracks. They’re great at destroying buildings, and making up to ten to fifteen of them would not be a big waste as their mere presence will enable you to easily get an additional 1,500 or more minerals through destroying Zerg hatcheries and collecting the nearby minerals. Note that while there is a Brutalisk you can kill to the south of your starting base that will give Zerg research, it’s best not to do so too early. You’ll suffer fewer losses if you can build up a nice force of Reapers before bothering with the kill.

East of the Brutalisk is a Zerg base. If you head down the gap east of where the Brutalisk is located, you can easily hop up with your reapers (bring about eight) and attack a Zerg base from behind. Three more reapers will join your forces. You’ll see that taking out a hatchery is quite helpful to your mineral totals, and understand why I said you didn’t at all need to bother building a refinery. After the first base you take down, you can head further east then work your way north with reapers and grab most of the resources you’ll need. You will run out of rich mineral deposits near your starting location. Send the command center just south so that it can land in the area where lava usually rises. There’s a lot of resources to be found there. Note that you can lift off the Command Center to avoid the lava, easily.

Taking on the Brutalisk isn’t such a huge task, especially with a little ingenuity. You may lose a few units, but you can score an achievement very easily by tagging him when a lava surge is about to hit, and drawing him to lower ground. You don’t even need to do this perfectly — as in, with no losses. Just lure him down off his ramp, and maybe a little further out. When the lava rises, he’s toast and you’ve snagged the Red lobster achievement.

Wrap up by either collecting more rich minerals, or for more fun, taking down a couple more Zerg hatcheries.

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