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WoL Campaign: Supernova

Supernova - Brutal Video Guide

This mission will take advantage of the Terrans’ Lift Off ability. You’ll need to relocate two or more times in order to complete the mission, as a destructive wall of fire creeps across the map from the west. You’ll get access to the Banshee unit, and it’s a keeper. They’re powerful air units useful against anything on the ground and this mission makes heavy use of them. While you work your way east toward the final Protoss base and the Xel’Naga Artifact, keep an eye out for the Protoss Relics to score four invaluable Protoss research. They can only be collected by ground units, but you should be using a mixture in this mission anyway.

One thing you should do to make this mission easier is select all your flight-capable buildings and hotkey them, along with all your SCVs. This will make relocating much easier. Don’t worry too much about static defense but always leave something behind early on in the mission as the Protoss can eventually attack with 4-6 medium-strength units.

If you have access to the Call Down M.U.L.E. ability at the Command Center, it will shine in this mission as the need for quickly gathering resources is paramount. You will want a few more SCVs at the start of this mission in order to collect as much Vespene as possible. Another research that would come in handy, probably more than the M.U.L.E. is the automated refinery. Gather resources as quickly as you can but start buiding banshees, goliaths and a few siege tanks. You want to smash through almost everything Protoss east of you. You can get three Research really early in the mission as you do this. The ultimate goal is to continually produce units and work your way to the Protoss base to the east. Destroy everything there and relocate. Don’t let the fire get too close to your base. Hopefully you’ll have enough units to do this, but if you don’t you can sit down in a safe area and produce a few more units. Unfortunately this can lead to wasting a tech lab if you need more high-tech units.

After relocating to the first zone, build up plenty of units and push for the base to the east as quickly as you can. The larger base there will prove more challenging, so a force with ten or so marines, 6+ banshees, several siege tanks and a half-dozen goliaths would be a good mix. After relocating there, grab the final protoss relic to the southeast then use your new toys along with some anti-air to level the final protoss base. If the fire gets close to your base give up the clean sweep and focus on the temple housing the Artifact as quickly as possible.

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