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WoL Campaign: Haven’s Fall

Haven’s Fall - Brutal Video Guide

Haven’s Fall is an alternative to Safe Haven, and is my favorite between the two. I’m a big fan of the Automated Refinery Protoss Research, and this mission is easy and accessible early in the game, granting an automatic +3 Protoss Research. Vikings are unlocked through either and I am really fond of them for being strong in the anti-air department, while retaining versatility by being able to switch to Assault Mode.

At any rate, you will want tons of Vikings in this mission, and those are mineral-heavy and can be built in twos with a reactor at the Starport. Train at least five to seven more SCVs, putting three on refinery duty while all but one of them gather minerals. The remainder will build supply depots to increase the unit cap.

You should take advantage of at least one of the additional vespene geysers, and make several more marines for harvesting minerals. Set up bunkers to the northeast and southeast of your base with an SCV to repair each. You’re provided with enough units to stock them, but marines are better on the southern bunker as flying Mutalisks will most likely attack there.

Take advantage of the abundant resources and make a reactor at your Starport. An armory to upgrade the Vikings’ armor should also be made. This will aid their survivability while they’re away from base. It really does make a big difference, especially when smaller units like Zerglings hit them when they land. The only Zerg base that’s really dangerous to your Vikings is the northern one. The others can be taken on with a simple pattern of mopping up all air units, then landing into Assault mode and wiping the base. Of the air raid spots, the Southern should probably be done last as it has the strongest ground defenses. There are two Hatcheries there.

The Northern Zerg camp is an entirely different manner. A few Goliaths, or plenty of marines should be used to strike air units, but overall you will need powerful anti-ground to wipe it with minimal losses. Fire up your Factory and spend some of those minerals while the Starport focuses on providing air reinforcements. Don’t be foolish, you have enough time that you can send your Vikings back to base for repairs from time to time. They need to be in good shape should they be called upon to prevent the Zerg from infesting another outpost.

Overall with plenty of Vikings, and taking care to wipe the northern base with ground units, this mission’s objectives are not hard to clear.


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