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WoL Campaign: Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance - Brutal Video Guide

In this three-stage mission, you’ll unlock the Ghost unit and take control of Nova, a Hero Unit Ghost. She is permanently cloaked and has the snipe ability (dealing 125 damage to a single target), can mind control enemies, and call down Nukes. In additon to Nova, you’ll also control two squads of Marines and Medics. You’ll need to get Nova and the Marines together first. Use your Stimpak before charging into battle with the marines, and let the medics heal them before engaging. This tactic will minimize your losses and helps in all squad missions. Kill all ten Spectres to get a total bonus of 50,000 Credits.

Destroy Jorium Stockpile
Switch to the Marines the first time when Nova comes near the Missile Turret. Switch back to open the Gate with Nova and you have control of everyone. When you get to the Siege Tank, pause and use Nova to dominate it. We want the Dominate Tricks achievement, so use the Siege tank to kill everything around. If you lose it to a Spectre, don’t fret. Take Nova further on and dominate the Battlecruiser (you can slip past the radar and get close). It’ll clear the area for you. Use the Yamato Gun to speed things up. Don’t finish this unless you’ve killed all the spectres in the area.

Destroy Terrazine Tanks
You’ll first need to clear a landing zone. Dominate the Raven flying with the troops, then use it to drop sentry guns and kill! Make your way west and eliminate the other units (Viking vs Viking = 2 dead Vikings) to get control of a small specialized force. A pair of Siege Tanks, a Raven and a handful of Reapers. Use the Reapers to go over the wall and strike the generator to open the Gate. Don’t worry if you lose them. Save the Raven.

Fight your way north, using Nova to scout. Snipe and Dominate can take care of almost everything. You’ll come to a Nuke Silo that Nova can hack, giving you 1 Nuke. Head east and use Dominate to clear the enemies there. The objective to your west is a Spectre that can be killed either with the Raven you started with, or the Raven you can dominate near the Terrazine tank. It’s the only way to get the Total Protonic Reversal Achievement. Use the Raven’s Seeker missile to kill him in a single shot. The Turret will simply be destroyed. At last, destroying the Tank leads to the third part, where the final five Spectres can be killed.

Destroy Psi-Indoctrinator
You only need the forces that join you here for the beginning of the mission. Use the banshees to hit the siege tank on the ledge to the right. Then the Vikings should deal with the Raven. Save Nova’s energy for now. Keep the Vikings in the air, then use the Banshees (cloaked) to hit the barracks to the north. The Vikings can step in and deal with one of their kind that tries to take down the Banshees.

Alternatively, you can place a nuke on the barracks (just before the stairs). You get a second one from a silo up the Ramp. At any rate, your next destination is south along the path. Dominate the Goliath there then work south. Clear the rubble to release a pissed off Ultralisk. He’ll clear the way for you. Don’t let Nova hit him. Instead destroy the missile turrets, or help the Ultralisk kill marines. When he’s done fighting, put him out of his misery.

You can control a Thor for a brief time, and should. Its Cannons ability is great for the Siege tank that stands in your way. Either use the Thor to finish the mission or do it in style - drop a Nuke right on top of the Indoctrinator. Just be sure both of the remaining Spectres are killed in the blast.

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