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WoL Campaign: Engine of Destruction

Engine of Destruction - Brutal Video Guide

In this mission, you must protect a runaway Tychus as he assaults a Dominion base and steals a prototype weapon from them. Follow with your starting medics and marines, as he makes his way through the first section, until he reaches the Odin. Watch for Devourer Tissue Samples in giant test tubes along the way to net yourself some Zerg research. An additional secondary objective is to find and destroy the Loki Battlecruiser. The starship is indicated in the map above: its location is the player focus on the minimap.

When Tychus takes control of the Loki, you’ll get command of a base. Build five to seven more SCVs to gather minerals and Vespene faster. You’ll likely want the second refinery. A helpful trick on this map is to use a pair of SCVs and use the move command, directing them to the Odin. They’ll follow him for the rest of the mission, repairing him at any chance they get. When he stops, they may even repair each other should they get damaged.

Shortly after assuming command, you’ll get control of Wraiths. These are helpful in this mission as the enemy does not have a lot of detectors, and the Wraiths can cloak.Still, your workhorse will be your regular army in the end. Attacks from the Dominion will come from the east, so man the bunker there and situate some extra units to help defend the area. You should build a tech lab so you can make eight to ten wraiths and send them a little north of the Loki. When they arrive, they’ll trigger its launch, and destroy it without too many losses.

From here on out, you can select whatever units you prefer to finish the mission. Go for anti-armor units like the diamondback if you like so that you can dish better damage against structures and tanks alike. The Odin will do most of the work, so long as you keep it repaired. Near the end, be sure to grab the last of the three Zerg tissue samples to ensure your full +3 Zerg research.

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