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WoL Campaign: Echoes of the Future

Echoes of the Future - Brutal Video Guide

This is an easier mission than the other two. The only challenges here are setting up a defense at your base, and making an army to accompany Zeratul. Both are made easier by the availability of resources east of your base. You can see all of the gathering spots on the map, as white dots. You will need just about every Protoss building available to you, and plenty of unit support, around 100. Put a couple of extra cannons around your base (north and east) to help protect against frenzied attacks. You shouldn’t rely only on static defenses though; you’ll need some units like Zealots and Stalkers to take care of Nydus worms that emerge nearby.

While you are tending to your base, send Zeratul and a couple of units on a hunt for resources. Z can gather a lot by himself early on, at the aforementioned spot east of the base. Really, you have time in this one which can be a luxury as far as Starcraft 2 is concerned. This one’s much easier if you start with a good powerful army to accompany Zeratul, who’ll be healed by the tendrils as he connects with them. Have fun here, making Archon melds happen with two Templar. Make some immortals and Dark Templar to accompany Zeratul on the ground. Don’t completely forget about anti-air. Stalkers and Archons can pull this off nicely.

It’s simple enough to make your way clockwise, or counterclockwise around the overmind. Just pause if some of your units are starting to take damage. There’s no need to let them die needlessly. A barely damaged Protoss unit can be half dead in reality, due to the reliance on shields. Let them recharge - especially if Zeratul starts to take damage.

The only other really important thing of note is to make sure you power the Obelisks with a pylon, warped in by a probe. Both of these are very near to your base. One is just to the east, near the gateway you can power. The second, north of your base near a gateway and robotics facility that need power. These are worth defending as the buidings that come with them can really speed up the process.

Next up, you get to play a vision of a vision of the end of the Universe!

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