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WoL Campaign: Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast - Brutal Video Guide

Belly of the Beast is a neat experience. Blizzard manages to keep things fresh even in the final missions with this quirky and humorous option for weakening the Zerg for the final fight of Wings of Liberty on Char. Raynor, Tychus, Swann from the Armory, and Egon Steddman from the Lab go on an excursion to collapse the Nydus tunnels on Char, prevening the Zerg from using them in the ‘All In’ Mission. Raynor and Tychus are both different from their previous appearances in WoL. Raynor gets an ability like the Ghost’s Snipe, but kills everything in a fat line. Tychus comes along with a powerful grenade attack, Swann can use “Flaming Betty” Turrets and Egon can heal and crack jokes. Should any of them run out of life, the Missions’ not over. They’re simply incapacitated for a bit. However, should all four fall…

Fissure 1
Use Raynor’s ability to see upcoming enemies to your advantage. You should plant a turret, fire Raynor’s Penetrator Round or throw Tychus’ Shredder Grenade. Knowing the hotkeys to these will help a lot. None of the guys in this mission are really buff like they would be otherwise. Take it slow if you need to on the first map while you learn the weapons. The cooldowns are not very long at all. Generally using one of them will work, but as you approach the end you will want to use a bit of everything to take on the Nydus worms. Don’t hit one that has already evacuated its Zerg.

When you get to the first Fissure, don’t sweat the selection between the three choke points. I’d probably place it southwest of the Fissure though. There it can handle one choke point while Raynor and company handle the other two. You can replace it when it’s destroyed. Use Raynor’s penetrator round and Tychus’ grenade when appropriate. If the Zerg pile up, use the grenade. If you can hit a Nydus Worm, use the rifle. When the defense is over, the Nuke detonates and you’re 1/3 done.

Fissure 2
Save Flaming Betty for the second battle, a little south of your starting point. You can lure the Zerg to it if you need to. A little of everything might be needed if your placement isn’t right. The next battle is even larger. Start with Betty, then use Raynor’s ability to hit as many as possible in a line. Finish up with Tychus’ grenade and you’re fine. You’ll soon come to some welcome Firebats to tank for you. You’ll go through a very long path killing many Infested that do not amount to squat and pose little threat. Place Swann’s Turret periodically, and push toward the Fissure. The biggest threat you will face is the emersion of two Ultralisks, who can be put down quickly by hitting one with a Penetrator and the other with a grenade. You ensure no wastage of damage that way, neither will score a clean kill in a single shot but heavy damage is guaranteed.

Third Fissure
You’ll face some very large rooms, but the danger level is basically nil. You’ll come toward the northern edge of the map and face what could have been the hardest beast in the game, the Omegalisk. Yep, it’s like eight Ultralisks! But it dies like one.. Use the Penetrator and Shredder on it and the thing is toast after a bit of sustained firepower. It turned on me, to attack…but it was far too late. For your trouble, you get a handful of very relieved Marines. Plant the Nuke and you’ll be assailed by a massive Zerg Queen.

Giant Zerg Queen
This is a pretty interesting battle, but doesn’t feature a lot of depth. Really, you’ll want to focus fire on the Queen as often as possible while keeping an eye on threats. Don’t bother focusing on the eggs as there are hundreds. Instead, make sure that if you use a damaging attack the queen is getting hit along with the other attacking Infested. The hit point counter is nice, so you should know when to really push her. A combination of Raynor/Tychus’ attacks can see her health drop by over 500. When she’s dead, so is the Nydus network on Char. Now you’ve just got to get out…

Run for the Extraction Point
This doesn’t have to be hard. I imagine people getting hung up trying to kill Zerg. Only kill the nasty ones, like real Zerglings and anything bigger. I made it all the way to the end running using only Raynor’s Penetrator and the occasional pause and shoot. When you’re done, it’s All In…

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