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WoL Campaign: Liberation Day

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Real-Time Strategy games always start out extremely easy, and Starcraft 2 is no exception. You’ll be given loads of breathing room to make mistakes, as you start with overwhelming forces. The first time you’ll actually face minor danger is after coming about to the location in the screenshot below. A group of Marines will join your forces, so you can proceed further in. If you want to meet the requirements for the Raynor’s Back Achievement, you need to ensure Raynor lands 5 killing blows. Look for opportunities for him to fight a couple of enemies on his own, whilst doing so safely.

If you didn’t bother with tutorials, this is a good time to familiarize yourself with some helpful hotkeys. First, is the attack move, which will send your units toward a destination, stopping to engage any enemy forces they encounter. Initiate an attack move by pressing the A key, then left-clicking on a spot of ground (or the mini-map). A second command that will come in handy is stop, which is hotkeyed to S. If you spot danger and your troops are heading directly toward it, it’s faster to press the S key than move the mouse and change their move order. Consider this the emergency brakes.

This map is very linear. There are a few places you can head off the road to explore, and that’s where you’ll find a couple of the Dominion Holoboards. Push for the end, but before starting the last fight, make sure you’ve finished the Holoboard quest.

Liberation Day Hard Walkthrough

Not a lot will change when playing Liberation Day on hard mode. Keep Raynor in front for the first half of the mission. He’ll soak up damage better than your other troops. Doing this will keep more of them alive until you reach the point where reinforcements drop in. Another tip to make things a little easier is to be sure and destroy all the Dominion holo-emitters. When you reach the 6th and final one, the citizens will rise up and attack the Dominion. Set your troops over the line marked Danger on the ground, and the citizens will charge in. You can use them to tank for your forces at that point so that Raynor doesn’t take any further health damage.

You would have to deliberately try to botch getting the Down with Mengsk achievement for killing every enemy troop. Seek out the Holo Emitters as those are the only forces that guard something off the beaten path.

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