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Earning Platinum Rank in Starcraft 2

Making the Platinum League is what everyone is going to aim for once Starcraft 2 is released. While only few will be able to make it there is not reason why you cannot. I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 Beta since it was released and since then I’ve entered the Platinum League and I’m currently Rank 3. With only a victory away from being ranked #1 in my Platinum league.

As I’ve said in a previous post, the new League system really adds a sense of fulfillment to the rankings and give you something to aim for. It also makes for a great match making system allowing the top players to play among each other and also see who the top players are in the game. While we are still in beta I can only image the match making system getting even better when you add hundreds of thousands of players to once the game is released.

The Rankings are based off a point system which you earn based off your victories. Once you enter into a league after your placement matches you will start off at 1000 points. Each time you win a game you get points based off the skill level of your opponent compared to yours. If you beat a player who is favored in the match you will earn more points compared to when you beat someone who you are favored over.

The same goes for a lost, when you lose to people who are higher skill level then you, you’ll lose less points compared to if you lose to someone who you are favored to win over.

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