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Heart of the Swarm Patch Notes 2.0.6

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is Now Live!

  • Continue the epic single-player campaign and story.
    • Command the Zerg Swarm in 20 brand-new missions across seven dramatic story arcs.
    • Conquer foes and evolve your brood in seven Evolution Mission skirmishes.
    • Explore dangerous new worlds with 14 additional tilesets.
    • Relive every exciting moment by unlocking the Master Archives. After completing the Heart of the Swarm campaign, you can use the Master Archives to jump directly into any mission or replay any cinematic.
  • Experience the enhanced multiplayer game.
    • Seven new units have been added across the Terran, Protoss, and Zerg races.
    • Intriguing upgrades and abilities have been retrofitted to a number of existing Wings of Liberty units.
    • There are 26 new multiplayer maps of all sizes to wage war on!
  • Experience a completely revamped physics system.
    • Death animations have been updated to take advantage of advanced physics effects.
    • After being killed, units can fall off cliff edges, slide down ramps, glide across ice, and more.
    • Many physics-triggered sounds have been paired with these new visual effects.
  • Level up with the new Leveling System.
    • Completing Heart of the Swarm matches now grants XP.
    • Level up to unlock new skins, animations, race specific portraits, and decals.
  • Control AI partners using the “AI Communication” system.
    • Players can now work closely and strategize with their AI partners.
    • You can issue specific commands to AI teammates, such as where to attack, defend, scout, and expand.

Heart of the Swarm includes all of the awesome new features recently added in Patch 2.0.4, including the updated user interface, clans and groups, new replay features, unranked play, global play, language selection, and much more!

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