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Heart of the Swarm Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide

With Heart of the Swarm being released on March 12th, along with the game is going to be the traditional BradyGames strategy guide. This book is nice if your a fan of collecting anything StarCraft and it will also be helpful in walking you through the campaign with detailed guides on each mission, but when it comes to online play and learning how to play against real people it pretty much stops there. As an owner of the StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty BradyGames guide it is a nice book to have simply because I buy pretty much anything StarCraft, but besides learning the game’s very basics it doesn’t do much but collect dust on my bookshelf.

BradyGames brings you the perfect companion to StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm with this high-end collector’s item. Loaded with exclusives available only in the Collector’s Edition, this premium hardcover book is a worth addition to every StarCraft II player’s arsenal.

  • Five Collectible Paperfold Models: Exclusive pack of paper models, inspired by the new units in Heart of the Swarm and using actual in-game skins.
  • Premium Hardcover: This hardcover features the Queen of Blades, with holographic foil and matte finish.
  • Beginner’s Guide: Communicates the fundamental skills needed to play StarCraft II through a step-by-step design and unique smart-media video instruction.
  • Single-Player: Our objective-based walkthrough drives you toward success in the most compelling single-player experience to date.
  • Multiplayer: The most comprehensive StarCraft II multiplayer strategy section ever has been expanded and updated.
  • Maps: Advanced strategies expose the best tactics for all the multiplayer launch maps.
  • Race Compendium: Every unit, ability, and building from all three races are covered in detail, including launch stats and in-match synergies.
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