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Blizzard All-Stars is now Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has once again changed the game of Blizzard All-Stars to Heroes of the Storm. This is the 3rd and most likely last name change to the upcoming Blizzard MOBA. Originally called Blizzard DOTA but then changed to Blizzard All-Stars due to a trademark dispute with Valve and their game DOTA 2, Heroes of a Storm seems like it is here to stay as the last name.

The game was originally announced as a Starcraft 2 custom map, although with the effort Blizzard is putting in with the name changes and the long wait for release date we can expect this will be a standalone game. The main reason this will not only be a standalone game, but also free to play is the success of League of Legends and DOTA 2 which both have become the most popular PC games for the past few years and are extremely profitable.

Blizzard is already making its way into the free to play model with Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm will most likely be their second free to play game after the same model as DOTA 2 and LOL where you can play for free with micro-transactions where you can buy cosmetic changes to your heroes. Blizzard also said Blizzard All-Stars was going to be more of a casual MOBA with games ranging from 10 - 15 mins although after playing DOTA 2 for a while I don’t know if i would enjoy such short games. When the games last 45 mins to an hour with a good balance of no team dominating the game it feels more epic and I have a much more enjoyable experience compared to if I win or lose quickly.

BlizzCon is coming up in the next few weeks and I”m sure we will learn a lot more and hopefully see a demo and gameplay of Heroes of the Storm.

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