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StarCraft is more than a strategy game, it’s a trend setter and many notion related to it are now mainstream. We took the time to explain some of the more popular idioms below, so when you meet these expressions you’ll know exactly what they mean. To make it easier for people to look them up they are grouped in four distinct branches, general terms, Zerg, Terran and Protoss terminology.

General idioms

APM –  This acronym stands for actions per minute and it slowly became a standard in measuring speed in RTS games, determining how fast a player can react to a situation and how good he is in performing the multitasking roles. In Starcraft 2 the APM is calculated by multiplying the number shown in the replay with 1.33, and even so few players get above 200.

Cheese – Players tend to call cheese attack any strategy that is deployed to disrupt the game early on, like a rush or proxy barracks/gateway/bunker. These are usually all-in attacks as they deliver victory or  cripple you to such extent that victory is virtually impossible.

Expo – Stands for expansion and fast expo refers to a second based placed easily in game.

Micro – Is the ability to control individual units or groups during fights, so the unit under fire will be out of harms way before it is killed. By doing so, you’ll have more firepower available and by focusing fire on a single unit you can easily win fights that appear to be very tight.

Macro – This is not the opposite of micro but rather its complement, focusing on creating a functional economy and keeping troops production at its highest. A good indicator of a good macro is not having a lot of resources in stock and rather convert them as soon as possible into troops.

Proxy- Refers to a building or a few structures constructed outside your base, close to the enemy or even on his platform. The key to this strategy is that you get troops trained near the target and you can outnumber the opponent as long as the element of surprise is preserved.

Rush – This is a term describing one’s strategy of training a specific troop as soon as possible to surprise the opponent who is going for tech or expansion. The most popular forms include zerglings, zealots or reapers, but also more advanced units.

Timing attack – This attack requires a good understanding of the game’s mechanics, so you attack just before the opponent researches a certain tech or expands. It catches him off guard and gives you the upper hand. You can either finish him off, or overwhelm him on the long run.

Wall in – Blocking out your main entrance with a combination of buildings, most often Barracks and supply depots. The reason behind this method is to prevent scouting and fend off rushes and early attacks.

Worker saturation – This is when you receive no more minerals or gas from the extra workers mining the resources. Three for a mineral patch and three for a vespene gas is the saturation number.

Mineral pathing – In order to have the workers gather as many resources as possible, you need to have them moving back and forth with no obstacles on the way. Workers that are carring minerals or are rushing to gather minerals, will run through units, instead of cirling them hence reducing the risks of getting blocked.

Choke Points – These are narrow passages where the defenders have a good chance to repel an attack, even if they are outnumbered. Ramps are good examples of choke points, but there are more such areas on the map, where you can set up a defensive position. Controlling choke points is very important, because you prevent the opponent from roaming freely on the map and attack your expansions.

All In (Attack) – An all in attack or strategy means that the one deploying it, risks everything on a single card. It is either very risky or very damaging to the economy and if it fails, you’ll be unable to recover. The advantage is that these strategies can provide you with a quick victory, if performed well. Sometimes these type of attacks are triggered by a grim situation, when defeat is just around the corner and you have nothing left to lose if you deploy it.

Close Span – This notion refers to small maps, where the walking distance between bases is short and allows players to perform successful rush attacks. Perhaps the best example is the Steppes of War map, but it also apply to other maps such as Lost Temple, when the starting positions are close (3-6 or 9-12). - cred ca close span se refera doar la hartile de 4, in care pica aia aproape unul de altul – trebuie investigat Il intreb pe shaman si mai cercetez

 Zerg idioms

Cracklings – These are zerglings who got both the movement speed and attack speed upgrade so they are the ultimate zerglings.

Fake morphing -  Also known as the extractor trick, this is the process when you construct an Extractor, start building a drone and then cancel the building. As a result you get to spawn an extra drone even if you’re supply capped (for example at 10/10 you train one more unit to 11/10)

Speedlings – These are nothing more than zerglings who benefit of the speed research

Stacking – This term refers to the tactic where Mutalisks are being stacked in such manner that is next to impossible to target one unit. It makes the group of units lethal when harassing an enemy base or a stranded army.

Creep highway – Queens spawn Creep Tumors, which cover the ground in creep and help ground units move faster. If you place tumors in a chain, the creep will extend farther and by repeating the process you’ll create a creep highway. It’s a great way to have your army moving across the map with enhanced speed, to harass or surround the enemy faster. Overlords can build a creep highway even faster, if you lay them in a line and have tham all spawn creep.

Terran idioms

Bio/Bio ball – This terms refers to an army made of biological troops, infantry such as Marines and Marauders. The ratio differs from 2:1 to 3:1 depending on the opponent and the strategy deployed.

MMM – This is a combination of marines, marauders and medivacs, a very effective and highly mobile army that can face almost any setup. It is very useful in early and midgame against both Protoss and Zerg forces.

Mech – This is the opposite of a bio army, as it includes mechanical forces such as Hellions, Tanks and Thors. This build is risky against good players in the early stages of the game, but if you do it right it works very well in midgame and late game.

Protoss idioms

Cliffwalking – Colossi can move up and down the cliffs with ease and this is called cliffwalking. Reapers also have a similar ability but that is known as cliffjumping.

Chargelots – There are those Zealots who have the charge upgrade, allowing them to intercept and surround units. Besides the “charge” ability, this research also increases their movement speed by +0,5.

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