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Starcraft 2 Experience Points

Heart of the Swarm has introduced experience points in Starcraft 2. This allows you to level up each race to level 30 by earning experience while playing that race. To earn experience you can play ranked and unranked games along with custom games on Blizzard maps. You will earn Starcraft 2 experience for each unit and building you destroy and the experience will be granted at the end of each match. The more you play with a certain race the more experience you will earn, the best option is don’t try to level all 3 races up at once because if you are still learning Starcraft 2 you will want to stick with one race.

As you level up you will earn rewards for each level. Each level has it’s own set of rewards that it will unlock for that race. The rewards consist of race decals, portraits and new skins for that race. Right now the max level is level 30 although Blizzard may raise the leveling cap in future patches and with the next expansion Legacy of the Void.

Starcraft 2 Experience Points

Level 1 : 5k
Level 2 : 45k
Level 3 : 65k
Level 4 : 85k
Level 5 : 105k
Level 6 : 125k
Level 7 : 135k
Level 8 : 140k
Level 9 : 145k
Level 10: 150k
Level 11: 155k
Level 12: 160k
Level 13: 165k
Level 14: 170k
Level 15: 175k
Level 16: 177.5k
Level 17: 180k
Level 18: 182.5k
Level 19: 185k
Level 20: 187.5k
Level 21: 190k
Level 22: 192.5k
Level 23: 195k
Level 24: 197.5k
Level 25: 200k
Level 26: 202.5k
Level 27: 205k
Level 28: 207.5k
Level 29: 210k
Level 30: 212.5k

Fore a detailed list of the rewards per level view our Starcraft 2 Leveling Chart

 How to earn Experience points in Starcraft 2

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how they could earn experience points in Starcraft 2 to level up, with Heart of the Swarm being so new I’ll share a few things I’ve learned so far that grants the most experience and will expand on the list as new experience guides are learned.

Most efficient way I found was a 4v4 with insane AI on your side, and 50% very easy on theirs. Megaton is a good map for it because they’re all bunched together. Basic strategy is as follows:

- Order the AI to only defend the base
- Go with as macro a build as possible until 5 minute mark
- Borrow as many resources from allies as humanly possible
- At least as zerg, max out before the 10 minute mark and spam ovies/overseers from there. I have like 10-15 hatches with plenty of queens, all fed by AI money.
- Around 12 minute mark is teh happy point where you can maximize experience/time ratio (any longer and you lose the % speed bonus and further unit construction hits diminishing returns, any earlier and you won’t have build up enough resources both on your and your enemie’s side to make it worth it)
- You can get 1/1/1 upgrades if you want but you shouldn’t go much higher. Reason is anything that doesn’t finish when the game ends doesn’t count, so be careful with timing, especially if you’re spamming down something like spires/greater spires at the end.
- Attack all four enemy command centers with mass muta. That’s one of the most efficient units to mass not only becauase it’s an easy gas sink, but also because they can most quicly take out the CC’s which is enough to force the very easy comps to surrender.

Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot

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