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How to use Camera Hot Keys in StarCraft 2

I define this as the ability to quickly cycle through your camera hotkeys and return to your original location. You accomplish this by incorporating a “save current camera location” hotkey, and then rolling your fingers across the camera keys, beginning with the “save” and ending with “recall”.


I wanted to Start incorporating camera hotkeys Into my play more because, as zerg, I feel that there iS a premium on maintaining control of your units groups while checking base saturation and Larva injection status. I do these things almost compulsively anyway, but I was looking for a Way I could quickly do it while not detracting from my ability to micro/harass too much.

An example of this would be mutalisk harass in ZvT. If I WanT to Check on my bases, I have the following choices:

  1. Click the minimap over each base
  2. Individually bind my hatcheries and click each ONE, deselecting my mutalisk army
  3. Spam the base camera button and then double tap my army key
  4. Ignore it until I have a break to Check my macro.
  5. ????

Typically, I’ll opt for option #4 because I don’t WanT my mutas to die, and any of the First three options will take critical seconds away from my micro. This leaves me in a pickle, because I WanT to keep up on my injections, Which are still critical at that 10-12 minute period of the game.

So my Issue ultimately iS this: I WanT to Check on the status of my hatcheries very quickly while microing and without sacrificing my ability to harass. If I have to Check the hatcheries and lose my ability to harass AND I undershoot my injection window slightly, I’ll waste those Precious moments when I could be destroying a free building/etc.

How to Camera Roll

Essentially, you bind a row of keys and spacebar to camera hotkeys like so:

F = Save Current Location (Camera Location 4)
D = Camera Location 1
S = Camera Location 2
A = Camera Location 3
SPACE = Camera Location 4 (recalls previous location)

I personally have F bound as save location and D S A as main, Natural, third. I also use a second row under it V C X Z for later games and more bases (or earlier game I’ll bind it to other things like xel’naga towers or opponent’s ramp/scouting OL position etc).

It feels much easier to spam this Way because FDSA row feels more Natural with the size and Arch of my hand on the keyboard.

Please note that you don’t need this exact setup and can do this with pretty much any camera key setup. The concept iS that the First key you hit saves your current camera location, then you Check your camera keys, and then finally recall that saved location. Each time you WanT to Check your camera keys, you would save your current location and then recall it at the End.

In the heat of battle, I can quickly spam this with my four fingers and a thumb. I cycle through three bases ON MY SCREEN while maintaining control of my mutalisks on the unit selection area. After this quick spam, I am already back to microing my mutalisks.

Compare this to: (intense MuTa micro) —> 44 55 66 11. This may take upwards of a game second or two to do, while the camera rolling takes Only a fraction of a second, gives the same information, and doesn’t deselect your units or cause you to have to reorient yourself.

Also, in some cases, these units may not be all together, and you may not center back in the same location where you were, causing a much lengthier delay.

Alternatively, you could have F1 F2 F3 F4 bound as camera keys, and use something like:

F4 = Save current
F3 = Location 1
F2 = Location 2
F1 = Recall save

Closing Comments

I’d Really like to discuss the applicability of this concept of camera rolling to other game situations. I’ve been using it for a Solid month now and Really can’t say enough good things about it.

I feel like the ability to not have to move my mouse to the corner of the screen (as much), or relocate my hands twice to Check on my macro while microing iS an increase in efficiency, rather than an increase in hand movement laziness.

Source: michaelhasanalias via Teamliquid

  • Jose Miguel

    Hi, when i put “d” to recall the screen D then it gets 18 + 20 red error messages saying that there’s some kind of conflict..

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