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How to stream with Xsplit and in Starcraft 2

Hallo Teamliquid, I made a danish guide for the program xsplit with justintv. Thinking about it, if done in english there could be a larger use for it. So here is my attempt to help, if you want to stream! here is a quick video guide step by step or writen guide if you prefer.
Before we start, I am NO EXPERT I simply wish to help anyone that wants to stream as best I can

“”Edit: When pushed Xsplit will use more then the maximum limit you have set on kbps, dont max it out to what your upload can, plan ahead”" I use max bitrate (kbps) 1000, My internet can handle up to 1400″”

These are my current settings

SC2 on Medium
Resolution 960×600 ratio 8:5 /my desktop 1680×1050 also 8:5
if the resolution you want isnt in the list “Tool - Settings - put a check on the one you want” and it will show up on the list out infront under “View - Resolutions”
Frame rate 25
Max bitrate (kbps): 1000 but I have set it lower then I can go. xsplit will try and take more if its pressed fx 200 vs 200 army

The sites you need:
You can test your internet connection here if you are in doubt.

Step by Step.
First make an account on justintv, when your account is made you move into the account section and to the right of your email there is a verify button, you will need to verify your account which is done by pressing that and you recieve an email with a link

Now we download xsplit , you can chose to make an account on xsplit now or later when its installed. (xsplit also needs to be verified), when making an account you get an email with a link.

Before we setup Xsplit, open your Starcraft 2, options - Graphics and select Windowed(Fullscreen) you do this or xsplit wont be able to stream starcraft2

Now setting up xsplit to stream.
first time you open xsplit you will get a login in box, use the account you made on their site, or make a new one, click the remember me, and you wont have to do it again, thats always a lovely feature

Once Xsplit starts up you will get this image below, its a fairly simple program

First open broadcast and press “Edit channels”
Once in there press Add and select justintv

Next is typing your Account on justintv, password and streaming settings, upload and such. I recommend streaming quality 6 and upwards, the picture is with 500kbps and you will get a nice stream with that, if you can do more try adjusting to your desire the buffer will follow the upload you have selected. I also upped the audio but thats up to you, and I also turned off auto recording of broadcasts.

In General settings, I turned on Virtual camera but, I am not sure if its needed for this guide to work, feel free to test below is your microphone setting, it found my on its own

Next we do the resolution size for your stream and frame rate, this is done in the main portion of Xsplit, under the option View. I recommend 1280×720 and between 20-30frames

The last part to be done before streaming is adding a screen region in the button left of the program. Press Add select screen region, start from a top corner and drag it to cross buttom. When have boxed your screen a smaller version should appear inside xsplit, drag it out so it filles the xsplit screen, and you are done, you can now stream by pressing broadcast and your stream!
It will say streaming in the top of xsplit

Below is how it will look after you dragged the window out inside xsplit

I cant think of anything else atm, feel free to ask questions and ill try and answer what i can.
Also my spelling and gramma is quite bad, I know, did my best but I hope the overall guide can be used

Edit: Changed my settings for a more smooth stream, the changes are listed in top of the topic My settings, in bold
Hope the changes can help.

Source: After7Days Teamliquid

Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot Starcraft 2 Screenshot

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