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Flash StarCraft 2 Interview

How are your SC2 skills at the moment?
I think I’m a complete noob. I’m really not that good so I’m still at the stage of learning. Right now I’m in Master league (star icon). I think ladder points are more important than stars. Before the first season of Pro League started last year I got to Master league in 4 to 5 days. It was strangely easy back then. It probably would have been better if I had kept playing then, but after focusing on the season and picking it up way later it’s difficult.

What are the good and bad points about SC2?
There are a lot of strategies. It’s fun because there are still many strategies to be discovered. However, it might be tough for the people watching. Especially the existing BW fans because they won’t know about the new units.

What are some difficulties for you?
I think there’s a problem with the balance. Protoss is overpowered so I hope they balance it out.

What exactly about Protoss is overpowered?
Everything. Forcefields are OP, gateways are OP too… More importantly there are continuous patches but it seems like Terran is the only one that doesn’t get buffs. I’m worried because they’re on a downward trend.

Are there any other difficulties?
It’s difficult to defend Protoss all-ins. Zergs (all-ins) too.

How are your hotkeys?
The same as in BW. Once we fully transition I might start thinking about changing them but I’m not having much trouble so far so I think I might stick with it.

What do you think about the balance right now?
Protoss is good and Zerg is second, then Terran. I think Terran is the worst, but others say they’re second. Once the upcoming patch comes into effect I’m worried that Zerg might become OP as well.

Then what do you think needs to be buffed for Terrans?
Ghost’s snipe and EMP was nerfed. I think that’s sad.

What SC2 player are you paying the most attention to?
No one yet. I had planned on focusing on the basics in the beginning and then looking at VODs, so I intend on watching them from now on.

A lot of fans are anticipating Flash’s excellent Medivac multitasking.
It’s a basic play that anyone can do so that’s not much of a problem. What’s more important is making a situation where that ends up working. I haven’t been able to do that yet.

Since the parallel league was forced on the players there are concerns that your BW skills might deteriorate.
It’s unavoidable. I think that is a problem. So I’m working harder but I’m still worried. The fans might be disappointed in my play… I think I definitely won’t be able to play as well as before.

How is your practice ratio?
I’m currently going all-in on SC2 because it’s my first time playing. Once the season starts I’ll probably have to start playing BW hard as well but it will be alright because I played a lot of it getting to the finals of season 1.

Do you get confused at all playing both games?
It’s really difficult. The response time in BW is slow and there’s a difference in graphics so it kind of feels like it’s lagging. It makes me question playing both games in parallel. It’s an unavoidable decision but it’s an extremely tough challenge for the players.

You might end up playing BW in the first 3 sets of Pro League, and then playing SC2 in the ace match.
That would be a welcome scenario. I’m not good enough to play the ace match yet, so if a situation like that arises it would probably mean that my skill has improved enough to play it so it’s good.

What would happen if you tried to get into Code A?
I’d probably get eliminated immediately.

What play do you prefer in SC2?
I really like Marauders and Marines. I think their micro fits my style.

Have you grasped the maps yet?
Not completely but I think I’m close.

There are around 10 days left until Pro League Season 2. How do you plan on preparing?
I intend on preparing for Starcraft 2 as much as possible. My schedule is so packed lately. I’m concerned about the lack of practice time.

What game do you want to play in your first match?
I have a lot of affection for both so it doesn’t matter which.

Do you know anything about the other teams?
I heard Woongjin’s (Z)Neo.G_Soulkey was good. The others are an unknown quantity. It’s all a secret. Everything is kept under wraps. Even between friends. I think everyone’s just pretending (to be crying).

Aren’t you pretending as well?
I could be pretending as well or I might not be. It’s true that I’m lacking in skills at the moment though.

We can’t not talk about the Season 1 final. How did you feel at the time?
I’m not as affected by losing as people might think. It only makes me angry at the time and then I tend to forget it immediately. I cried because I was touched by the fans, but I’m okay. Even though I lost they all cheered “Lee Young Ho Fighting”. I cried because of the fans. It was the first time I felt something like that. Because I prepared very hard and did everything in my power I have no regrets. I accepted defeat.

You could have comeback, but what do you think caused you to lose?
During my game with (T)Fantasy I think it was because I lost my dropship. (P)Bisu played really well.

How is your wrist?
To be honest my wrist bothered me throughout the season. If I said that it still hurt it would have shown a weakness (to our opponents) so I held it in and didn’t say anything, but I think it’s getting better now. The after-effects of surgery persist for a long time apparently. It still gets sore around night time. I tend to keep playing if I lose so even when it hurts it doesn’t affect me much.

What is your team’s goal for this season and the expected result?
Our goal is to be at the top but currently I think we might be around the middle. We’ll probably be near the top in BW but I think we’ll be near the bottom in SC2. We and SK T1 started (practicing SC2) really late.

SC2 has a lot of international tournaments. Do you want to compete in any of them?
Of course I want to compete. Going overseas is a good experience so I think it will help in life.

Are there any tournaments you want to compete in specifically?
I don’t know what tournaments there are yet. However I want to go to Canada sometime. My friend lives in Canada so I’ve heard a lot about it, and I’ve always wanted to go.

HotS is expected to be released around the time Pro League Season 3 starts. There will probably be a lot of changes, what do you think?
I see it as the best chance to shorten the gap with the current SC2 progamers. If Terran isn’t changed in the expansion and only the other races get better I think I could change my race.

Any last words for the fans?
Because everyone is expecting so much I feel a lot of pressure. Even still there are good things. I end up working just as hard as there is pressure. I’m thankful for the expectations, and since this is the beginning I will make sure to meet those expectations eventually. Even though I can’t give a confident response about my results yet, I’ll make sure to work hard so that I can give a confident response in 3 to 4 months.

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