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Starcraft 2 Terran Courses

Terran is a very micro intensive and aggressive race compared to the rest, and is great at controlling the pace of the game. However due to the wide variety of units Terran is also good at applying specialized forms of pressure and can play macro as well.

Introduction Dificulty Video Length
Terran Race GuideA quick and dirty overview of starcraft 2 terran race and their pros and cons to help you choose the best race for your playstyle. 9m 59s
Terran Kiting GuideA guide on maximizing how to kite with terran units against a variety of other units from all three races. Must see if you are a up-and-coming terran player. 10m 39s
Terran Hotkey GuideIntroduction on how and why hotkeys are useful and a setup for hotkeys as a Terran player. 8m 54s
Orbital Command GuideTips on how the make the most of your orbital command early, mid and late game. 8m 16s
TvZ: Helion Expand GuideA guide on the most common way professionals play against zerg as terran. Shows how this build works against three different zergs styles. Featured 18m 25s
TvZ: Helion Expand Guide #2A second game demonstrating the solid play of helion expand against a Zerg opponent. Must see for budding Terran players. 19m 52s
TvT: 1 Barracks vs 13 Gas GuideShokz does the standard macro opener in TvT and defends against cheesy aggressive play with a calm demeanor. 16m 15s
TvP: Marauder Fast Expand GuideAn uncommon but solid terran vs protoss opener that may catch your opponent offguard. 6m 54s
TvP: 1 Barracks Fast Expand GuideA guide on arguably the most versatile standard Terran opener against Protoss. This is a good one to practice. 9m 50s
TvP: 2 Barracks vs Fast Nexus GuideAn aggressive opener that counters the popular 1 gate expand. 9m 34s
TvZ: Banshee Expand GuideA less common Terran opener that gives both map control and can catches the Zerg off guard. 15m 58s
TvZ: Marine, Marauder, Medivac GuideThis guide shows an alternative mid-game composition against zerg that may just catch your opponent off guard. 13m 02s
Unit Guides
Ghost Basics GuideA basic guide on how to use ghosts properly in fights against all races. 10m 31s
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