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Protoss Phoenix Micro - Post Patch 11


In Patch 11the the Phoenix received a nice upgrade allowing it to attack on the move. This was a much needed buff due to the Phoenix’s lack of power was unable to stand alone toe to toe with many other air units. Blizzard also released in their Situation Report the reasoning behind the new change. [...]

Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Protoss SC2 Video


Check out this great Gold level Protoss versus Zerg game between Wynd and Corrosive. This game has so many strategy examples that will help you improve your game. The players spawn close to each other which makes early base harassment easy. The Zerg goes Roaches and Zerglings and immediately starts putting pressure on the Protoss [...]

Starcraft 2 Video IdrA v DrunkBobby 1v1


In this replay the player DrunkBobby Micros stalkers to the extent which I have never seen. This is a great video for any Protoss player to watch as DrunkBobby uses blink to Micro stalkers where most Protoss players don’t use blink at all. Let me know what you think of his play style.

Starcraft 2 Beta Audio Commentary Platinum League 1v1


I was studying a few Starcraft 2 Strategies the other day and I came across this great Starcraft 2 Beta Audio Commentary video by Endrick. Endrick is a Platinum League player who mainly plays as Terran. In this video he plays 1v1 vs Zerg, I wanted to share this video as it gives good insight [...]

Starcraft 2 Battle between 4 Platinum players


I wanted to post this 3 part video of a great 2v2 game which I found online. The games is between 4 platinum starcraft 2 beta players and you will see some great stratagies used during the match. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Starcraft 2 Beta Video 1v1


Here is one of my first games playing the Starcraft 2 Beta. As you can see I haven’t lost my touch since the original Starcraft, although I know there is going to be much to learn in SC2. There are some great new macro options and many new features which will help be more efficient [...]

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