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Starcraft 2 Guide Video


The past week I’ve working on adding updates to the Starcraft 2 guide but I’ve also spent a little time creating a Starcraft 2 Guide video. The video is just a trailer for the Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide which is being displayed on our homepage. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be working [...]

TheLittleOne does 4v4 in Starcraft 2


I’ve got a great video to share with you guys today. Husky did a commentary on a 4v4 game which is probably the most extreme cheese games you’ll see. TheLittleOne and his buddies all play as Terran and go against 4 Protoss players in a game that is nothing but cheese. It is pretty amusing [...]

Starcraft 2 DotA Map Rick Rolls You!


Hey Everyone, I was messing around the other day and was trying out a lot of the custom maps in the Starcraft 2 Beta and so far I’m pretty impressed. When I was sorting through the maps I saw the map called Starcraft DotA v.01, I was never a big DotA fan in Warcraft 3 [...]

HDH Invitational Tournament – IdrA vs WhiteRa – Finals


The HDH Invitational has finally come down to the final match up! If you’ve been following the tournament you know the finals is now between the bad mannered IdrA and WhiteRa. This is a little bitter sweet as I’ve been looking forward to see who will win and earn the $3,000 cash prize but these [...]

HDH Invitational Tournament – TheLittleOne vs NonY - Third Place


As the HDH Invitational is going to be hosting the finals soon, although before they do TheLittleOne and NonY must face off to see who comes in third place. As I’ve stated numerous times that I absolutly love the play style of theLittleOne as he is a random player like myself and has been know [...]

Team Liquid Invitational - Nazgul v TheLittleOne


TheLittleOne is at it again in one of the best Starcraft 2 matches I’ve seen to date. This is a match between theLittleOne and Liquid Nazgul from the Team Liquid Invitational. TheLittleOne is a Random player but is known for his unorthodox builds and play style. He pulls off strategies that most people wouldn’t think [...]

HDH Invitational Tournament – IdrA vs NonY


The second match between in the HDH Invitational final four is IdrA vs NonY. In the last series we had TheLittleOne vs White Ra where WhiteRa came back from being down 2-0 to win the series 3-2. The winner of this match will play WhiteRa in the HDH Championship match and the loser will go [...]

HDH Invitational Tournament - WhiteRa v TheLittleOne


The Starcraft 2 HDH Invitational is now down to the final four. For those who don’t know what the HDH Invitational, it is tournament setup by HDStarcraft and HuskyStarcraft who are Starcraft 2 Commentators. The Tournament started with 16 Pro players in the best of three series and is now down to the final four. [...]

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