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News and information about the Starcraft 2 Beta.

Starcraft 2 DotA Map Rick Rolls You!


Hey Everyone, I was messing around the other day and was trying out a lot of the custom maps in the Starcraft 2 Beta and so far I’m pretty impressed. When I was sorting through the maps I saw the map called Starcraft DotA v.01, I was never a big DotA fan in Warcraft 3 [...]

Starcraft 2 Beta Phase 1 to end May 31st


Blizzard today announced that Phase 1 of the Starcraft 2 Beta will be coming to an end on May 31st. With the game set to launch July 27th one can only hope that they will have a Phase 2 of the beta and have it soon as I know that I don’t think I can [...]

StarCraft 2 Situation Report : Patch 11


The other day blizzard Released their First Situation Report for the Patch 11 in the Starcraft 2 Beta. The Situation Report discuses the changes made in Patch 11 and Blizzards thinking behind each one. This is a great step forward with blizzard communicating with the community and letting them know their thinking behind each change [...]

Protoss Phoenix Micro - Post Patch 11


In Patch 11the the Phoenix received a nice upgrade allowing it to attack on the move. This was a much needed buff due to the Phoenix’s lack of power was unable to stand alone toe to toe with many other air units. Blizzard also released in their Situation Report the reasoning behind the new change. [...]

StarCraft 2 Single Player Press Event Coverage


On April 19th, we visited Blizzard’s Headquarters for an exclusive press event focusing on the StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty single player campaign, exhibiting new single player missions, new campaign features, and fully clarifying key single player mechanics: mercenaries, research and challenges. Mission Progress and Campaign Management Players will manage their mission progress, research for [...]

Starcraft 2 Open Beta with Pre-Order at Gamestop


If your looking to get into the Starcraft 2 beta it is your lucky day. If you pre-order Starcraft 2 at Gamestop or Amazon you now get a Starcraft 2 Beta Key. Anyone can now walk into a local Gamestop and put $5 down on the standard edition of Starcraft or $10 down on the [...]

Starcraft 2 Beta Key giveaway


Shokz Guide is happy to give one of our lucky fans a free beta key to Starcraft 2. In order enter the contest all you have to do is: Become a fan on our Facebook Page Post an cool image or video on our Facebook Page Wall about Starcraft 2 Simply post something cool about [...]

Earning Platinum Rank in Starcraft 2


Making the Platinum League is what everyone is going to aim for once Starcraft 2 is released. While only few will be able to make it there is not reason why you cannot. I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 Beta since it was released and since then I’ve entered the Platinum League and I’m currently Rank [...]

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