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Shokz Guide Translation & New Updates

I”m happy to announce a new feature that has been requested for a while and is now here. Shokz Guide can now be translated in up to 58 different languages by a click of a button. This feature is very beneficial for players from other countries where English isn’t the national language and would prefer [...]

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Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm new Terran unit

Starcraft 2 New Terran Unit

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is to be released next year.  So, today, late in the year 2011, there are already teasers flying about the StarCraft’s latest expansion. It seems that the expansion is focusing on the changes on the game’s multiplayer side. Yes, there will be a new multiplayer unit involved in StarCraft [...]

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Shokz Guide News

After a long hiatus Shokz is back! I first want to say sorry to all my fans and members for the long delay in new content. I’ve had some personal issues over the past few months that took my attention away from Starcraft 2 and the site and for that I’m sorry. The past couple [...]

Blizzard to release DOTA and Left 2 Die Custom Maps


Blizzard’s StarCraft 2 : Wings of Liberty FAQ for BLizzCon 2010 focuses mostly on the custom maps Blizzard’s designers have been developing, as well as providing us with a few vague statements about its Heart of the Swarm plans. In case some of you haven’t been following

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Starcraft 2 Collector’s Edition Unboxing


Last night I went with my younger brother and picked up my Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Collector’s Edition box from Gamestop. I was really surprised when I first got this at the size and quality of the actual box, this is some thick cardboard for just a video game box!

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Starcraft 2 is now Live!


The wait is over and Starcraft 2 is now live! I went to my local Gamestop tonight and picked up my Collectors edition of Starcraft 2 which I will be posting an unboxing of tomorrow. After installing the game and creating my account I’m able to play my first official Starcraft 2 game and get [...]

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Join the Dominion Complete - Ghost of the Past


Join the Dominion Campaign is completed and the final reward is out. The 100% reward is a new Starcraft 2 trailer called “Ghost of the Past”  and it is down right insane! If this trailer doesn’t get you excited to play Starcraft 2 then I don’t know what will, I’ve been playing multiplayer on [...]

Starcraft 2 available for download and digtal purchase


Blizzard is now offering the players the ability to download and install the Starcraft 2 client now so that they are ready when the game is launched. Players will be able to install the game client now so on July 27th they will only have to activate their account through and start playing. They [...]

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