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Terran Mechanics & Improvement Guide

I am going to be creating a couple guides for Terran since I am currently on break and have some spare time. So I felt I should explain the mechanics and mindset so I can get a good foundation on what is expected of you when doing builds. These guides are meant for improving and [...]

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TvZ One Base Battlecruiser Guide

About a week ago, I saw a hilarious vod of Naama vs IdrA on Metalopolis where Naama executed a 1 base battlecruiser build against IdrA, and easily won. This got me thinking and questioning how viable it could be on certain maps. It’s a straightforward, sloppy, fun build that can be used for close air [...]

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DeMusliM’s Marine Hellion Timing

Hellion Guide

I take pride in playing a standard macro Terran style as I think it takes so much more understanding, skill, patience and dedication than learning one or two timing attacks that either win or they don’t. Unfortunately this has resulted in me picking up “standard” and “macro player” labels - when I enter a tournament, [...]

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Terran Strategies and Concepts Guide

The Terrans are a very friendly race for new players. It is perhaps for this reason, storytelling aside, that Blizzard made Wings of Liberty the first campaign offering in the Starcraft 2 Trilogy. In this guide, I hope to enlighten newer players to some of the strengths of the Terrans in multiplayer. Learn some of [...]

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StarCraft 2: Marine, Marauder, Medivac Guide

New guide for “Terran vs Zerg: Marine, Marauder, Medivac Guide” has just been released in the Shokz Video Guide (SVG). Members can login and watch the full video or preview a free sample below. If you are not a Shokz Video Guide member you can register here  

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