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Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm on Sale

Starcraft 2 Sale

If you haven’t upgraded to Heart of the Swarm now is your chance. Blizzard is having a 50% off black friday sale on both Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. With the holiday season coming up this is also a chance to give the gift of Starcraft to a friend or […]

Sons of Starcraft Documentary Released


The Sons of Starcraft documentary was released today for all of Starcraft 2 fans to watch. It is a 2 part documentary that follows professional Starcraft 2 casters Tasteless and Artosis as they live their life in Seoul, South Korea. It covers the eSports scenes in Seoul and the daily life of the top two […]

Starcraft 2 Season 6 2013 Begins

Season 5 Lock

The Starcraft 2 2013 Season 6 has begun. All players have had their bonus pool and standings reset. Even though your rankings have been reset the hidden skill level has carried over from last season so you will start off facing opponents of similar skill level. Season 6 also brings a new map pool for […]

Season 5 Ladder Now Locked

Season 5 Lock

Season 5 2013 Ladder is now locked as the season comes to the end. This means that players will no longer be able to be promoted or demoted among the Starcraft 2 ladder, that doesn’t mean that you are stuck at your current rank. You can still move up and down in your ladder league, […]

Blink 182 to perform at BlizzCon


Blink 182 will be performing live at BlizzCon 2013 this year on the final day for the closing concert. Blizzard likes to always have a concert at the end of each BlizzCon where a mainstream band puts on a concert for all the attendees. BlizzCon sold out within minutes of the ticket sales going live, […]

Blizzard All-Stars is now Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has once again changed the game of Blizzard All-Stars to Heroes of the Storm. This is the 3rd and most likely last name change to the upcoming Blizzard MOBA. Originally called Blizzard DOTA but then changed to Blizzard All-Stars due to a trademark dispute with Valve and their game DOTA 2, Heroes of a […]

BlizzCon Virtual Goody Bag Announced


Blizzard announced today their virtual goody back for BlizzCon 2013 attendees and viewers of the BlizzCon virtual ticket. Players will receive items for all four of Blizzard games. Hearthstone: Myster Minion Card StarCraft 2: Portrait and Decal - Tearin’ Stiches and Stiches’ Hook Diablo 3: Banner - Mark of Death World of Warcraft - Pet […]

BlizzCon 2013 Virtual Ticket Now On Sale

BlizzCon 2013

BlizzCon 2013 Virtual Ticket is now on sale, Blizzard fans can purchase the virtual ticket for $39.99 and watch the BlizzCon event November 8th and 9th. Along with the Virtual Ticket you will receive the digital goodie bag which will include items for all 4 of Blizzard games. They have not announced what the items […]

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