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Heroes of the Storm Beta Signups


Heroes of the Storm Beta Signups are now live, if you haven’t updated your beta profile page please do so now as you can now select to participate in the beta once it goes live in the middle of 2014. Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s upcoming free to play Hero Brawler aka MOBA […]

Heroes of the Storm Dev Matches BlizzCon


Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s new arena brawler game expected to come out next year as a free to play game joining Hearthstone as their second free to play game. Yesterday at BlizzCon they reveled a lot more details about Heroes of the Storm along with having 2 teams of the Blizzard Devs battling […]

Blizzard All-Stars to be free to play and stand-alone game

Blizzard All Stars

With League of Legends dominating the MOBA scene (in terms of total players), Dota 2 trying to close the gap, and Heroes of Newerth… still existing, it’s been a while since we heard anything about Blizzard’s competitor. Renamed Blizzard All-Stars after Valve won the commercial rights to “Dota,” things have been quieter on the subject […]

Blizzard All-Stars Features

Blizzard All Stars

Get an inside look of what is to come with Blizzard All-Stars. Blizzard All-Stars formerly known as Blizzard DOTA is their new custom map which is set to compete with League of Legends and DotA 2. Blizzard All-Stars - Boss Mechanic Blizzard All-Stars - Neutral Camp Mechanic Blizzard All-Stars - General Warfield Siege Blizzard All-Stars - Mount Mechanic […]

Blizzard DOTA - An in-depth review

Blizzard DOTA

The StarCraft 2 mod Blizzard DOTA was unveiled a year ago at Blizzcon 2010 to mixed reviews and has since been revamped in to a fresh and fast-paced product with the same amount of care that is standard of Blizzard titles. If you want to know about the updated Blizzard DOTA then stay a while […]

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